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  1. mmmmmmmmmm can I ask why you think that
  2. Another angle on it could be, we buy Huckerby many people will come back to watching as the new stand will be partly open,.... if we don''t buy will they come back.. it is all well and good saying they are fair weather or glory hunting supporters, but the club doesn''t care what they are as long as it is bums on seats. pounds in tills...
  3. There was a couple of guys who used to visit and post on my forum carrowroad.net, from the states, I know one was ill, as I have changed things a little they haven''t been on for a while
  4. Now there''s a question..... Lets take into account, the boards insistence that we cannot buy Huckerby as we simply can''t afford him... Huckerby himself stating he would be hapy to stay here...Worthington saying that everything is being done to bring him here.. There just maybe something going on..Let me suggest.. If I am right the loan deal includes Man City paying some or half of his wages, now why would we (Club) want to buy the guy any earlier than we have too and put a player on probally a highier wage package than we are use to. Why not save a little on his wage and let Man City continue to top them up... Why haven''t we heard that another club/clubs are intersted in buying him, if he is such demand. Surely every club in the 1st and Prem are aware, just what the guy has achieved while being here.... Also it has been 3-4 days since his price tag was in the press...Ample time for offers to be tabled, and if they were he would have been recalled for discussions. So perhaps the deal has been struck, for the end of the loan period. And if this is wrong and someone comes in for him.....City will have to act..and if they don''t all the above is purely clap trap..and I am good at that Just a thought..
  5. Yep I have been saying since the middle of last season.. he has had his day now he is too slow, gives away needless free kicks. clumbersome.. blames everybody else.... now being sponsored by NASA.. balls in orbit.. was at fault for saturdays goal at wigan.....bye Malkay..bring on Shackell
  6. I agree danny, Blower gets rite up my nose.. I think he thinks he is talking to little children and has the voice of all City fans....well he doesn''t have mine nor did when he supported Chase....
  7. I too share some of the views about Huckerby, and wonder if there is something wrong. but that really doesn''t come into the picture right now. He is doing a brilliant job for us right now and I think he is just what we need to get us up there....Look what Merson did for Pompey, they left Merson go and brought in Sheringham. to help them get established.. Hucks could do that for us.....
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