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  1. Did a little ferriting on this one.. West Ham have Daily and Melville out injured, they have inquired about Matt Elliott and Gerry Taggart to solve their centre-half crisis. Both are getting on a bit.. Pardiddledew didn''t get any of Carrick''s fee so has nowt to play with. so Malkay would fit his bill money and age wise he is a bit younger than the other two. Our position we do need a striker... we have Fleming, Charlton Shackell, Doherty and Helveg who can play C/D..sadly Malkay looks a little surplus to requirements and is a little limited as he cannot play elsewhere... I don''t know if there is much truth in the rumour, but things add up if you look at it in this light.... Would have liked to see Malkay get a game or two as he worked his gonads off getting us there...well there mustn''t be any sentiment in football, well from a managers point of view anyways
  2. I have heard twice now from mates in London about Jonatan Johansson from Charlton. now they are saying we are going to sign for 750k...they got it right with Svensson, and even told me bentley would come to us. before they were announced here.
  3. we are up to 91 and will have to close tribute at 3.30ish to give enough time to sort and print, would be nice to get to at least 94.(goals total) or the ton. If you haven''t signed get in there
  4. over 20 people have signed, there must be more...who want to
  5. also Sheffield wed are said to be interested again. you can leave your personal comments for Iwan here http://carrowroad.net/invision/index.php?showtopic=1199 They will be handed at the reception before Saturdays game
  6. I have added a thread where you can leave your own words of thanks and remember some memories of the Big Guy. I will collate it all and print off a copy and hand in at the club on saturday. You don''t have to register as guests can post go here http://carrowroad.net/invision/index.php?act=ST&f=15&t=1199&st=0#entry4804
  7. I picked Kenny foggo as I loved the little chap. flying down the wing crossing scoring.. kenny foggo on the wing
  8. Don''t know about entertainment, but I for one would like to see the back of those two clowns, I have sat week in and week out watching as no body takes any real notice of them. I say give the money the club pays them to a different charity every home game.... send off the clowns
  9. So am I....this is monumental run in and nerves will get to everyone, most of these players have never experienced anything like this..and are bound to get nerveous, to support a team is to cheer sing shout..however they are playing... Did a little graphic if you want a look....it''s here http://carrowroad.net/invision/index.php?showtopic=889
  10. I totally agree with Hucks being able to put the picture straight, the club must have given permission for him to do so. Megga mouth Megson was just trying to stir things up pre match, a lot of bull, he known for his spouting along the lines of colin from Sheffield Utd
  11. I too think he may well have a case, as I am sure Mackenzie has.. the lad has done nowt wrong scoring like he did.. I do feel a little for both of them.. But if it isn''t broke don''t fix
  12. I would rather have Roy than some idjut who neither knows City as much or doesn''t really care.. Roy is like a stick of Rock Norwich right through.... Back off and leave him be...he has been doing it for years and why now the axes come out....
  13. I have had my fixture list out for the last 4 weeks working it all out well as I want it to go lololol then I added a stats section to my site ..helps a little on current form and so on http:carrowroad.net/community/index.php at the bottom of the page if anyone wants a butchers
  14. have to treat meself to one and get permission to reproduce.....have got a great shot of carrow road from possible early 40s trying to date it
  15. I started going regually around about 63/64 and was among the many who moved from the south stand to the barclay and we then became known as the barclay boys. and it was a lot slower and clearer......and if the main (City stand) didn''t like something they threw their little cushions on the pitch and some of them even sang along
  16. there is a picture posted on http://carrowroad.net/community/index.php of the road conditions around the stadium of light, it does look bad
  17. See what your saying.interesting point.. but we wouldn''t dare suggest that for sure. Now would we....lolololol.....
  18. That would be a good start mate.. see what you can do.. appreciated.... can you get stills from it
  19. I am trying to get hold of any old pictures dating back to the 50 upwards of carrow road, whether they have action or not. There are many many fans who were not old or even born to know what standing in the open air at the river End was like. or singing our hearts out in the barclay. I am have had some asisstence from The Pink UN.. who haven''t been able to come up with much. I have e-mailed the club, and as usual no answer. So it is over to the fans, if you have any or know of anyone who has and would be prepaired to lend them to me, so I can scan them ready for the web, I would be grateful.... contact me (gordo) at..... http://carrowroad.net/community/index.php
  20. Yea sometime Uncle Roy gets it wrong, and you are sometimes left wondering who the dam has scored.. but he is Norwich through and through like a stick of yarmouth rock. and I have been more than grateful for his own style of reporting the action. and will continue to be.. He is better than someone using radio Norfolk to get a step up to the big station and doesn''t care what we do and know about diddley squat about us. He Loves Norwich City, I asked him out of the blue to do a live chat Q&A session on my web site he said no problem.. a great many questions were answered and a laff or two was had at some of Roy''s slip ups... Top Guy Long may he continue.....
  21. gazz.. long time no see can you pop onto carrowroad.net I have left a PM for ya
  22. Yea they are on a good run, but some of the comments I read on a hammer site, sucks of still having that aggrogance ofstill thinking they are a prem team and we are simple country carrot cruncher''s with a small village team... We know we rise to the big game even more so
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