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  1. Look whats on the bbc website... the bidding war starts for real! Warnock reveals Huckerby interest Huckerby is scheduled to return to Manchester City Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock has revealed he has made a move for Manchester City''s Darren Huckerby. Warnock has confirmed his interest in the 27-year-old, who is approaching the end of a loan spell with Norwich. "I have enquired about Darren as he''s the sort we are looking for to compensate the loss of Steve Kabba. "But once his loan spell at Norwich finishes I think he''ll return to City and wait until the transfer window before deciding on his future."
  2. PR at the club isn''t great ... which is a shame as we have so much to shout about (read one of our new strikers'' comments about the setup being better than a certain midlands club!) Most pundits will bleat on about how great the blues up the road our, in spite of their current financial plight and poor start to the season. All comes down to spin perhaps a signing in this area could really help the club move foward!?
  3. I''m dreaming right? Top of the table at christmas? you know it makes sense....
  4. Scored two so far, looked sharp on sat, do we drop him when jim''s back?
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