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  1. After I had calmed down from the euphoria of the derby match win - well, a little bit, anyway, I had the chance to think a bit about tomorrow and our Darren''s meeting with WBA. It suddenly occured to me that Ginger''s trying to sign up an entire team of players whose names begin with the letter H. He''s currently got Haas, Horsefield, Hughes, Hoult and Hulse, and probably even a few others I could not name, and that is why he is so hell bent on signing Hucks. Rumour has it that he has even made some of his current squad sign new contracts with an additional clause in them stating that they either change their names by deed poll or risk being put on the transfer list with immediate effect. The same source of these totally fictitious rumours also claims that, with the team already playing at the Hawthorns, a race is on to change the name of the team...with Huge Heath ( a slur on near-neighbour''s Birmingham City''s original name) as one of the early favourites. As with my earlier post about the weather forecast for today (whatever did happen to that snow they talked about?), I apologise for the flippant nature of the above. It is purely because being top at last feels so good, and yet again the other stuff is continuing to do my head in so I felt a bit of light relief was required. Well done everyone for today. I feel a large celebratory drink coming on!!!!!!
  2. Trouble is, Irish, that when we read things like this, much as we really, REALLY want to believe them, there is no way that we can know this for sure as you are not going to be willing or able to tell us just how you know, and if it was someone else just telling you via someone else, and someone else, etc. we are possibly ending up a golden mile from the truth. It''s a bit like Chinese whispers, I think. For myself, I see statements like your''s on here and for a very brief second my hopes are raised, then I put my reality hat back on and think about all the other fanciful claims that have been on here over the past few weeks, and which haven''t, as yet, been proven. For my sanity, although I am keeping the faith as much as body and soul will permit, I won''t truly believe anything anymore until a very fat lady starts singing ''On the Ball City''...unless you can explain fully how you do know this FOR A FACT!
  3. Hi everyone...and many thanks for all the replies. Just before I left for work at lunchtime I did phone the box office, and because I only wanted one on my own they have come up trumps. (Message on my answer machine to that effect). Still it is really great to know there is a network of caring bods out there willing to help out anyone in need. Cheers to you all. (Am still willing to darn socks, etc. if ever required, even to teach you Scotty so you can offer this to others next time!!!
  4. I am in despair! Having been promised a ticket by a friend of a friend for Boxing Day, and, on the strength of this promise, having said another friend of mine could have my usual seat and sit with a group of mutual friends, I have just been told that the ticket I am meant to be having has been given to someone else!!! I could, I suppose, tell my friend that I now need my seat back, but with it being the season of goodwill I don''t want to play Scrooge and spoil someone else''s Christmas. I''d rather, if I have to, stand outside the ground for the entire duration and make the pavement look messy! Anyway, I am writing this message in the hope that someone out there might be able to play Santa for me and save the day. If you know of anyone who can help, I don''t mind where I sit and, of course, I will pay for it. Perhaps you could contact the messageboard asap and leave a mobile number, or something. I would be SOOOOOO grateful. Friend for life guaranteed. (I can darn socks, cook, walk dogs, tutor the children, stencil your walls....you get the picture. I''m that much in need).
  5. Thanks for all the info about the hot air machines and the like. Seems like they''re well prepared, then. Guess it would cost them a fair bit to use all the equipment though! I really appreciate your empathy with me Diane. Anyone who knows me has been timing how long I can talk to them without mentioning ''you know what'' for the past few weeks. Needless to say, I haven''t managed much more than a minute in recent days. I haven''t even finished my Christmas shopping, let alone wrapped anything. HELP!!! In the words of a recent hit...''Maybe Tomorrow...'' (he''ll find his way back home....)
  6. Dear LeftFoot, I regret to inform you that it can only be real PMT if you are sore in certain delicate areas! As there might be children reading this I will not elaborate, but I''m sure you will know where to check for any obvious signs. Also, you will find crying at this present time very easy, and, trouble is, you will not know if you are feeling joy or sorrow as you do it! (Suggest you practise a bit before tomorrow. I think it may well happeen in households all over Norfolk and parts of Suffolk whatever the outcome). Sorry, I haven''t got a clue as to the answer to your question. There''s your luck!
  7. Wiz, your real name''s not Chip is it? If so, I once held up a banner at Carrow Road begging for you to be saved from your missus, but only ''cos that lot on Soccer am told me to!!!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had registered that the weather on Sunday is meant to be very wintry - heavy snow showers and gale force winds, possibly leading to some drifting. I suppose, if it''s that bad, that they might abandon the big game, or even postpone it altogether before people set off. Anyway, if you are going (this is where I sound like my mum - sorry) and it''s on, wrap up well and let the sight of our lads skating forwards in droves towards their goal give you a warm inner glow! Think of it, after our win you can all spend some time decorating the streets of Ipswich with little snowmen decked out in our colours (after the snowball fights, of course). Now that would really cause upset! (I''m not actually that confident that they will get the forecast right anyway as I spend May to August checking closely to see if cricket will be on and they often seem to get it very wrong for here. Perhaps it''s because we live in a big bump stuck on one side of the country and many of the forecasters think that England ends when you hit the imaginary straight line that comes down from The Wash). Apologies if this seems a totally meaningless post, but I was wondering if anyone else was feeling like me...in need of something else to talk and think about, just for a while. The other stuff (you know what I mean) has been doing my head in somewhat.
  9. As has been covered on here by other posters, I think there are three possible slants on Darren''s supposed words. 1. The agent has forgotten to consult his client yet again and has said the words he wants his client to say OR 2. It is sadly true, that Darren does want to stay at MCFC and continue life as a Prem. player, with all that entails. (Does seem hard to understand though as you surely can''t feel well disposed towards a club that you directly help to get to the Promised Land, and then get frozen out of and messed about by) OR 3. It is all part of the mind games going on to see who gets fed up first re: the sorting out of the severence pay, etc. It does seem strange that two days ago KK said that Darren was back to "fight for his place". Yesterday he agreed fees with two clubs for his services. That really smacks of wanting the player to stay, doesn''t it? Today we''re back to reading the comments of the man who once recently really upset his client by making assumptions on his part. As you say, NMTD, the plot is thickening. When will it all end? I need a decent night''s sleep!!!
  10. First up, just wanted to say ''fantastic, fabulous, wonderful, etc. to the whole team for Saturday''s performance and result. It''s almost unfair to single anyone out, but, briefly, I am going to. Iwan - a job well done. Shacks - great to see such command of our box with Flem. Adam - great overlaps and speed up and down the left. Have I missed anyone? Well...yes! I''ve saved DH until last as, like some others of you on here, I feel there is still some hope that he may return sometime soon. (What a performance on Saturday from him! Words don''t do it justice, so I won''t even try). Back to my ''hope'' and the thin straws I am clutching at. Like many others I have also heard NW''s, DH''s and Alan (thank god HE''S not playing next week) Brazil''s comments over the past few days, and they would seem to suggest that the door to a deal is far from slammed shut, let alone locked for good. I only have a couple of things to add, both of which make my straws just a tiny bit thicker...maybe. Firstly, I have been informed (reliably, I hope) that DH has bought a house in Norfolk. If this is the case, you might now want to ask yourself why. An investment? Perhaps. A place to stay when meeting up with the bucketload of friends he has made here? Maybe. Or could it just be that the man himself is just as hopeful as we all are that there is still something else to be added to the script in the New Year? I don''t know, but I sure as hell hope so! Secondly, at the end of the Sheff. Utd. (live) game on Saturday the Sky commentators reviewed some of the day''s earlier games, including our own. One of the two presenters said words to the effect that players very often choose their clubs and that it seemed obvious to him that Darren had found his. He added that it would not surprise him in the least if DH came back to Carrow Road soon. (Joy to my ears! Bunch of straws feeling a tiny bit thicker still). In reality, though, I''m just like all you posters on here - totally in the dark about what''s going on, which, as I''ve said on here before, is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING...but I still think ''it ain''t over ''til it''s over'', and ''watch this space'' still seems to be the order of the day. I do think the amount of money in the share issue pot by Jan. 7th is going to have a major bearing on how things may go so, if we the fans can contribute anything, no matter how small, it could yet make all the difference. In the meantime, anyone interested in a communal prayer session to help my bunch of straws swell as fast as the club''c coffers?
  11. I have to agree with your sentiments, NC Nut! I wanted so badly to put into words how I felt yesterday upon hearing ''the news''. I felt like having a rant and a rave, and expressing my sadness, despair, anger, disbelief, and so on, but I knew that to do it yesterday would, for me, have been wrong. I needed to sleep on it and think about how I really felt in the cold light of day. Am I still disappointed? You bet! Am I still sad about the whole affair? Without a doubt! Am I angry? No, not any more. I''ve had a good think about things and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that will shake my commitment to my team, and I, like you, will continue to do whatever I can to be there in the good times and the bad, because that''s what supporting your team is all about. There will be sixteen individuals directly involved in tomorrow''s game and each and every one deserves wholehearted support and encouragement. I will not like everything that the board or the manager does, but I do believe that all concerned are genuine people who are trying their best to help the club succeed, without jeopardising its longer-term future. This doesn''t mean that I didn''t want them to try everything they could to get PC and DH to stay here, but, in the case of the latter, it became clear that the entire financial package was several light years away, and so we move on. Onto this morning, and I came down to have a look at Ceefax to see if yesterday''s news had all been a dream, only to be greeted with the headline that we had bought Leon McKenzie. I cheered up immediately as I could see things moving on straight away...just what the team and the fans need to see happening. What with David O''Leary''s open intention of getting himself a proven striker, and my feeling that we haven''t seen the last of PC at Carrow Road, perhaps a bright end to this campaign is more than just a pipedream after all!
  12. After today''s episodes at the New Den, I wonder if this idiot is ever going to learn! How many times has he been sent off in his career? (Does anyone out there know?) Also, how many careers has he brought to a premature end, and how many serious injuries has he caused through his over-aggressive, frankly reckless and dangerous play? Players with a history like Muscat should, in my opinion, be very closely monitored and very heavily punished for any transgression. This is other people''s livelihoods at stake when they come up against him, and it certainly isn''t the laughing matter that the Skysports presenters seemed to think it was when discussing the match report and finding it hilarious that he had lasted on the pitch as long as he had. (Interesting that at Carrow Road he hardly dare put in a tackle on anyone, whereas in front of his own supporters it seems to be an acceptable norm). Safe to say I don''t think Darren Huckerby will be opting to visit Mr. Muscat''s territory on loan or with a permanent contract in his hand, so that''s one less club to compete with come January, I suppose. Incidentally, someone quite prominent in football said this week that Steven Gerrard needs taking control of, otherwise "he will end someone''s career sooner or later". I can''t remember who the quote is from, but I hope he isn''t proved right. Perhaps posters can think of some other individuals who come into the category of aggressive, dangerous psychopaths who see the red mist swirling all over the pitch and then just lose it. Before I finish I just want to add my thanks to Peter Crouch for all he has done for our club. It is clear from what NW has said that he is just the kind of person, as well as player, we want here. I have a sneaking suspicion that today''s match may not be the last time we see him in green and yellow, but we may have to play a bit of a waiting game, yet again. Good luck, Peter, and hope to see you back here soon. (How about a 3rd round FA cup tie with Villa here just after Christmas, then?)
  13. I truly hope that you''re right about PC, irishcanary. I think he has been a towering force for us - no apology for the pun! I also hope that you''re eventually proved wrong about DH. I think it could be a bit of a waiting game for him and for us. If he really wants to be here, and I do believe that he does, then surely a few weeks of earning good wages MCFC can ill afford for ''not much contribution required'' and a couple of instances of ''thanks, but no thanks'' to offers made by others richer than ourselves, and maybe, just maybe, KK will give in and let him come here permanently. It won''t be easy or particularly pleasant for the player himself going back to who knows what, but I''m still in the camp that if he wants to be a Norwich player as badly as he has suggested, then he will be...and it will be more than worth the wait! (I know the money to pay the agreed fee will still have to come from somewhere, but I have a feeling that too many people realise by now that this in an opportunity too good to miss...at least I hope so). Ever the optimist, I know I am, and ever the dreamer, but that''s what supporting your team is all about. And after all, it is almost Christmas!
  14. Diane, I totally agree with what you are saying. Without at least one of the current loanees I don''t think we stand a chance of promotion as we don''t have the strength in depth. I really, really hope that everyone concerned is doing their utmost to sort things out in our favour. As I said in another thread, the not knowing is getting more and more unbearable with every passing day. For sure, buying Hucks or Crouch or Harper, or any combination of these three isn''t going to guarantee promotion, but not buying them, I believe, is going to help us towards a position beneath the play-off zone, just like last year, unless there are some more loan signings of the same calibre waiting in the wings. (Not likely, is it?) At least, as you say, we will have tried our best, and that is all us fans want, surely? We simply may not get another opportunity like this for years, so I would definitely say ''go for it''. PLEASE!
  15. You are so right in what you have to say about exaggerated praise. In the world of sport, how many times do we hear commentators say the word ''fantastic'' or ''brilliant'' when, in our judgement, a feat was good or very good, but not more than that in reality? One thing I forgot to mention when I wrote my story was that I made a positive decision to take a pay cut, and quite a substantial one for me, in order to change job and gain so many other things, such as increased quality of life through less stress, a bit more time to spend with friends and family, improved health and wellbeing, and so on. I don''t regret it one little bit, and although I certainly know that we all need money to survive, the best things in my life are as near to being free as they can be...apart from watching Norwich, of course! The team will, of course, add to all these positive aspects tomorrow when they beat Crewe!!!
  16. You make some very good observations here about the differences between self-perception and how others perceive you, and how constructive criticism from within or from others can be used for the good of all. When writing earlier about what happened to me a while back, I think the thing that made me draw some parallels with our loan players'' situations was the feeling that I could see myself making a positive contribution and being valued elsewhere, but I was being held back from doing so by that lovely, sticky red tape! I also knew instinctively that I would be much happier elsewhere and, although you say that you think work isn''t meant meant to make you feel that way, I don''t think many people would apologise for at least trying to make that part of their lives enjoyable if they can. I still stand by the main point of telling my story which is that we would all do well to just try to see things from other people''s points of view sometimes. That goes for those who are trying to sort out global issues as well as for those trying (I hope) to sort out the future employment of players who I believe are vital to our current campaign. (I am heartened to hear Peter Crouch has said today that he wants to stay until the end of the season - on tv about half an hour ago. Let''s hope David O''Leary is feeling favourable towards us when Nigel makes that phone call early next week).
  17. You are so right about the frustration as every day another of our rivals succeeds in a signing or announces new intended transfer targets. (I have just read on Teletext that the Blades are now after DH. That''s really going to help our situation, I don''t think). At times like this, what I''d pay to be a fly on the wall in certain offices at Carrow Road!
  18. What follows is a true story. Two years ago I was working my socks off to better myself within a pretty large organisation. I thought things were going well personally and for the business, but, for some reason, I began to get the feeling that my contribution wasn''t as valued as it once was. Some of the management''s comments and actions were very hurtful and demotivating, and yet I was expected to get on with it as if I was as happy as I had been before. It was inevitable that my confidence took a battering, so I started to explore other avenues for the future as it seemed I had no long-term future where I was. Whilst still employed by the organisation I went elsewhere to train to work in a slightly different field, and the work experience part of this training meant I was attached to another organisation for a while. This new organisation was a great place to work. The people were very friendly and helpful, the resources available to me were excellent, the atmosphere around the place was positive and the location of the work was a major plus point too. Only problem was that when the fifteen weeks I was doing work experience there was rapidly coming to an end, with no specific opening there in my immediate sight, I couldn''t help but feel down about it, and more than a bit confused about whether I would ever get the chance of being offered a contract there. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience, and does this perhaps have any parallels with that of any of our team currently, I wonder? I''m not trying to make excuses here for any very recent below par performances, but I am suggesting that we try and put ourselves in other people''s boots a bit before we criticise too quickly and too harshly. I was disgusted to hear a few fans after the Coventry game talking about buying certain players one-way tickets to the north, south and the Midlands. What short memories these ''fans'' have! No recollection of who has really helped us to get where we are right now. What a great way to show our gratitiude and support our team. (The ending to the story above was that I persevered and did succeed in getting a contract where I wanted to be, and I''m still happy there to this day. Here''s hoping that other stories yet to be written might have similar endings. I for one will be very happy if they do)! OTBC!
  19. Just wanted to say that I was at the Watford game and I saw that Darren was clipped in the box and made the most of it. To say he''s a cheat means that he and all other pros are cheats from time-to-time in their careers, ''cos, believe it or not you see this kind of thing in every game. Time to get real Si. It''s PART of the game, like it or loathe it. If Darren had flung himself headlong, no contact having been made, then I wouldn''t have been best pleased, but he was clipped, as I said and as TV replays have confirmed. For goodness sake, if ''going to ground'' in and around the box is a sound enough reason for you to want somebody out of a club then I can think of several clubs who, on that basis, wouldn''t have enough ''honest'' players to make up a full side, let alone a squad! (Just in case you are a ''blue'', I guess you will be pushing the same line to get rid of a certain Mr. Cunuago who has a tendency to like breathing the air at ground level, having been ''forced'' towards it merely by the presence of anybody remotely nearby?) Just wanted to say thanks to all the team members who were signing autographs in the city yesterday evening. They were really helpful and obliging, and it was great to get my shirt signed, even if I did then wash it later on and your signatures faded a bit!!
  20. Given that a home defeat was going to happen sooner or later, according to the law of averages, does anyone else share my opinions or want to comment on any of the following points/questions that are going round in my mind at the moment? 1) Did Nigel do the right think by leaving Briggs on the bench and playing Holt at right-back, with the related consequences in midfield? (We really missed Mulryne today, I feel). 2) How much was Crouch missed today? (Quite a bit, I''d say. I know you are only as good as the service you get but, when he did get service, Iwan was largely ineffective, I''m afraid). 3) We know that, as long as we have got his services, Darren Huckerby is going to be a closely marked man, but when it takes two or three of the opposition to do it, it doesn''t take a maths wizard to work out that someone else, somewhere, has to be free if we have equal numbers on the pitch. Do we have a strategy to exploit this? (If so, did we apply it successfully today?) 4) Did the match sponsors watch the same game as me? Malky has been a tower of strength for us this season, but today, especially in the first 30 minutes or so, he was not at his best. 5) I sincerely hope that Messrs. Fleming and McVeigh have only suffered skight knocks as I can''t imagine what we would do without them at the moment. 6) Did we get a glimpse today of what things might be like after early December? (I hope the Board was taking careful note as the fans, I feel sure, did). I know it''s not the end of the world losing a game, but it is very disappointing, especially when we had the chance to go top. The only really positive things to come out of the game might possibly be that it will act as a bit of a wake-up call for all concerned, and it may also help the Board to see more clearly what is blindingly obvious to most of the rest of us, i.e. if we don''t gamble a bit now, we may find mid-table mediocrity beckons, and none of us want that, do we?
  21. Hi Scott. (I''m sorry I didn''t say hello properly last time). Thanks for replying to my e-mail. I just wondered if you are in Norfolk at the moment. It sounds as though either you are, or you have visited recently, especially from your agreement with me about ''the buzz around the place''. I must admit I didn''t have too much of an opinion either way about football agents, until Wednesday, that is. I felt particularly cross about the way it was implied that your brother was not a person of integrity, to put it politely. I appreciate that you won''t want to enter into a debate about the ins and outs on here as it is a private matter, but I just wanted you to know that I (and many others I would imagine) now have a very strong opinion about football agents, and I don''t think I need to share it on here either as everyone will know exactly what I mean! To return to the question of you being in Norfolk...if you haven''t yet been up (or down or across!) to a game, I hope you get the chance to come soon and I hope too that we can come up with another win to make your visit worthwhile. (What do I mean ''I hope''? Of course we can! We just need to keep believing this now). Good luck with your own footballing exploits, and see you soon at Carrow Road if your time and commitments permit.
  22. Scott, it''s good to know that you are following things that are happening in Norfolk at the moment. I can''t put my finger on it, but your brother''s arrival, together with that of Peter Crouch and Kevin Harper, has given us that extra special something in the last two months. Watching the team has been a joy and there has been a real buzz and desire to talk about Norwich City wherever I''ve been. If Darren leaves in December it will be a huge loss to the team, but, as a pragmatist, I know we''ll just have to knuckle down and get on with it. If he stays, as you will have already worked out for yourself, thousands of us in this region will genuinely feel that Santa must have paid us a rather premature visit, although I hasten to add that his ''gift'' will be celebrated way into the depths of winter and well beyond! Whatever Darren does the fans of this club will always have a deep affection and admiration for him, and will wish him and his family all the very best wherever life takes them. People say we are a reserved lot in this part of the world and that we take a lot of getting to know - (lies probably spread by certain football agents)!! Hopefully, by now, your brother knows that this is actually far from the truth. Here''s hoping for a good win against Millwall on Saturday, and to all concerned at the club...keep up the good work. It''s a really good time to be a fan at the moment. Let''s enjoy it!
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