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  1. Aussie canary, i''m moving to Perth in June so if theres a supporters group in Perth i will be joining in the late night viewings of Norwich city! I understand fox allows you to watch any prem 3oclock ko?  
  2. Ta NN, i even read the article on the pinkun about pricing but didnt link ''further information'' and ''when games are announced on tv'' together particularly well.   fingers crossed i can find a couple of non plussed season ticket holders! Off to Australia in the summer indefinitely so will be one of the few easier opportunities to get to go to Carrow Road.     
  3. I''d like to go to this game though i''m not a season ticket holder but i do know a few who may not be interested in going. When will the tickets become available for season ticket holders to purchase, 2 weeks before?   Tanks for any info.
  4. Apologies, "norwich reserves play reserves of other teams". I was at Reading Norwich and what i saw, wouldn''t convince me to go see ''just norwich'' in a capital one cup midweek fixture. ever.    
  5. Shouldn''t really respond to this but weren''t the capital one cup fixtures mid week and against reserve teams of opposition of varying quality.   As opposed to a 5:30 KO on a saturday night against some of the best players in the premiership (that aren''t wearing yellow and green of course!;)   I can see why they hold the same attraction as Doncaster reserves :D... oh no wait i can''t.  
  6. I''m going to this, managed to grab hold of a couple of friends Reading season tickets who can''t go so i will be quietly sitting behind the dugouts with my norwich city shirt on underneath a thick jumper! ;)   Good stuff on the minutes silence, will be wearing my poppy with pride this weekend!
  7. 8 Bells seems to be the away fans pub probably due to its proximity to the tube station.   Others you can try but are over the bridge are; Dukes Head ( on the river) Coat and Badge, Putney high street.   all the ones near the station are usually home fans only, but there was one i found which which was pretty large and had a large contingent of norwich fans in there. for the life of me can''t remember what it was called. I would stick to the 8 bells.  
  8. For about half the season my work internet browser prevented me from logging in to the site and for some reason my password at home did not work! Even though i''d requested it from the site! However hopefully i can participate fully this season.  
  9. Swansea v Wolves   Home Win.   Combination of reasonable odds as its swansea and wolves are woeful and down.
  10. Jeez, my ''03 is 9 years old, admittedly the fuzzy raised logo is beginning to lose its color a bit or its adopting other colors from whatever is in the washing machine with it.  Not sure what happened to my ''bird sh1t'' one, think i definitely outgrew that one as it was a kids, long sleeve as well i think!  Anyway nostalgia over. i won''t be getting this seasons shirt just yet but will do at some point i''m sure. I will however get a new england shirt with "holt 9" on the back.regardless of whether he goes or not for the Euro''s.  
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