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  1. Not the fact that all deal have been discussed for a while, the simple fact done so cheaply and quickly ... No I am not fooled at all was suggesting an idea.  the sale may have been planned for weeks, since Ipswich game when i spoke with mumbles at least.  it was still quick in the completing. [:P]
  2. Does this quick sale of Marshall smack a little of a panic sale, just to get some money, it was only this morning that any news broke of cardiff''s interest and a few hours later it is done and dusted.  The EEN says it is a cut price deal. exactly how much we don''t know, but the figure of £400k has been rumoured.I like many of you can remember when Newsome was sold to Sheffield Wed, very quickly and cheaply by Chase,  doesn''t this have a similar ring to it...
  3. Nicolas Parsons. should be brought in to front the Sale of the century
  4. So far the only player who has said anything is Dejan, didn''t he say in an article last week he had already taken a wage cut ?   I suppose the rest are away sunning themselves and can''t or won''t comment
  5. Not the most gifted, which will certainly be a strong point in Division 3 .... keep him on
  6. £400k  I have heard from cousins in wales.  under half price.  All we need is Nicolas Parsons to complete the deal
  7. To be honest we have to expect this and other sales to happen with no manager in place, well in the public eye that is,  I along with friends caught Munby outside the ground at Portaloo Road right after the defeat to them. we asked him several questions. I have spoken with him many times and never before have I seen or heard him so passionless and negative, thats besides the point. When it came to answering our questions he was open, candid as I have never heard before from him.  When asked about Lee Croft situation firstly his injury; was it an injury or one of the heart; Mr Munby replied it was of the heart. He then went onto reveal that;  The club have tried desperately to get him to sign a new contract even prepaired to write in get-out clause but are met with a wall of silence from his agent, who just refuses to hold any talks. It would appear that Lee Croft is playing to attract interest from other clubs. It is quite possible that he has played his last game for Norwich. When asked if there was any substance to the newspapers’ speculation that a deal with Palace involving Wes Hoolahan and Alan Lee, to which Munby asked how we would feel if it happened ? I replied,  that if we are relegated, Hoolahan will probably want away as soon as, if there isn’t already a get-out clause. Alan Lee, on the other hand, has said he WANTS to stay here, whatever our position next season.  There were no denials of the possibility of this deal taking place, just that players will have to be Captilised on, as the club expects to lose several thousand pounds with relegation.  From the candid way Mr Munby answered my questions I expect this swap deal to go ahead if all the i''s can be dotted and the t''s crossed in favour of Norwich City. Still on the subject of players; I asked who else could we expect to be captilised on; to save and possibly generate some money;  He expected that to include Sammy Clingan and David Marshall.  He hoped very strongley that other players already under contract, will be open for League One wages to be negotiated, in an effort to keep a backbone of the squad together.
  8. according to Wales-online a six figure sum has been agreed. wonder how much that is  £250.000 thats six figures ain''t itBluebirds chairman Peter Ridsdale confirmed today ''a six-figure'' fee had been accepted by the Norfolk club and the 24-year-old shot-stopper was due in the Welsh capital to discuss personal terms and take a medical.
  9. A forward line of Ex-scummers  and Irishmen .that sounds OK to me I don''t giv a flyin F where they come from as long as they can do their stuff, and of course bring the Luck of the irish with them....
  10. Go for Matty Gilks..experienced and a decent keeper
  11. I don''t think it would be a bad idea to make a move for Matty Gilks,  he hasn''t featured that much at Blackpool, only this week Dion Dublin cited his leaving as a part of City''s problems, Gilks I know is experienced in the lower leagues, he is strong, hard, Commands his area and can kick a bloody ball.  I think the Steer and Rudd are a little light wieght at the moment, and Nelson well if he was any good Orient wouldn''ty have let him go.
  12. That picture was taken by George Plunkett and if I can remember it was back on 14/9/1935 ..we played Leicester City that day and lost 2-1 and that kept us bottom of the table.
  13. Great post nutty,   those certainly were some exciting days, or was it just because we were younger ?
  14. Along with the other footballing delights at such exotic venues Fakenham Town v Norwich City XI - Friday, July 10 (7.30pm)Dartford FC v Norwich City - Saturday, July 11 (3pm)Scotland Tour - games to be played on July 14, 16 and 18 - opposition to be confirmed.Dereham Town v Norwich City XI - Wednesday, July 22 (7.45pm)Thetford Town v Norwich City XI - Wednesday, July 29 (7.45pm)
  15. Most likely to say : "I''m confident that we''ll have signed a new centre forward by the end of the week."Least likely to say : "I''ll hold my hands up and admit we were crap today."Even less likely to say : "I''d like to see supporters more involved in the running of the club."Less likely still to say : Anything amusing or interesting whatsoever.
  16. If notifying supporters of the rebate is waiting until the end of the month, I cannot see anything else being sorted before that.  Has they decided to ask Doomcaster or Mumbles to leave, I would have thought that might have been by now, unless they are waiting to see who else will step up to the firing squad post.  Perhaps they are thrashing out a major investment with somebody that will save the club, their asses and provide money for transfers. But I am awake now..and that one has disappeared with all my other dreams.  [img]http://carrowroad.net/carrow1/Smileys/new/suicide.gif[/img]
  17. [quote user="Barry Brockes"]Gunn has also lowered his profile somewhat since the board meeting last week which COULD mean he knows he''s got the job. There''s no indication the job has been advertised and it would be totally out of character for the Board to do an Ipswich by identifying the person they want and going to get him. (Not that that fills me with confidence either). Their horrible habit of taking the easy and cheap option and the fact they clearly have a soft spot for Gunn having invented any number of jobs for him over the years makes me very nervous. Knowing this lot the possibility of leaving it a couple of weeks and then announcing that after prolonged and very careful consideration (and maybe interviews - oh yes?) they have decided Gunn is the best man for the job or waiting until season ticket refunds have been waived are very likely scenarios. I really do hope I''m wrong but I''m not holding my breath![/quote]if they try that one, I am sure they will simply get people hackles up even more, people are angry now,  I won''t be waivering anything with this in charge,  I would have once but not now.  I honestly believe that the same lineup will get the job, there isn''t any money to chase anyone else. They will lay all the blame on the players... and in some ways I agree, but like any weeding in the garden, unless you get the root out, it will just keep coming back...
  18. How about they are hanging on until Thursdau Afternoon, just before the NCISA meeting.
  19. here''s the man himself in his Doncaster Days[img]http://www.doncasterrovers.co.uk/pic/StoT/Sheffield,Laurie.jpg[/img]
  20. Sorry, for posting so quickly again...but this may stir some more memories..  for me one of the best city squads.  I can remember Cawston, (reserve keeper went on to Southend) I played against him many time at schoolboy level. There certainly weren''t massive squads back then.  [img]http://cards.littleoak.com.au/197172_daily_mirror_my_club/norwich_city.jpg[/img]
  21. Not sure on the date of the photo, I must be after the front fences came down,  the early pre fences days, a thin line of coppers used to seperate the rival supporters, and one of the objects was for the away to force the Barclay Boys out , taking over their kop end, for the Barclay Boys was to defend to the hilt.  Often this thin of blue, came in for some right stick.I went into the barclay, when the choir moved cannot remember the exct year, and I never left only until a couple of seasons ago,  some 40 odd years,   HOW I MISS THAT Place.  [img]http://carrowroad.net/carrow1/Smileys/new/cry.gif[/img]  What a mistake, 
  22. The last I heard of him, he was living back in his home town of Rotherham with his Missus Pauline, thats was a few years back now, I now he took up playing golf a far bit. I would say he would be nigh on 80 if still alive. I found this little snippet from The Northern Echo speaking of him as a true legend in Darlington''s History, I love the bit about when he joined City as manager.On June 22, however, he succeeded Ron Ashman as manager of Norwich City after days of almost MI5 secrecy. The first caller had refused even to identify the club he represented; the first clandestine meeting was in a hotel near Doncaster. When finally he arrived by train at Norwich, he left the station on the floor of the secretary''s car - Lol knew he was coming; Ron Ashman didn''t know he was going. He was sacked early in 1970, became a work study officer - "I hated it, going through those factory gates every day was like going to Wakefield jail" - turned down the chance to return to Darlington, and to Bradford City, because both clubs insisted he move from Rotherham. Apart from a brief spell scouting for Spurs, and a £72 a year pension from the League, he has had no football connection since. From the Northern Echo, first published Friday 21st Sep 2001.
  23. Old barclay[img]http://city-book.co.uk/library/carrow10.jpg[/img]
  24. The little blue car things used to park on the cinder track in the corner of the River and south stands.  there was an old box type thing raised up in the River End corner, where they used to put the half  time scores on and another board fixed on the railings at the barclay/main stand corner for the same.   A big old chain link gate used to seperate the River and south Stands.  The first Barclay Boy choir thing started in the middle of the South Stand before moving to the barclay. disabled friendly is wasn''t . in truth parts of it weren''t that spectator friendly either, the step at the back of the barclay and river End were terrible; if you didn''t get in front of a crash bar, you could get almost flattened by any surges.  O the good old days.
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