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  1. It is all the more important to get the word around about the petition. I was just an article on the Pink Main page and found this quote from Everton.. And a spokesman for Everton today confirmed they were not considering issuing any sort of apology. He said: "That''s it as far as we''re concerned. We have nothing else to say on the matter."
  2. Nice one susie and dam well put....we have to start standing up for ourselves...like this and the petition.....
  3. God help them.....they''ll need it..can''t see them affording all his wages ..he must be taking a pay cut of 100%...all he is worth
  4. Thanxy you my child ... :o) bless you ..yea he was great in the seventies too being much to quick to get the posts with the news of the petition..it should have read "and seventies".. Light a candle to my name...lololololololol
  5. I haven''t heard that said.. since the sixties..lolol spread the word
  6. We have set up an online petition, requesting an apology from Everton FC, if you like me feel strongly about this please sign, also if you know else you can tell, please tell them. If there is anyone you know who feels the same and haven''t got internet access, please get their permission to sign on their behalf. We do not want stupid or false signatures. We will be placing this post on as many sites as possible, including other clubs sites, for all to see...Finally when the petition is closed, it will be sent to Everton FC, and various bodies of the media. http://www.PetitionOnline.com/ncfc/petition.html
  7. While svennson is injured you have got to play Iwan with Hucks..they do have an understanding. the Huck Mack partneship just didn''t work and doubt it will no man in the middle and no-one for arial duels .now Jarvis out as well the only way for the time being without panicking and buying or loaning is Iwan & Hucks
  8. yep gazza it is called long term lack of bottle.. shame he is such an enigma......
  9. I personally think we should have let him go for the 3 month period, with the option to call him back if needed. It would have given him some first team football and get his fitness levels up again....might have done him a bit of good
  10. Canaries block Rivers Crewe move Crewe have had an approach to take Norwich winger Mark Rivers on loan rejected by the Division One leaders. The club wanted cover for striker Luke Varney, who is out for two-to-three weeks with a shoulder injury, and saw former favourite Rivers as the ideal replacement. But Norwich manager Nigel Worthington decided Rivers, who has not played since November, was still needed for the promotion push at Carrow Road. A Crewe spokesman said: "The manager made an approach about Mark Rivers but Norwich rejected it. They weren''t prepared to let him go. The manager might have someone else in mind." Source Teamtalk
  11. But we are not talking about any one individual, the reports I have read, say chants.. which to me speaks of a crowd singing... Blimey it is already been said by countless numbers of people who were there, that it wasn''t a racist chant comment ... From my understanding it was supposed to heard in the press box, which if I am right is the the other side of the pitch.. strange senior police officers on our side of the pitch never heard anything...Nor the stewards sitting around us in the disabled area. Our own Roy Waller and Neil Adams were in that same press area...has anyone heard what they have to say about it. According to the tone of the starter of this thread we are guilty..what happened to innocent until proven guilty......
  12. I don''t think he had a duff game, a bit like the others showed too much respect and held them in awe a bit, true he didn''t edworthy much help.. But he was as good as anybody in a yella shirt in the second half...
  13. Hey ..Edworthy was left exposed a lot he often had Kilblaine and Graverson and the full back to contend with. Kilblaine is a world class player..MCviegh didn''t in the 1st half give him any cover or much support.. Edworthy has been one of the best things.. fitted in so I don''t think we missed steeno quite as much as first thoiught
  14. I have often been slightly bewildered by some of NW decisions, thats all, I admire the man greatly he is showing the signs of being one of our best managers. He pocesses loyality and a care for his players well being off pitch. I also have critized the board.. I still have personal feelings about a certain member of it.. But I take my hat off to the way they turned things round...perhaps more to Delia than most.. I have been going to Carra since approx 1965-66 and feel there is a buzz around that has been missing for years......credit to them all....this surely is our year... at last Call this eating humble pie if you wish.....
  15. I agree it is time to put this sad saga behind us..it''s like something from a soap opera.. and get on with winning this league... but I would like to know what really went on who was trying to screw who.. who widen the goalposts ... becoz if it was Doncaster who''s to say that he won''t do it with anybody else we try to sign.. and if it was hucks/agent. lets not let us be used again as a bloomin shop window
  16. Yea Barnby... I have ben saying it for ages....but in saying that in another few days the window opens and there will be some bargins too be had....with getting up and queing up neither.....
  17. I must admit to being totally confused by the whole issue, on one hand we have the club saying we have done everything, then Huckerby saying how much do Norwich want me. Like Worthy says above I have my doubts over said doomcaster..he did seem keen on denying or stopping any deal in the first place. Then Huckerby and his agent, they could be stalling for the transfer window and a better deal from a Prem club. But why would he take his family to view houses in Attlebrough ? he would I am sure protect his family from getting involved at all, so to me that seems a genuine move on his part. So simply I haven;t got a clue.. I feel the club and in particular Mr Doomcaster, should give the fans.. the ones who help pay his freakin wages, who shells out week in week out to see their hero,s home and away, those who have dug deep yet again to help finance players deals, those who go out and buy all the materials on offer at the club shops... at least a truefull statement with no politicans spin as I have come to expect from him.
  18. I am with you Susie....I''ll eat humble pie... coz I still feel we are being P1zzed about
  19. goto http://www.carrowroad.org.uk/public/carra.swf
  20. Hi mate I like that..hope you don''t mind I have copied to post on my Forum.. if you do I will take it down. http://carrowroad.net/forum/index.php
  21. He has done a good job on very l;ittle and has been very patient.. how long who know.. and who could blame him if a better offer came along....
  22. sorry mate the jokes despite being a good try were crap as we will be with WD40 man
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