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  1. City have always received shabby treatment at the hands of the National papers and TV/Radio, and historically it''s always been worse when we''ve been in the top flight.  And so far this season, little seems to have changed: in fact things are getting worse. So a couple of us have launched a website with the aim of fighting back. www.thetosserleague.co.uk The general idea is that all instances of Professional Lazy Journalism which offend City fans should be recorded and all such offences totted up so that, come the end of the season, some kind of fitting trophy can be presented. It''s not about pundits who say we''ll go straight back down again - because that''s just opinion.  It''s about people who are being paid to do a job, but who can''t be bothered to do it properly: reporters who misname our players; TV presenters who think Cookery Gags are a good idea for a lead-in to a piece on our proud club; and so on. And hopefully it''ll also be a bit of a laugh..... as things stand, BBC TV holds a clear lead in the Organisation Table, while Mr Hickman from The Express holds a slender lead over Alan Hansen in the Individual League.  Whisper it quietly, but even The Pink ''Un has been nominated.... Please visit the site and remember where it is, and keep an eye on your favourite newspaper, and an ear on your chosen TV/Radio stations - and then, next time something you read or hear something which annoys you as a City fan, you can e-mail us by clicking the link on the site. Thanks in advance Roywallerslovechild and Suggy    
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