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  1. I''ll be there Mello Yello, like yourself escaping the Christmas shopping mularkey.  Hope the boys give us something to be proud of and the weather isn''t too cold as I don''t feel able to jump around like a lunatic when watching a screen!!!  Give me the players in the flesh anyday, if you know what I mean!
  2. You''re not wrong Gari!!!  (Shouldn''t you be getting on with some work?)
  3. Sorry Neilson6 that you had bitter-sweet memories of that day, but I''m glad everything was alright in the end.  With it almost being 5 o''clock or thereabouts it really is one year ago that those memorable scenes unfolded at the final whistle.  And look where we are now and what we are trying to achieve.  It does almost seem like a dream...
  4. 13th December 2003.  Does that ring any bells for anyone?  For me it means City v Cardiff, a brilliant win (4-1) and a terrific performance by everyone, but especially by one Mr. D Huckerby. At the final whistle I can remember the amazing noise in the ground and Worthy on the pitch with his arm around Darren, and everywhere you looked there were tearful fans (myself included) who didn''t want to let him leave the pitch, let alone the club. Great memories that I thought might brighten a grey December day here in Norfolk.  Has anyone else got some memories of the day to share?  If so, it would be great to read them.  Thanks.
  5. Following on from your comments ncfcpremier, I''ve just read a report in which DB is quoted as saying ,"this is a brilliant club.  There is so much heart in it and I love being involved here".  Perhaps there might be another year on loan here for him, especially if we stay up, or a possibility of us buying him somehow (hopefully without losing Greeno) if Mr. Wenger can''t guarantee him a starting place next season, which I can''t see him being able to do on the evidence of their display and personnel used yesterday.  Fingers crossed then!
  6. Dom Jay - welcome to the Bentley supporters club.  I''ve been a member since day one and I''ve never given up believing that he could be great for us.  He''s getting better and better and anyone doubting his commitment should take a long hard look at his celebration in front of the City Stand at the final whistle too.  It was right in front of me and I could have cried for him...well the lot of them actually.  They were all fantastic.  Some people (and I won''t mention any names) have been really disgusting in their comments on here about some players recently, including young DB, and I was so chuffed to see some of those who have been targeted do some proverbial ramming of words down throats.  That''s the best way to respond, and I am hopeful of a bile-free week on here in the light of yesterday''s performance.  Yes I know people have the right to express their feelings but a few have been, in my opinion, over the top lately, hence my recent absence (no loss, I know, but I thought I would explain it anyway).  
  7. Sounds like alternative speak for "he''s earned a start on Saturday" then Jim!  I''d love to see him play a full 90 minutes and be our rock in the middle, keeping his head when (hopefully) Fulham start to lose theirs!
  8. My best moment when working for the club at FCR was identifying someone who was making similar noises and being indirectly responsible for having them ejected.  It makes my blood boil, so goodness only knows how the players feel when they hear it.  (Pity there aren''t any cliffs near Birmingham...perhaps that''s why some think they can get away with it!)
  9. Well done Pete - you now qualify to wear a kaftan I believe!!!!  Make sure you have red undies on underneath!
  10. Brilliant stuff, nottingham nick!  Never a truer word (or words)!!!
  11. I''m sorry, AJ, but why ''move over Bentley''?  In my opinion he worked very hard for us on Saturday, especially defensively, and he showed, above all, the attitude and commitment to the cause that I would expect from anyone wearing the green and yellow.  Ok, he arrived with the usual hype that comes with the Arsenal tag and, for a while, he didn''t seem to be saying (or perhaps doing) the right things, but for goodness sake give the guy a break - PLEASE!  He appears to be learning quickly what is required.  He may yet prove to be a very shrewd signing...and don''t forget he''s only just 20.  That can easily be overlooked, although I''m not suggesting you are guilty of doing this.  Just give him a chance.  If ultimately he is deemed a failure here then I''ll be happy to apologise! Sorry to those who don''t like people wandering off subject on threads.  It didn''t seem appropriate to start a new thread just to say what I wanted to say. 
  12. Words fail me.  I feel so sick about hearing of this.  Perhaps I''m naive for thinking we were all better than that...clearly some of us are not.
  13. Too simplistic perhaps...but we support Norwich.  Is that good enough?
  14. Nice one Stella!  Trouble is I hate those things...and they aren''t red.  Give me decent coverage over small and sexy any time, especially when the weather''s cold!!!
  15. There will be specific info about one player''s underwear in this week''s Bird''s Eye View when it is put up - hopefully in the next day or two!
  16. Did anyone else notice how pumped up he was during the game?  He celebrated Damo''s first with plenty of noise and gestures towards the Barclay, took a corner in front of the Snakepit and roused the crowd to greater noise still Nielsen style, and generally seemed prepared to run all over the place for the cause, especially when we were being forced back.  Decent corner for Flem to head down for Damo''s second and a peach of a ball across the box that Leon just failed to get a touch on in the second half.  I''m not saying he had a great game - I''m convinced that there''s more to come from him yet - but he really seemed to want to be a part of everything and was enjoying himself out there, which we surely all want to see.  More of the same Bents, please!  Also, when he took the corner in front of the Snakepit did anyone else hear a huge cry of "''ave it!" just as he struck the ball?  Classic funny moment from Saturday, I thought.  Just hope he took it in the right way as he couldn''t have failed to hear it!
  17. He''s also made the BBC team of the week alongside Scholes in the middle.  Good on yer Damo!
  18. Great effort and purpose all afternoon, and an inch perfect pass to Francis for our first.  I''ll bet Kenton was glad when Riley blew the final whistle so he could stop and draw breath for a moment.  Ha! Ha!
  19. Yep! And a red jumper under my City shirt to keep out that biting cold!!!
  20. It''s red, Pete, so go ahead and spread the positivity!!!
  21. Not at all, fool!!!  I have plenty to throw out that are now too big for me and some that could be described as somewhat ''religious'', if you get what I mean.  Perhaps Santa will visit an appropriate shop and buy me some new ones to replace those on their way to your good self?!  Red, of course, please!
  22. Really interesting stuff dblockbarclayboy.  What will you all do for the next game?  The same routines as yesterday, or revert to your usual routines, or something different again perhaps?! Maybe it helped us giving Kents and particularly Crouchy good receptions as they didn''t come back to haunt us.  Come to think of it, if we could cheer and applaud the opposition as they bear down on our goal and shoot at it perhaps it would get them so confused that they miss on a regular basis.  No?  Well it might be worth a try if we don''t win again for a few weeks I suppose!
  23. Wiz, I don''t know what you put in your spells but if you require some items of clothing that brought us luck last year and have just been discarded for some of a different colour (!!!) then say the word!
  24. Knowhatimean, I''m assuming that you mean Pennant on loan until the end of the season (as with Leeds last season) and Bentley for keeps, plus a bit of money I would hope - a couple of million at least.  Can you fill us in on any more details at this stage?  Sounds interesting, even though I would personally love to see Greeno stay with us as he''s such a vital part of our team.  We surely couldn''t blame him if he felt he wanted to leave and play for a higher-profile club like Arsenal, could we?
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