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  1. [quote user="1stwizard"]Congratulations to Delia et al!. After 50 plus years of active support of  NCFC, you have finally killed my love of footy. With your damn prudence, prudence and yet more ruddy prudence, I went out sightseeing around Norfolk yesterday, rather than have anything to do involving NCFC. You and your fellow croonies have all but destroyed my enthusiasim for the game , and although I never agreed with your ''safe option'' appointment of an untested manager, I expected you to at least back him with hard cash in January.......... . and what did we get? Yes, no doubt, I''ll becalled a glory hunter or fairweather fan on here by supporters who don''t really know what ''hard times'' at Carrow Road are all about. And this is the sad thing....................I no longer care!, and why should I?. Why should I continue to get upset every game?, or feel angry about our superb fans being taken for a ride when our best players are flogged off, only for us to be told later that the money been already been budgeted for!. I''m totally sick of that old chestnut!. And it seems to me that the board has more concern for a bloody hotel than 3.000 more fans in the ground, thats not football, thats asset stripping, and sheer ignorance!! Well to hell with it Smith and friends, you don''t deserve the fans support anymore. Although I personally am still against demostrations (untill we''re safe!) at any other club you would have been run out of office by now, its a crying shame that sometimes our fans are just too damn nice. So, congratulations again, I''m sure you''re proud of yourself!. PS. I see the debt has increased.......  again!. [/quote] Hello Wiz, I can understand your pain... 50 yearz of supporting NCFC is more than any mortal man need be put thru!! Am I right in quoting that I read the other day that Delia said something like.. "She was willing to sell har and hubby majority shareholdings, if the buyer invested in the team and only if"? Kinda says it all really in my mind... they dont want to invest anymore money in the team... so lets hope someone will buy em out!!! Take kare my friend!! :D
  2. Hello Wiz, long time no see mate!! good to see you still here, hope you well [:D] Well, i think a demonstration is a great idea, although on a match day? Not sure about that one! Despite the fact that the demonstratorz might well be 100% behind the team, I think the whole atmoshpere in the ground will be affected! The pen iz mighty my old friend Wiz... but one muzt put their wordz into action!! I think the bezt time for protesting... iz wen itz time for annual membership renewal and sign up!! Hit em were it hurtz... in the pocketz!!
  3. [quote]dont know about wizards, but im his apprentice[/quote] Apprentice yes AJ... but im the No.1 apprentice hehe
  4. [quote]You''ve spoiled everything Wiz. I really did believe you were speciaL and had powers. Do you think the bookies will give me my money back on Leeds to win it?[/quote] Kathy.... he ied he does think he''s a real wizard its just a mind game ... hes trying to cloud your vision ... CONTINUE TO BELIEVE heheOh... hi there Wiz... sir... please dont turn me into a frog!!!
  5. a Mann family from Norfolk Norfolk MannNormann Canary
  6. as much as I hate to say it... at the end of the day a football club is a business, and is run as such. Whats perceived as good for the business will usually be done irrespective of all else... IMO sometimes sadly... hi wiz... sir how you?
  7. havent been able to look at anything football based all week, but have now recoveredCatchya''s Normann
  8. If he wants to go, sell him... If he doesnt care, sell him... He''s no good to us if he feels that way... end of story. Its not about blaming someone for our loss, but it''s evident he''s not enjoying his time here... Laughing at the end of the game was just pure arrogance, wrong time, wrong place... sell him.
  9. [quote]You missed one - DO wear red knickers[/quote] Glad to see im not the only one following that little "superstition" still!!! I also said on here before the Man U game that if we started winning games I''d eat meat pies and a 500g steak if we stay up (im usually very vego)... I''ve eaten the pies... but I''m not looking forward to the steak!!! Come on city! I''m ready for the steak!
  10. AJ: Pay a visit to the Football Forum did we? When I first went in there I had to laugh at all the signatures... its like an art form on there, with people even advertising themselves to make them for people! hehe... love it!
  11. Hiya Wiz...sir! Great to hear you are doing well! Hope you are relaxing and taking it easy! All the best! Normann
  12. Thanks Gazz It is great to see the NY Canaries getting right into! Great support... the Sun Canaries on the other hand are bit of a motley bunch, and there''s really only a couple of us here in Melbourne at the moment (so hopefully we can all meet up), the others are interstate or in NZ. But rest assured like our friends in NY, and all other exiles around the world, we''ll be tuning in by any means necessary!!! So Gazz, and all the other supporters making the trip... RAISE THE ROOF! ONWARD CITY!
  13. Great stuff Pottsy and Helsinki aswell!! Fool: Good to see you in fine form still!
  14. haha, Australia... I think aslong as the Chelsea shirts are as cheap to buy as the Man U ones, they''ll probably swap!! You can get a Man U shirt for about A$12 (bout 4quid), fake one of course, but then again the same crap
  15. [quote]zzzzzzzzzzzz eh wassup ? zzzzzzzzzzzz[/quote] Hey Jim, Not Jimbo (towards that saint fan)... he/she just sounded so smug with their win, thats all. Sounded like he/she was saying that no matter what, they would have won, just wasnt the kinda stuff I wanted to see on here after saturday. (was a bit grumpy) Perhaps I took it the wrong way, so if I did my apologies mental note to self: must stay off board when grumpy
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