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  1. Thanx for that Andy...I like to follow how crookie is doing... He will be a good bet to make the national side in a few years....always hoped he would one day be our manager...in the future that is as worthy is doing a good job. http://carrowroad.net
  2. Try http://carrowroad.net/ An interesting site with several pages of history, results scorers etc also a chat room and forum with several memebers who take thei team and football seriously
  3. Carrow road is Norwich City.. can''t change that.. besides I would have to change my website, and can''t afford it
  4. I personally don''t think any major changes are neededor made simply because of it, but I do feel that the youngster needs to pick up some experience. so perhaps a few games under his belt when we have clinched promotion, wouldn''t be out of the way...
  5. It really surprised me and still does that Forest are were they are.. I always liked them as they did try and play football.. strange how things turn round.. Just wish Colin W*Nker would have some mis-fortune
  6. I simply post this to let all city fansknow.. we are upsetting them.....Someone with an offical Everton e-mail address has sent me a mail with the "mydoom" virus attached. Whether this is a accident and they are infected I doubt it.. so treating it as an attack ..coz of the shit we have been stirring up with the petition and other mails we have sent to other offical bodies.
  7. Yea I think that is a lot of the problem.. no drying winds can get like they used to...I am no expert but that must make a difference
  8. same here mate..it took 4 tries the bloody e-mail kept getting bounced back, finally I know one got through.....asking much along your lines except I asked how many times had he seen us play..live.....and as yet my inbox gathers dust......bloody typical...
  9. The running total today is 591..Charles Clarke MP has signed as well as Ian Gibson MP both in support of the stance we are taking
  10. sorry to go on again. but the total has slowed down reaching 588 this morning. As there loads going saturday to beat the wombles MK. was wondering if ppl could print off some forms and get the coach load they are on to sign.. We will send out SAEs to those that do to return the forms to.. just let us know at http://carrowroad.net/community/index.php.. The form can be printed off here http://carrowroad.net/petitform.htm thanx
  11. Well accordinbg to one or two guys I am in contact with in Sheffield.. say the guy is almost hated through the club..only thing that keeps him there is, that he doing the stuff....a sudden drop in form and maybe a different story. They say he is a loud mouthed embarassment... I said we knew that already
  12. he was referring to the petition site.... I am fed up with it a little but as long as our club continue to fight to OUR name as well as theirs I will continue to plug away
  13. I received this a few moments ago from a Everton supporter, while not being as abusive as some of the other mails I have received, he is still maintaining he heard the racial chant. I have only omitted his personal details. Gordon I was at the Everton v Norwich game with my 8 yr old son and my father, and in the second half I, along with a section of the crowd around me, quite clearly heard a section of the Norwich supporters chant "You black ***" at Yobo. Now, I read on your website that the chant actually referred to Wayne Rooney''s size - ie it was presumably "You fat ***". Quite apart from the cracking humour that entails I am somewhat frustrated your website doesn''t at least give the option for an Everton fan (or neutral) at that game to give their view of what they think they heard, whether you consider them right or wrong. I am personally delighted that EFC were willing to turn on a spotlight, on clear racial comments. By not even acknowledging that many decent, well meaning people thought they heard a racist chant at that point in the game you do your cause a disservice. In light of this I am planning to set up a counter-petition so Everton supporters can air their views, I will of course let you know the outcome, but will be keeping the url strictly private. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  14. a couple have said they would help..come on there must be a few more..our name as good supporters has been challenged
  15. Yea agreed...but they can put another level on the main stand if need be and can afford to..heard this last nite from Neil Doncaster.....
  16. Ncfc fan... can you contact me via my site in previous post..a little quicker
  17. cheers mate...print off the forms get your siggies and contact me at my site http:carrowroad.net/community/index.php and then we''ll go from there
  18. Sorry to go on about the petition again, We would really like some help, we are trying to extend this this to all supporters, not just to those who can get online. We are hoping that a few people wouldn''t mind spending a while outside Carrow Road or in Pubs etc before saturdays game asking people to sign. Or even passing it around where you sit. You don''t have to spend ages in the cold/wet/snow ? doing it. The more that do the more signatures we get. There are two forms already online, it is pretty simple but will run through it. The first page contains the statement which only needs to be printed off once and the 2nd page print as many as you feel you will need. Find them here: http://www.carrowroad.net/petitform.htm If you are up for it post in this thread....
  19. Just to keep everybody informed.. we have reached af irst milestone of over 500 siggies.. we will have to edit some of them as they idiots from poterloo and goodiston. But Dr Ian Gibson mp has placed his name to it,, nice one.....
  20. Hi guys don''t forget to sign the petition....hope you pen will reach all the way lololol
  21. A few hundred would make enough noise for a senior police officer sitting not far from me hear, the same officer who applauded our fans...for their good humoured nature. sorry my friend from everton I will take the same line as Ian Ross etc.. I will not back down. until a deserved apology is heard eminating from the coridoors of Goodiston Park..
  22. I would just like to add a small note about the press articles about the petition. It is a joint effort by myself and fellow admin of the carrowroad site. Who goes under the name worthyspecial and U4E on other messageboards. Also we are co founders of the Disabled Supporters Assoication.. and I am not a chairman..I wouldn''t know how to be one... I add this to give my partner his deserved credit also. kenny Foggo aka gordo
  23. sorry folks you are wrong.. He is sitting right here with me having a cuppa.. say hi Carl.. "Hi Carl" no I meant just say Hi. "ok I see." "Just say Hi" Good god man.... well I did play at a certain place ..and they took my brain away.. Ok Carl.. your''e forgiven ...two sugars in mine...
  24. I would sure like a copy lowtown.... contact at my site. http://carrowroad.net/community/index.php will pay postage costs etc
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