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  1. Ok - I''ve stupidly decided to have a go at this.  Here''s No.1 for what it''s worth, to the Dexy''s Midnight Runners song ''Geno'': He''ll shoot and score and then score some more, like before...oh Deano                       With left or right or using his height (pause before) Whoaa -o-o Dean-o-o (I''ve looked at the sheet music and it seems to fit in with the rhythm of those two lines).   Final effort, to the tune of Lily the Pink (this is an adaptation of something I believe Crewe fans used to sing for him): Let''s drink a drink a drink to Deano the king the king the king A hero of this football te-e-eam For he invented multiple scoring, to try to help us achieve our dream. (It''s alright...I''ll go now...things to do much more worthy of my time!!!  Sorry all!)  
  2. You haven''t upset me, Peter!  I''ve said on here before that I rate him as a more than decent player, and he seems to have the right character too for Worthy to tick his boxes.  If he did come I''d like to see the scrap between Hucks, Deano and Tommy M as to who takes the penalties!!!
  3. You''re still not seeing the bigger picture Daniel, are you?  It''s no good you thinking how nice it would be to tune into MOTD to see Dean banging them in for Spurs or the like.  There aren''t many clubs above us who would make him the hub of our strikeforce from day one, and that''s what he wants to do...play football, and that''s what he''ll be - the hub of our strikeforce.  If he''s fit then 99 times out of 100, if not more, he''ll play.  If you like benchwatching or reading the subs list then that''s what you would have got with him at Spurs, Villa, etc.  I''m sorry if you think we''re not good enough for him, but he clearly doesn''t share your opinion and that is all that matters.  And by the way there are plenty of Crewe fans on some of your fansites who think this is a great move and who think that Nigel worthington will keep the pressure off him and nurture his talent very sensitively..which he will.  As for the fact you loved the guy to death, he won''t know what''s hit him next Saturday when he runs out at Villa Park! 
  4. If there is an escape clause in his contract I, for one, would be gutted about this as surely the board want to keep the best with us for next season should the worst happen in May.  That is why I don''t think the club would have allowed one to be put in.  Also, if you read some of Worthy''s comments on Teletext this morning it sounds as if he''s looking forward to seeing Deano improve still further here for a long while to come.  Hope so, anyway!
  5. ncfc4prem...I meant so that his parents could be in the same general area, not under the same roof!  For someone who moved out aged 18 myself I wouldn''t have thought he was incapable of boiling an egg or making a bed by his age, but then again I know a few friends who couldn''t!!!!
  6. The clubshop does a nice line in ''meeces'' for computers.  You can stare at the club logo while your heart keeps racing and palms keep sweating.  I''ve only got the mousemat with the team photo on, and that''s probably even worse as we sit and wait...and wait...and...
  7. Here''s my recipe for Susie''s Strawberry Smooch! Half a punnet of ripe, sweet strawberries, three tablespoons of half-fat creme fraiche, 1 small glass of cranberry juice, 1 small glass of orange juice and, if adult version required, a dash (or two) of Baileys!!!  Ummmmm!
  8. Certainly enough said, Daniel, bearing in mind what you have posted on another thread!
  9. Who says his parents weren''t here at the weekend having a look around with a view to buying in Norfolk, Nobby?  Who knows?  What the Crewe fans do seem to be saying is that he''s deadly serious about his career and if that''s the case then I think I''ll get him a crate of J2O when I next go to Makro!!!
  10. Does he like sitting on his arse a lot then, Daniel...''cos that''s what he''d be doing by going to Spurs!  Have you stopped to think for one moment that at this time of his career he wants to be playing football more than anything else, and to do it at a decent club where everyone is a person above anything else (no prima donnas allowed), and everyone matters, is surely preferable to returning almost to apprentice status again, playing in the reserves most weeks and getting the odd run out in the cups if he''s lucky.  Do try to at least see things from his point of view and don''t be so blinkered by our current league position.  If you don''t really know much about us you''d do best to refrain from too much comment.
  11. Not just see his two years out, but hopefully stay even longer!
  12. There''s a report on Sky''s website now suggesting we might have made a £3 million bid for him, which has been rejected.  Where is this all leading, one wonders?
  13. Simon, cheers for all of that and for taking the time to find us and write.  I''m so glad that you think we''re the right club for Dean to be coming to.  This is refreshing to hear as we''ve read that some of your fans think this is just a sideways move for him, how ever much we see it differently.  You''re absolutely right that we are very excited at the thought of seeing him in the yellow and green as many of us have long been extolling his virtues and telling Worthy to ''go get him!''  That said, we have a real battle on our hands to stay up...but we know the lads will give it everything they''ve got, as will all the fans, so there''s plenty of hope still.  Good luck to Crewe - a true footballing team with genuine fans, like we hope that we are.  I can''t help but feel for your loss though as you all clearly worshipped the ground he walked on.  Don''t worry though, he will be equally adored here, I''m sure...and you''d be more than welcome at Carrow Road to check on his progress when you can make it.  Thanks again!
  14. Pete, isn''t this the point when cityangel, gazza, myself and a few others of the same ilk (!) come out with things like: gorgeous...lovely haircut...hunky...stunning legs, and so on! Only jesting, but anyone of his quality was going to look good in my team''s colours, in truth!!!
  15. All of us will need to have patience and support him 100% as he''s a young lad with huge expectations on him, but I''m confident that he''ll settle here quite quickly and will prove to be a really good signing.  His arrival should certainly give everyone a great lift.  Watch out for more hunger at Villa next week!
  16. IMO he''s suffering (as they all are) from a lack of confidence in front of goal, within a team that''s more often than not very high on effort but understandably low on confidence.  To get rid of him now would be foolish in the extreme.  First up, would anyone like to do so without first seeing what sort of relationship he can strike up with a certain Mr. Ashton? Secondly, when you get rid you have to have decent alternatives not just in mind but virtually on the way for the guided tour.  Suggestions anyone as I''m a bit stumped right now? Finally, if the worst case scenario happens in May would you regret not having him on board to tear those hapless fizzy defences apart again as the team attempts to bounce straight back up? If you can answer yes, name someone who is on the way who will be at least as good if not better in every way (and that doesn''t just mean on the pitch), and no, then buy him a phrasebook and a one way ticket by all means.  I won''t be contributing though and it''s nothing to do with his haircut, looks, house or anything else equally daft.  (See other thread on the topic).  Sorry!  
  17. Well, speaking as a female, he''s popular with me because he chose to play for us above others and he''s committed to the cause, even if he doesn''t always get it right.  Haircuts and looks don''t bother me whatsoever and, if I may say so, I find it a bit demeaning to have it implied that that is one of the major reasons for his so-called popularity amongst my sex.  Sorry if this sounds as though I''m climbing on a very high horse right now, but your post rankled a bit with me for this one obvious reason, even though I fully accept your right to post what you want on here. 
  18. I''m on too Helsinki canary and it''s perfectly ok...so far - apart from the fact that the Portsmouth commentators aren''t there!!!
  19. Good spot, oh swift one!  I wouldn''t be surprised if there are a few choruses of that little song (with Malky in them) at UP this afternoon!
  20. I don''t know, I''m afraid.  Must confess that I listened to the Portsmouth commentary last weekend and it was superb!  Totally unbiased and very informative.  Wish their team of commentators and summarisers could cover all our away games!
  21. If you think about it, this is a huge step for someone so young to be taking.  I''m encouraged that he came here and has spent so long here, and wouldn''t be surprised if he''s just taking the time that the weekend gives him weighing up his options.  You never know, he could be doing his weekly shop in Asda right now!  Fingers, toes and other bits crossed then from everybody..please!
  22. Happy New Year to all the posters on here.  Sorry I won''t be on hand, dressed as Wonder Woman, to patrol the gutters just after midnight...but my thoughts and good wishes go with you all, whether quietly at home with a Chinese (meal!) like me, or out on the razzle.  Have a good one!
  23. Just thought some of you might like to hear a few comments from a Pompey fan about our predicament compared to their''s last season.  Seems to make a lot of sense to me.  What do the rest of you think though? I honestly do hope you stay up, not just because it sends scum down. I think because of how little you''ve spent it would prove that the gap is not as huge as everyone believes it is and it is a lot more down to how players and teams adapt than the quality considering waht you already have. The advantage of bringing in proven players in more that they dont have to adapt so are more likley to have a quicker impact. We''ve seen that now we''re in our second year in the prem, nigel quashie who struggled last year to adapt to the pace at times has been our best player by a good way this season, whilst players like berger who had been there and done it were essential to our surviving because they already knew what they doing! A lot of it depends when your players adapt and begin to feel comfortable in a new league. As you said, the other clubs may have spent money, especially west brom in picking up earnshaw, but IMO that was not a sound move. Someone like blackburn who may not be performing welll but are an estalished prem side can afford to bring in someone like stead because he has players arond him that know what they''re doing. It is the people like simon charlton that have a big part to play to helping the others adapt. (and i know that doesnt account for the Doc, but there are alwys excpetions!!) To stay up you need to be looking at the sort of players Judas will be for scum, the henchoz or robbie elliots, not players that cost money, not even necessarily that much in wages but that can fit in arund those that havent been there to help them and guide them. Someone like we had teddy sheringham last seasons whos contribution to the team may have been inconsistent, but his guidance was invaluable. And the other thing im hoping will work in your favour will be the low points tally that seems to be developing. With the strength of the top 3, and clubs like everton and ''boro doing well, it means that the gap is widening and less clubs in the lower-mid table bracket can pick up the points. This season will see one of the biggest gaps between top and bottom points wise, im sure. And that means all you need to do is put a run together ilke we did which is something anyone is capable, but from what ive seen of norwich, something that the level of performance you have been able to put in witout things going your way will come right at some point. Our cataylst was one win (against scum!) and then set us going, and that really can set things rolling. Added to taht your run in has winnable games, and looks quite similar to ours last year. Its the games like brum and charlton at home, clubs that will hopefully be 3 points against teams taht tend to tale off at the end of the season, and obviously the crunch games at scum and palace. and picking up points in Feb looking at your fixtures, that will go a long way. Im sure you know all this anyway and it just sounds patrionising! But good luck after tomorrow, and help send those down the road down!! 
  24. I defiinitely think Hucks deserves a rest - he''s played in excess of 1800 minutes in the league alone this season, more than any other Prem striker.  As for playing some of the youngsters - why not?  There''s nothing to lose...but then again, I thought we would do that against Bristol Rovers but we didn''t!
  25. Apparently Pompey played Chelsea off the park for much of yesterday''s game and were rightly praised by Mourinho afterwards.  We''ll need to be on the top of our game to get anything in such a cauldron of noise if they''re in good form!
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