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  1. The season is now coming to a close, so the players and management must be thinking where to go. Where do people think they should go? I bet Worthless be will some where around eastern europe, a hard working, industrious country, but lacks quality. Any more?
  2. Just been released by Backburn. Could he do a job for us,? even if it is only until the end of the season
  3. Now that he is out for month, does anyone know whether we can end the loan deal?. We could do with his wages off the bill to use on other quality worthy signings like Andy Gray!! [:D]
  4. Etuthu is mentioned on the BBC message board by some Preston fans. They have said he may come on loan to us.
  5. Looks like Wigan will be staying up. Looks like Worthy (if he stays!) will get some more cash come the end of the year. Can someone remind me how much?, and how many appearances does he need to make for more money? Ps. Please don''t make this another thread of worthy in/out
  6. Fatman Fat - I am sorry but i have to disagree. If he is supposed to be playing in midfield he SHOULD be running back. These players are fit and i am afraid after one run he should have the energy to run back. My granmother could have got back faster than Hucks did at times on Saturday!
  7. After watching on Saturday, i have come to the conclusion Huckerby should be playing either upfront or just off the front 2. Time and time again Palace hit to to our left and we struggled to cope. If he is gloing to play there he needs to run back rather than walking back.  This may explain why Drury hits long balls and looks very exposed at times. Thoughts?
  8. I suggest keep it until the season kicks off, then not allow it, however i am happy to go with the majority.    
  9. Norfolk Dan/3 Canaries - Just entered my team to the Pink-un superleague. Teams name is Lets be avin u''s Should be a good season!. Hopefully more will enter soon! Ware''s Canary
  10. How can Cardiff who are so much in debt bring in 9 players, when we have just been releagted from the promised land and have got in 5? Are our board tight or lack the ambition of Cardiff. Thoughts?
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