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  1. I just subscribed and watched the video in full. He would seem fairly typical of the Ipswich supporting demographic if you ask me.
  2. Unfortunately my twitter feed was rife with the smell of crowing bin yesterday. What a truly ignorant race they are, resorting to petty profanity and abuse and devoid of any construcive comment, debate or base level intelligence. Simply dwelling in the past and defending their silly little stars to the hilt. They also have a new hero, a player called Tyrone Mings,( I honestly had never heard of him until yesterday. Mr Mings, (The Name says it all) delights in monosyballic budgie bashing as they call it,they absolutely love him.
  3. Mignolet to Liverpool was a fee in excess of 11million GBP. That needs to be the benchmark for a player of Ruddys Calibre.
  4. Personal preferance is Malkay for NCFC but I guess he will take the prem anyday over the championship. One things for sure wherever Hughton goes next I hope he bombs. Simply to ram the words straight back down the throats of know it all media tweeters such as Colymore, Lineker and Keys. All of the above slated NCFC for removal of Chris yet were OK with Manures treatment of Moyes #doublestandards
  5. I hear Carl Cort is available? Although I guess he has a large release clause from the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Keep you eyes peeled on Asda car park for updates.
  6. Grant Holt, pure and simple. Get him back with the right Manager, Fomation and tactics he could be he leader, focus and fulcrum of our resurgence. #ReturnoftheKing
  7. I think the majority of city fans are helpless football romantics. Living for the good days. Unfortunately all the heroes are gone and I can''t remember the last mediocre, yet alone good day under Mr Hughton.
  8. It''s an effort watching a stream of this shower. The inevitability of it all is somewhat depressing, frustrating, angering, (insert expletive). I would rather go down under Lambert and embark on another Championship odyssey than watch this heartless disjointed pap. Heres to the hardcore!! Still singing their hearts out!!
  9. The Man who said 7 earlier was the prophet of doom. Poor Hughton looks like little boy lost. Any True Fan Cannot be Enjoying this..... Shocking, humbling, saddening... the only way is up. I Guess Canary call should make interesting listening.
  10. I actually feel bored of the inevitable watching city. Unfortunately this feeling has been all too regular during Hughtons reign. I am all for continuity and dont like sacking managers but surely the past 2 lacklustre performances have got to be the straw that brakes the camels back. The feeling of neutral inevitability when we rock up against the big clubs lays heavy in my heart. I dont expect us to beat city and utd but I do expect to give it ago.... FRUSTRATED
  11. I think we should all sit back, Trust in Lambert, (He has made his ambitions clear) and enjoy the ride.... (Assuming Mr Lambert will still be here at the end of the Summer)
  12. Hi All... I dont post very often. However after reading your feedback on Poland had to get on here and set the record straight, (On Poland Atleast). I lived and worked in Warsaw for nearly 4 years, lived in some good areas and also in supposedly some bad areas. As we know the poles know how to drink, but during that whole time I only ever saw 2 pieces of what I would call close to any real trouble. Nothing to compare with the neolithic goings on that happen on Prince of Wales Road and other Moronic areas of our fine city on a weekly basis. I watched Legia play, and admitedly there were some colourful characters, (For Sure You needed to keep your eyes open). Again I saw no trouble. Poland may not be perfect but for sure its taking steps in the right direction. The dawn of new stadiums means that the poles are really pushing for a more family friendly atmosphere at the football. Like I said, its not perfect but for sure they are trying. For me the real worry is the Ukraine, I will be at the ENG vs FRA game. Me and some friends will simply drive to the border. Stay at the border. Make the 12 hour dash to Kiev, watch the game and get the hell out, thats a fact. We will not be hanging around in Donetsk any longer than required. My fingers are crossed though that the Panorama episode, (Which I havent seen as I live in Sweden) is simple scare mongering. We shall see, Im hoping that the reputation of a nation I personally hold close to my heart will not be tarnished.
  13. Does any one Know if the Ipswich game is on Sky?? IF not is it being shown on Canal+ or some other ropey European Sattelite station in a choice establishment like the Murderers?
  14. As a passionate and yet exciled, (In Northampton) City fan, I read this forum daily!! And thought I would bring up a topic that nobody has thought of yet.What if we do go down?? Think of all the awesome grounds we will be able to visit next season? It will be back to the old school, we might even get some terracing??Obviously I am utterly distraught at our recent form and the way Worthy seems to have lost the team at the present moment.But as a Norwich Boy to the day I die, I can say I will support us forever and whatever league we are in....... (And my masochistic side wouldnt even mind trips to Bournemouth, Blackpool, Hartlepool, Doncaster and teams of that ilk)..Rick
  15. I live in notts too... unfortunately at a course on the boots site until 9ish. But will come down the wolds second half as it is reletively close. Heres to a Norwich victory!!!
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