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  1. No way.. thats the second best thing he said the first was goodbye....
  2. My mates work so good I thought you should see it
  3. I want to add a feature on my website of city''s classic games.. from a fans point of view..I would especially like some of the older guys to bring up some of the games like the thrashing of blackpool in ron saunders era. have a good think about I am sure there are some match reports about to help jog the grey matter...youcan mail me at the site in my siggie ....
  4. There that should stir even more memories
  5. Opening an emotive subject will no doubt receive differing views,  I am not against standing at all, in fact if I could I would perfer to have standing areas. Me and my mate both have mobility problems we sit on the front row of the barclay, diliberately chose to sit there, 1 it is the barclay after all 2 front row nobody in front of us 3 we can wind up the opposing goalkeeper..   So far this season a guy next to me decides he wants to stand..why I can''t fathom out as you can''t see anymore... Not only stands but steps across my line of vision quite a lot..I asked him politely if he could sit down so we could see .something like most of the pitch. In reply he said "well *effin well stand yourself*  I replied that I couldn''t as I have leg problems..he replied *sit on the effin track then* I tried to speak to a steward you just waved at me...and didn''t seem to give a toss, I suppose I am left with complaining to the club, I don''t really want to cause trouble, but heck I pay me season ticket and surely I am entitled to see more than one side of the pitch..
  6. gazza.. i could never afford stereo always in mono   do you remember after a league cup game with the 1st division southampton, there was a riot all over the city, which went on for hours. I remember staning in the middle of the south stand, and someone said that all the top clubs had their choirs behind a goal, and as the river end had no roof. the barclay boys was started....can''t rember the match will ask a mate who was there with me.  I remember Paddy, Whiffy, Chris and Kenny Dawson who I knocked around with. also two policemen stand out in my mind,  handlebars & harry bulldog. had many a kick up the jaxi from them sometimes a little bit more when no one saw them... the gala....what a place..brilliant and a hard place anyone remember seeing arthur brown there...   o the memories....what days
  7. malkay looked very good to me, and considering he hasn''t had a start this season even more outstanding....he will get his chance
  8. couldn''t see Crouch wanting to come here after just moving to loweampton...he is out to prove the price tag there
  9. agreed aubrey.... the simplae fact we got to use what we have got, and like you I think Leon should be given a go. the only way he will learn is to be out there on the park, the same with Jarvis..hands on learning Everton did it with Rooney.. how do we know the Jarvis won''t click....
  10. his wages a hellva lot lower than some of the strikers that have been branded about as targets..  take Jansen at Rovers £25k p/w for a guy who hasn''t hardly played....perhaps one of the  reasons he is not pulling on a city shirt next week... nor a Preston one neither...
  11. at odd times I get a server timed out message, if I can get a screen shot I''ll post it....
  12. well put meeky..me and fatty have discussed this many times and think the details are better left for private.....some of the old songs were good....bill shankly said to bertie mee....etc
  13. yea after looking at news feeds .links etc for weeks and now we can''t is a little boring..especially as there is a big gap with no action... I am lost
  14. know a lot of us used to meet in the kings head, (now body shop) and go down to thorpe station and wait for any trains to come in or we would meet up at the pubs on the other side of carrow bridge and go down in a dam great crowd. there used to be some real hard lads in the b/boys. our main objective was not to let the barclay end be taken.....and clearly fights with opposing teams was a common occurance..especially away from home....we took the rookery..
  15. I have been around a few years now supporting city, since the early 60s.. and I have seen and heard most of what the doomers, gloomers and sunshine supporters have had to say over the years.  Many wrote off Ron Saunders boys at the first promotion hurdle.. Then later on we were written off.. and now again, and I am not referring to the pundits of the media, I mean those people who suddenly get their bums on seats when we are doing well, and can''t even find the dam seats they are allocated.  We all know they weren''t about on stinking cold raining nights when we saw off the likes of Rotherham, Crewe (no disrespects) sitting amongst 10-11k die hards. I personally would prefer to simply wait and see what our boys can do, instead of slating them off on messageboards, which I know they read. confidence boosting ain''t....After waiting this nine years and years longer before that for a crack at the big boys, I am simply enjoying every minute of and if in some way I can cheer a little belief into some of our players I dam well will Come on you yellas
  16. I can go along with that. what the hell have we got to lose, we didn''t get another striker so give him a go.. it will only cost another couple of months wages and they must be there. and before we knock ten bells... out of the idea...just what... if he clicks...
  17. perhaps gazza they didn''t like your voice lolol.. seriously the more vocal we are ..we know the team respond
  18. thank for that I thought I was the only to see the simalarties with svenn and neilson
  19. I really do feel a little gutted that no new striker, midfielder or defender has been brought in. but all the doom and gloom that is about beats me.. Bloomin hell guys we are in the prem after nine long years..we could be arguing the points of a game against Crewe this saturday, instead og awaiting playing spurs liverpool etc common ..no pundit or so called expert expects us to stay up, lets support what we have got and see just how good we can do..If we go down..we still have a club reasonbaly financially sound unlike others. plus we the foundations of a squad to get us back up, with more experince and streed knowledge plus a little more money to spend.. lets not put a damper on what has already been built and achieved
  20. true we haven''t signed as many as Palarse or worst brom.. who cares.. Dowie.. knows only too well he will be shown the door by the chairman if results go really wrong, he has a fickle chairman behind him who isn''t interested in the club, like ours is, he was ready to sell the club just after winning the play offs.... panic..panic worst brom and smegson... this is his last chance..having been up and down and then up. he knows this is it..survive or sling your hook. no matter who he buys they will probally play the same way.. **** or bust What we have got is all round versatility, and a squad that is capable of getting back up if needed......
  21. hardly being a relious man..never thought I would agree with a vicar..well said
  22. right we may be disappointed, but we have permatations all over the park, nigel has gone for versatility......we won the league last year with one player reaching double figures and in total 16 players finding the net. pundits said the same last year....and we proved them wrong why not this year....
  23. thats what I said in the post... he is older than Malkay I think
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