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  1. I wouldnt mind: David Wright Kris Commons Jasons Koumas Cameron Jerome Callum Davenport Greg Halford Idiakez
  2. Wardy''s back was playing again, and he wasnt in training on Thurs/Fri, so hence why he didnt go to Plymouth (I know this for sure via someone who went to Colney, plus it was in The PinkUn about his back thats why Gallacher was on the bench.) I know some of you have said that maybe he got annoyed at the fact that Green went straight back in to the squad despite not training. This wasnt the case I doubt, but even if it did actually occur I wouldnt have blamed him. I mean training hard and playing well then you get left out so someone else who hasnt trained can play just cos of who they are. Sadly cos of his back, he had to take a back seat. Maybe he would have played if it wasnt for his back. I was hoping he would play. I also feel that he should (and Gallacher should), have more of a chance to play instead of being stuck on the subs bench. Wards a good keeper and could do a great job for us whether Greens here or not. Hes had international experience and was rated as one of the best keepers in Division 1 a few seasons ago. Hes a top fella as well.  Whats the points us having 4 keepers anyway when one only plays?   Contraversional I know. I''m not saying sell Green, or do anything drastic, I just feel, why not use the resources we have, cos whats the point in having them?
  3. Everytime I try and reply to this thread the message board goes funny and an error message appears. When I know I can post properly I''ll tell you what I think! Lol.
  4. Another great 3 points and 3 back to back wins! This is so much better and its like we have the old Norwich back, how we''ve been playing recently. Lets hope for another 3 points against Burnley on Weds! All in all I just hope we can keep this form up. If we can we will go far this season. *Fingers crossed*  
  5. [quote]good comments guys. i wasnt critisising Ward, hes a top keeper wth a wealth of experience, its just a personal opinion. Too true that Worthy and his merry men see them both in training. Surely we shou...[/quote] Careful what you say Life Long Canary lol. Ward is better imoh and I''m not biased - well slightly lol. Hes played for Wales and did a good job, he has lots of experience and is purely better even if some beg to differ! Lol. Oh and as for the Charlton game, everyone was having an off day so you cant blame Wardy. I''m not a fan of Gallachers and never have been. You''d never have guessed...! Darren Ward- The Alternitive Answer! lol.
  6. Last season I had: THERE WAS     ONLY       1 I. ROBERTS Season before: ROBERTS     9     A  LEGEND Both looked pretty decent so I''m sure Norwich 2 Man Utd 0 will look great too!
  7. Im going to Colney tomorrow to meet the players and watch them train. I''m going with the guy who won Canary Fan of The Season as hes invited me as I know him. I am just so nervous about going tho as I dont know what to say to the players or anything! Lol.
  8. I''m gonna get the new goali top and have WARDR 12 on it surprise surprise lol. On my new home shrt possibly STOWMARKET YELLOW and a number or even ASHTON 10 or HUCKERBY 6 and then on my away shirt one of those 3.
  9. I really really really wanted to go but couldnt in the end. Ah well... Have fun tho! I''m sure you will have a good time. You''ll have to give us the lowdown when you get back! Hehe.
  10. I am quietly confident Ward could do the job. I''ve seen him play a few times and seen videos with him playing and hes pulled off good saves. And from what Ive heard from many Forest fans I''ve spoken to, they were happy with what he did for them. He might not be good as Green however if we strengthen the squad the keeper shouldnt be tested (whoever is in goal). I know I will be in for some criticism now for saying that about Ward being good enough. I just hope Ward and Gallacher can prove everyone wrong and do a good job should Green go.
  11. I am soooooo looking forward to next season! I cant wait for the pre seaosn games to start either! Roll on August 6th! Its gonna be great!
  12. I wouldnt mind seeing Ward in goal imho! Pmsl. I suspect it will be Green tho. Pmsl.                Ward L Jean   Flem  Shacks Drury Jonson Safri Jarrett                                                         Hucks     McKenzie Ashton   Green Helveg Doherty Thorne Brennan
  13. Its all back to normal now. God it made me laugh when I saw it!
  14. [quote]Wow I thought that was just guesswork but I checked the official site and it''s all erm official. Interesting to see that Ward and Gallacher have swapped numbers, with Ward now being 12. What do we rea...[/quote] Bye bye Gallacher! Pmsl. I''m glad Wardys number 12 now (its well deserved seeing as he was our 2nd choice keeper all last season - minus the time he was injured of course) even though my away goalie tops gonna look as though someone was pissed when they ut the numbers on my shirt as they''ll now be back to front. Ah well who cares? Good to see Shackell moving down to number 4!! Well deserved I musat say. Ashton being number 10 also sounds better.
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