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  1. The original question this thread is .. what is the share offer for.. I feel it is simply for those on the board already holding shares to be able to obtain more, to futher strength and cement their own positions of power. In reality many ordinary fans couldn''t afford to buy in the last share, and with this being released on top of christmas, means again many can''t. But in the planning of this, the powers to be cannot tell the masses the real reason behind the issue...but lets say all the money is going to buy players....It is the way government work dress something up in palitable dress and you can get away with anything behind it...
  2. Hey mate why not post on offical and ask Mr Ferrai.. if they can screen it in scores, they did a while back...for a game
  3. got to agree with that.. Rangers are no mugs.. and there has been many many players come through the lower divisions and make it. The trouble today it isn''t done that much becoz we have flooded our game with too many imports. Not knocking all of them but some really sub standard ones have been brought over and expected an easy ride for their high priced contracts... I wonder how many good home grown prospects have given up because they can''t get a break with a club
  4. See what you are saying bomber.. it is starting to wear a tad thin... I wish that we all could be put out of our misery, one way or another..with either player.....
  5. Millwall are after Cort, as Ernie Wise whoops Dennis. says they have 5 strikers struggling for sat against us....
  6. It is reported he is available, and the ginger whinger ( who seems to want evry freakin player available) is after him, what might go in his favour is that Sturridge won''t have to move house and up root his family..
  7. I know a couple of people who work at carrow road and they know nowt about any deals, meetings etc. so how do you know...
  8. On last nites showing Holt should be left back.. in the changing rooms
  9. it seems to be common knowledge that we cannot play against a team who fields a 5 man midfeild, we resort to route one tatics which again is so predictable and bread and butter for defenders. Last night, on a couple of occassions we played short passing football and we cut them to pieces. Why if it is common knowledge why doesn''t worthington do something about changing and combating or plaaying round it....it does appear that he isn''t capable of it.. I am not saying he should far from it.. but I do find that he seems limited for a man with the top coaching badge
  10. well if he has got to go..I would rather it be here, than to the flat cap brigade or anyone else in our div
  11. well put mate.sums it all up mate.. like you been going 40 odd years ....I am posting this on my forum for members to see, if that is ok.if not pop on there and let me know and I''ll take it down. http://carrowroad.net/invision/index.php
  12. Yea I have seen several posts around the boards critising the guy..saying what a waste of money he is... I am not naming names.. so nothing personal if you posted you will know. It is sad he was a clever little footballer who we never got the chance to see the best of... All the members of Carrowroad.net and the forum wish him the best for the future in whatever he choses. as long as he doesn''t work for a certain place down the A140 lololol
  13. Totally aGREED, I am a little P"""""d with people constantly knocking the guy.. He is not a ruff and tumble merchant. at least he stays on his feet more than Holt. and his passing was no worse than anyone else and better than most.. Sp bad was the knock Clint moaning one guy behind me on Saturday moaned at a short back pass.. saying F*** useless Easton. It was Francis who made the cock up. Anyone else makes a mistake they say hard luck..but Clint its a different story.... Jeering and booing any player doesn''t help one iowta..ask Iwan..he took load of stick when he first came here. Get off his back and support ..thats why we are calld supporters
  14. hey don''t get me wrong.. I am excited as the next man, I have been truding down carrow road since the 60s, and believe me it was easier to stay at home then travel the 25 miles or so to see what can only be desribed as trash, but now'' like certain other times it is not a trudge...I can''t wait to get there... It is to see the team... I admire Hucks and think we are the better for him, but there are other players who deserve the attention as much....like Hendo two brill finishes without him on the end Hucks crosses would have been nothing and viceaversa... Mcveigh starting to show last seasons form.. Crouch a first class player ....Mulryne spraying the ball about..Fleming putting in probally the best of his time here.. and so on. I am not anti Hucks or anything..just think others deserve attention too.. and sincerely hope we can get him and crouch too
  15. Is that all city fans can talk about Darren Huckerby, I agree he is exciting and has done more for the confidence of the team than the sports therapist. But honestly I am getting a little fed up with all the rumours, talk and ideas.. We have a whole team to support and talk about.. one player doesn''t make a team. I am going to delete most of the posts on my forum to do with the subject...http://carrowroad.net/invision/index.php
  16. Hamilton use Champ Manager, that would be too much for him to understand, he more than likely used his auntie Flo http://www.emotipad.com/newemoticons/Crowd-Grin.gif
  17. I don''t think people are ignorant Mate, just caught up in the excitement and Huckebyness.. they only need to get their heads out of the clouds to see Hucks is a no go area... I have said on my forum, Crouch is the best bet not only for the loan reason, but he is class and works his gonads off holding the ball up, winning the ball laying it off.. he is what we need
  18. Yea cannot agree more.. Mcveigh is well able when played in the right place, if we manage to keep Crouch, what a partership we could have.. I keep saying on my forum letz pleeze forget about buying Hucks, it ain''t going to happen, we have 10 or so other players we can talk about and give our support too
  19. There is a lot of Talent out there..like Chadwick at Everton... some prem sides would be glad to off load some players for a few months to help them get back to fitness, form or whatever. I am not convinced Hucks is the answer, Crouch is. Harper would be a good buy, but will we
  20. totally agree.. it spoils it a little.. I co adminostrate a forum on carrowroad.net and am on there 2-4 times a day. you can set up filters etc and delete/warn when things really get out of hand.. If you need a voleenter contact me...
  21. Couldn''t agree more HERALDO, on the hammerettes. they were a welcome sight for the eyes at half time.....
  22. I agree with you he isn''t good enough, he has had long enough here to prove his worth, and I don''t think he has, he is an enigma. he can be outstanding, frustrating or doing his impression of the invisible man.. We have christened him Marmite.. ypu either love it or hate it.. Sorry Mr Rivers your time has ebb away
  23. I like the look of Chadwick.. would be a good one to bring in.
  24. LOLOLOL he is going to sign for Dereham then......
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