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  1. Gari, thank your lucky stars that you don''t live in a house where you are nagged at for being in the slightest bit concerned about/interested in football. As chirpy said, your wife is to be applauded for loving City as much (if not more) than she loves you.  That shows true dedication in my book.  Anyway, what are you complaining about when you must have had your fill of enjoyable Saturday evenings last season?  You have to take the rough with the smooth, and, who knows?  You might just have cause to celebrate with a takeaway or something tomorrow evening...and if not...back to hoping that we get lucky at Everton!!!
  2. Pretty much, except the neckline is V-shaped with a cross piece of green material behind it.  Also, the bottom hem of the shirt also has the green and yellow narrow stripes on it...for those who like to wear their shirt outside their shorts.  Overall, it''s pretty close to how I drew it...with the wide green stripe going all the way down the back of the shirt and shorts as well.  Anyway, I''m sure others can come up with something much better!  Still, it was a start...and I''m convinced would be better on the field of play which is where it matters.
  3. Thanks Barclay in Chile.  I''ve been speaking to a few people about this today - people who aren''t posters on any sites - and, like me, although they like the shirt as a leisure item for fans most think that the dark colour not only blends in with the grass but also with the generally dark background that is the crowd.  Also, a colour therapist told me that green is a calming colour.  That being so, I think we need something that makes us stand out much more and sends subliminal messages to the opposition, like ''we are going to be in your faces for the next 90 minutes'', or something similar!  At least not ''we are here to make your afternoon a very pleasant one so sit back and enjoy...!''  Can''t wait to see if someone manages to put up their impression of my suggested kit on the other thread.
  4. I''d love to draw my proposed away kit for everyone to laugh at (!) on here, but I lack the know-how to do it!  Unless someone can write an idiot''s guide for me, you''ll have to try visualising it from my description.  Sorry.
  5. Yankee Canary - it''s basically white shirt and shorts with a broad green stripe coming down the right-hand side of the shirt as you would wear it (which continues over the shoulder and down the back), and whch is edged with a narrow yellow stripe.  The shorts also have the same broad green stripe with yellow edging stripe on front and back, on the same side as the broad stripe on the shirt.  Again the stripe continues onto the back of the shorts.  The shirt cuffs and collar are edged with narrow green then yellow stripes, as are the waistband and hem of the shorts.  The socks are white with narrow green and yellow stripes at the top and with NCFC written vertically down them in a rectangular box of yellow.  Now you need to have a go at drawing it so we can see how good your visualisation is!!! I appreciate that some people might not give a damn what we are playing in for some away games so long as we are doing our best and picking up points, but I think the kit is gloomy (not helping right now!), dull and probably not helping the players or the viewing public very much.  However, if the majority think it''s best to leave the issue alone then I most certainly will.  Need some more opinions though, really!
  6. Was it just me or did anyone else watching the Villa game think how dull our away shirts/shorts are, how much they blend in with the grass and how difficult it must be to pick out other players at times?  Now don''t get me wrong...as shirts for fans to wear with jeans etc. I quite like them, and I''m not saying this either to make an excuse for some of the passing we''ve witnessed at times this season , but it just doesn''t seem like a striking enough kit on the field of play, in fact I wonder what the players think of it to be honest. I sat in a chair last night and in ten minutes came up with something that would make much more of an impact, would stand out far better (and therefore look much better on tv too) and would still be popular with the supporters (I think!), whilst preserving a bit of green and yellow, i.e. our identity.  If enough people on here agree that it needs looking into I will gladly e-mail the club and put our points of view forward to them for consideration.  I know this away kit is supposed to run for another season and the home one is due for a revamp soon but it might be possible to persuade the powers that be of the need to change the away kit this summer and leave the current (really nice IMHO) home kit until the summer of 2006.  Over to you folks for your opinions. 
  7. Splendid Rush...whilst I agree essentially with what you are saying I do think you''re being a bit harsh on Dean Ashton.  I mean the guy has been here for not even ten days yet, has played in one game (albeit not a very good one, although I believe he emerged with some credit at least), and is having to get used to having microphones and the like shoved in his direction at every opportunity.  I speak in front of people on a daily basis but I''m not sure I would cope at all well being plunged into the spotlight like that for the first time.  What he said makes sense to me and doesn''t, I believe, merit derision.  That said, I would definitely would like to see far more fire in certain bellies come this weekend and a lot less suggestion of believing the hype rather than acting on it.  We shall see!  (Actually, if I were Worthy, I would have imposed a media blackout for a few days after the Villa game, until the obligatory press day, just to give people time to get their heads together without the intrusion.  Thoughts anyone?)
  8. I don''t think they usually play any of their first teamers who are out of favour, or their bench warmers, but I''m going anyway, hopefully!  Should be good.
  9. What you have to remember, my Spanish sausage, is that us women have to add that desperation felt due to the team''s loss or poor performance ON TOP OF the other stuff that I was talking about.  Now that makes for one very sad Canary indeed!!!
  10. I always find a walk on the beach helps...trouble is, it''s raining here so it''s not too inspiring right now.  Still, hope springs eternal - beach or no beach!!!  Now if you were a woman el chorizo (and I''m assuming you''re not!)...it''s depressing and acutely emotional like that every so often whether we win or not!!!  Bring on Saturday.  I just need a home game to make me feel better (hopefully!)
  11. I miss the real fans of the Sunderlands, Crewes, Derbys etc., if I''m honest...but it must be the aim of the club to play at the highest level they can hence, once in the Prem, you just have to put up with the massed ranks of glory hunters, the biased and scathing press, the constant media spotlight, the even crappier refs that do the big clubs'' bidding...need I go on?  No.  The Prem isn''t all it''s cracked up to be in many ways, but I''m sure we would feel differently about it if we could just survive this season and get a bit stronger for the next one.  I do miss those genuine fans though!  (Disappears to beat herself up for enjoying last season so much!!!) 
  12. Brilliant Wiz.  There''s nothing more to add to that!
  13. I really hope, grinner, that the players and the staff at the club don''t think like you seem to do at the moment.  Sure, the formation baffled me, especially when Ashton has been used to playing with a strike partner most of his career, but, that apart, we''re still only three points from being out of the drop zone and we''re still in with a chance of being the one from four that survives.  We''re certainly in a very bad run of form and results -(are the other three doing that much better?)-, and confidence must be pretty low, but the injury situation is having a serious impact right now and we aren''t able to field a settled line-up from one match to the next.  That''s another drain on all the players as well as Worthy.  I think you''re being very harsh saying that you keep waiting for the team to perform but tomorrow never comes.  It''s the long haul that counts...that''s until May.  One good result/performance with one or three points against Boro and it''s strange how most people will feel so much better.  If it doesn''t happen, then it''s on to the next game, and so on until we reach the end.  Yes, this season is being hard on everyone...bloody hard...but there''s still time to see some light at the end of the tunnel once players start to come back, and there''s still some hope until the numbers say there isn''t.  Give up if you want, but I won''t until then...and even then I shall start to look to the positives ahead for next season.  (I would imagine, grinner, that you won''t give up either but that it''s just you''re feeling the frustration and despair even more than we all are right now.  Hang on in there.  It might just still be alright - you never know!) 
  14. Sadly, I think the man must have had jaundice at a young age and cannot stand the sight of yellow ever since!  Hope he proves me wrong though. 
  15. I even said I''d turn out in my tennis trainers!!!  Now that''s dedication as it would hurt like hell to even kick the ball in those things!
  16. Apparently Mike Riley is in charge against Villa on Saturday!  Nurse, we all need an aspirin!!!
  17. I spent a really happy six minutes at work hiding in the corner watching the goals!!! Now I''ve got back home the damned thing won''t ''connect to media''!  Help anyone?  Please!
  18. Yes - heaps of potential and was beginning to fulfil some of it.  Can make things happen out of nothing.  Would be sad to see him rot in their reserves until he got totally disenchanted with football as well as with Arsenal.
  19. I''ve just read that too, Phil.  A classic case of pot calling the kettle black, I think.  No need for me to boycott the rag as I never spend a penny on that sort of dross anyway!
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