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  1. I''m not going to be drawn on this one, Wiz, but I do think that reading this board can seriously damage the health at times!!!  Now where''s my Prozac.....?
  2. Thing is, none of us knows what physical or mental state Damo is in right now and, desperate as we are for him to return, we have to be patient and trust that he''ll be back as soon as he is ready and not before.  As for being transferred in January I personally don''t think he''ll be going anywhere as he still has plenty to learn and to prove with us, unless, of course, some silly money is laid on a table somewhere.  I definitely don''t want to see him leaving though, despite having some twisted desire to be rescued one day from up a tree by him in a uniform!!!
  3. Isn''t Ward still injured, which is why Gallacher was recalled?
  4. Sorry to be philosophical about this but, as far as the Binners are concerned, what will be will be.  I''m definitely not losing any sleep over what they do or don''t achieve.  I don''t support them and have no interest in them.  I suggest for your own sanity Marmite that you perhaps try and do the same. As far as we are concerned I cannot and will not be depressed.  Frustrated...yes, especially as we have played well enough in some games to get something more out of them and we don''t seem to be getting the rub of the green at all at the moment; however, if you think back just five seasons or so ago then I ask ''how can anyone be depressed?''  We are where others can only dream of being, and there''s still a long way to go and many twists and turns before any towels appear thrown into any rings.  Keep smiling and don''t give up!  (I''m sure you won''t but I thought you might need som encouragement!!!)
  5. That was an absolute pleasure, westoncanary!  Enjoy your Christmas and perhaps we''ll see you in the New year.
  6. Smudge, if you read Rick Waghorn''s excellent piece in tonight''s EEN I think it might give you some idea of why so many City fans have been moved sufficiently to write something to this ignoramus, regardless of what his response (or lack of it) is and regardless of how those replies will be interpreted by the ''man'' (and I use the term loosely) himself or any other people who write in the public domain for a living.  I''d like to think that if I was privileged enough to be paid for doing something I love doing, i.e. writing about sport, that I would be a darned sight more objective and professional than he has been!
  7. Some good points made by all.  I think I''m guilty - of not expecting much at all, and that''s probably just as bad!  I''m still glad we are where we are and delighted at what we''ve achieved.  It''s perhaps high time I started expecting things of those I hold in such high esteem or else I might still be wearing a smile in May...whether we stay up or not.  I feel a New Year''s Resolution coming on - HELP!!! 
  8. Are you expecting a lozza, lozza money to spend if you go up, Lozza?!!!
  9. Joker, if you are an Ipswich fan, the least you could do is get the score right!!!
  10. YC, I really hope that Santa does deliver to all of us.  (With today''s sad news about Matty S. we sure need him to!)  Thanks also for your kind words, but I''m sure there are thousands of City fans all around the world who are as nutty about the team as I am...they may not do such daft things to betray their passion, but are yellow and green through-and-through all the same.  Happy Christmas to you all - and let''s hope for some roast Spuds on Boxing Day!!!
  11. I''ve long since given up being bothered about them.  Yes they are doing well and look like coming up this time, but there''s a long way to go yet.  I''ve decided to  put all my energies into getting behind our own team as the festive fixtures, for starters, look more than menacing!!!
  12. Thanks westoncanary for your kind words.  As I said in the article, I''ll bet the e-mail was deleted by someone in hysterics that I''d even written it.  Still, when you feel as helpless as I did right then what else can you do but do the ridiculous?!
  13. Whoever it is, it isn''t the Crooky monster!
  14. BFJ''s up to it again on SSN with all the ''we''re the best team outside the Premiership'' stuff and the usual ''I''ve not seen anyone else to match us'' drivel.  Now you''d think he''d have last season''s experience of things biting him on the bum to make him just a little bit more wary this time around, wouldn''t you?  Nope!  Just hope Wigan help with the initial ''sinking in of teeth to the posterior''! 
  15. I thought the title of this one was going to have something to do with Souness playing ''bah humbug'' instead of Santa, and cancelling the players'' Christmas party in Edinburgh!!!
  16. Jagielka plays in goal when that pudding Kenny is injured or sent off (!), in midfield if required, at right back or in the centre of defence.  Certainly puts the ''ute'' into utility, but he''s more than decent wherever he is.  Has a good haircut too, which means he would fit in well here!!!
  17. I''m sure it wasn''t Marmite...and if it was, I know exactly where you''re coming from!!!
  18. I hear whay you''re saying Steve but he is PAID to write therefore there is some gratification to the drivelling that he does, so his unhappiness should not be naturally assumed!
  19. I''ve just e-mailed him.  Here''s my twopenneth for what it''s worth: Dear Mr. Woolnough, Further to your article in the Star about Norwich not being worthy of being in the top flight,I would like to apologise for everything that my club stands for, i.e. togetherness (that''s everyone, including the fans and the board, and not just the players), friendliness, passion and doing the absolute best they can on a relative pittance. I realise now that it just isn''t in the spirit of the game and we should hang our heads in shame at trying to battle against the odds and perform on the highest stage. What were we thinking? It''s shameful, even disgraceful as you might say, that we should be taking advantage of winning the First Division so emphatically last season and I''m sorry that you think we smell so bad that other Premiership teams might start to notice and decide not to turn up in case they are sick. (By the way, that''s actually our only ploy to win any games this season as we''re clearly incapable of winning by any other means, so dreadful is our attitude). Would that we were Crystal Palace and West Brom right now as they are streets ahead of us in the spirit department, no doubt. I wish we had Bryan Robson in charge of us as I''m sure he would be doing much better than Nigel Worthington is,and I''m sure all Norwich fans would love to sell the entire squad to get Andy Johnson on board, after all our players clearly don''t have the stomach for any sort of fight...except for one withyour good self, perhaps, should you decide to visit ''the sticks'' in the near future. As for your kind wishes that we return to where we belong with your good riddance to help us on our way, I''m sure we will, without a whimper, oblige you and make the greed league a much nicer and more colourful place in the process. Again, my aplogies for thinking that we could be a real club in the true sense of the word, even in today''s world where money speaks volumes and poisons all that is good and true in the game. Wishing you a Happy Christmas in the capital where you will no doubt be. Regards Susie P.S. All of the above, except for the qualities that MY club has in abundance (paragraph 1), is about as plausible as the words you so kindly wrote about us in your article. (You will of course note that being ''from the sticks'' and made of unstern stuff, like a Norwich person, doesn''t make me resort to personal insults or derogatory remarks about things I don''t know anything about).
  20. Not being able to be there I had to rely on Uncles Roy and Neil to describe the action.  When I had finally realised that we''d scored the opener the kitchen walls had to put up with enough screams and cheers to last a lifetime.   You can imagine then what the cat had to endure when the final whistle went!!!  It would be somewhat of an irony if ''they'' go top tonight, on the same date, at the same venue.  Still it won''t ever be the same if they start to sing ''the'' song.  Come on you Wigan!
  21. I have read this morning that Bryan Robson has blamed his players for their current plight, saying that he has inherited a bad squad with not enough quality.  That''s bound to get them fired up for their festive programme then!  Motivational management classes anyone?! Newcastle will probably have enough quality to stay up, I would think, but I heard them described on the radio yesterday as a club that attracts high quality players with low quality attitudes.  Thought that was pretty apt at the moment and is an area where we score highly on the plus side as compared to some others.
  22. I''ve just been talking about this on a Chelsea site and they are amazed at what he''s said.  Hopefully some of them will also e-mail this bile-infested individual and give him a more balanced view of what our club, City and supporters are all about.  Chelsea fans I''ve spoked too were more than impressed despite their win.
  23. Supporter - noun - a person who backs a sports team and those associated with that team. Fickle - adjective - changeable in purpose or affections. Is there such thing as a fickle suppporter or are the two terms too much of a contradiction to be bedfellows? Specifically on topic, if we get rid of Helveg we need to be asking questions like: who do we replace him with and how much will that cost us?  But, if you ask me, even considering those questions now is unfair.  The guy played well against Bolton and pretty poorly at times yesterday.  It''s the Southamptons, Palaces, West Broms and Blackburns of this world we have to be beating, not the Chelseas, Arsenals and Man Utds.  Anything against everyone else is a bonus as they are in playing in a different league in some ways to us right now...and the top three always will be, such is the influence of money in the game.  Like it or not, that''s the way it is.  Being so damning of one player (yet again by some on here) is just counterproductive to what all of us surely want come May next year. 
  24. I was at the beamback yesterday and enjoyed seeing us competing as best we could against arguably the best club side in Europe, and possibly the world, at the moment.  Sure we were well beaten in the end, but we have not turned into a bad side overnight.  To think that would be plain daft in my opinion...and yet there was a fair smattering of ''dafties'' (I''m being very polite here!) sitting in my immediate vicinity who were screaming at the screen for this person or that to be taken off, for us to play like worldbeaters, and even just shouting - yes, you''ve guessed it - copious amounts of the usual negative dross that we put up with from the stands at all home games, except when we''re winning and playing like we cost £162 million that is!!! One ''dafty'' ,who seemed to have left his brain at home (and I''m making an assumption there I know!), screamed so many times that Helveg should be taken off that I couldn''t stand it any more.  Upon asking him (politely, of course) who should come off the bench to replace Mr. H. he replied, "put Shackell on".  I was stunned!  "What?  In midfield?", I asked.  "Well he''s better than Helveg", was the incisive reply I received!  With supporters like that one there''s no point in saying any more.  Someone pass me the sick bucket please.  My only consolation, I suppose, is that no club is without its ''dafties''.  Why oh why did I have to be so close to one on a day when there would be so much ammunition for them to dangerously throw about?
  25. I noticed that tackle Pete...the one where he whipped the ball off Jay-Jay in front of the Jarrold Stand, just like taking candy from a baby.  Great to see.
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