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  1. Quite right Mook, horsekack indeed.  The reason we were so poor last night was simply the midfield.  Everytime the defence had the ball, the midfield (Russell and Jarvis in particular) went missing so the defenders had no options but to punt it forward.  When QPR attacked the midfield stood off and were weak in the tackle.  Worst of all for me though was that not once did Russell or Jarvis make driving forward runs with or without the ball so  Martin was completely isolated.  On Peter Grant though I think he looks like an excellent assistant but couldn''t quite make the step up to manager.  He has done plenty of good for Norwich off the pitch in trying to get rid of Costa del Colney, broadening our scouting horizons and his transfer record has been pretty good, particularly in getting rid of the deadwood.  However, tactically he looked naive which will probably mean he remains an assistant somewhere. I liked Grant the person and wish him well in the future.  You have to admire his honesty and respect him for the decision he has taken.  As an aside I can''t help but feel that there is a few bad apples still in the Norwich squad, particularly as the togetherness hasn''t been there for a few years.  My inkling is that Huckerby may be the reason for this and that we might be better off without him.  He is an enigma on the pitch which is as much a positive as a negative but unbalances the team and I can imagine he is difficult to deal with if things don''t go his way.  Maybe his large salary causes problems within the squad, who knows.   I can''t help but feel that once he retires/moves we will see a better Norwich, something like Arsenal and Henry.  Its only a personal thought so there we go.
  2. OR We are not interested in a 33 year old striker who would command a wage of in excess of £10, 000 a week, would be after one last pay check before retiring, probably wouldn''t get through a season without an injury or two and we have Jarvis, Henderson, Huckerby, Earnshaw, McVeigh and McKensie... and we are interested in a 27 year old left back/central midfielder who would provide excellent cover for Drury and probably push him for a first team place, be able to cover Huckerby in emergencies and may play in midfield if Hughes/Robinson/Safri/Etuhu are injured. It''s fine being a Worthy Outer, just like I am, but you do not need to put spin on everything Worthington does.  He is probably correct in not wanting Sutton and Clarke seems like a sensible buy if he is being brought here as cover.  There is nothing wrong with adding depth to the squad with purchases like Clarke, providing that these are mixed with some quality signings which will improve the first team such as a right sided midfielder.  Why not wait until he has completed his transfer dealings before indulging in slagging off potential signings before they have even arrived/ played a game for us. 
  3. you hit the nail on the head, good tacitian. reading are a very good side and we need to be good defensively. With huckerby in the side it would expose us and cause us to lose our shape so worthington starts him on the bench, presumably with the intention of bringing him on in the second half to cause problems if needs be. A good decision from worthington in my opinion
  4. NW said he was looking for a striker and then we signed Doherty (as a defender) so this would have taken up the money.  Plus we could have got a striker on loan so therefore it is not necessarily a lie.  Stop being so damn pessimistic its starting to annoy me.  Everyone said we would just enjoy this season no matter what happens and now all we have is a bunch of people moaning.  Give it a rest and get behind the team and NW.  He will realise his mistakes soon and rectify them just like last season.  Rant over
  5. wow another person at brum uni, thought i was the only one supporting norwich
  6. does anyone no how much the away season ticket is? being in birmingham it would be ideal for me as there are a lot of games around this area. cheers
  7. i think you will find he has learnt from his mistakes because none of those signings are recent ones. he has been very shrewd in the last year right back to preseason wen he didnt panic and buy the first striker that came along, instead he waited until the right option even tho it meant the season was 5 games old. i think we owe him some faith on this, afterall look at what he has done
  8. from what wenger said at the weekend, he seems to think that many of the youngsters have a great chance of breaking into the first team and i''m sure that pennant must be one of those having performed so well for a team struggling in the premier league. the right wing is the one place arsenal are weak in and im sure he could do a great job for them there, but heres hoping wenger doesnt think so and he comes to norwich on loan
  9. went to the match today, my first game for a while. enjoyed the match and thought the crowd were excellent. with regards the game i think norwich were the better team with huckerby definately the difference. the front two were excellent with roberts doing his job admirably, holding the ball up well and his touch was good. fleming looked extremely solid at the back and holt had a good game as well. my only complaint about the performance today was the continued need to hoof the ball upfield rather than looking to pass it out and take pressure off the defence. i''ve read previous threads on this point, but thought today highlighted this weakness in our game. this apart though, professional performance and a good three points. I''m now beginning to believe....
  10. surely the fact that he is willing to go to ipswich if we dont accept his offer means that we should be somewhat suspicious of him. his offer does look initially appealing but if he is a norwich supporter then why is he willing to run down the road to our rivals? we dont want to end up like luton or even have a hostile takeover bid if he gets on the board. if he is genuine then what an opportunity this could be. fingers crossed
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