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  1. I love going to matches in the warm/hot spring or autumn sunshine, and not having to wear all those layers of clothing that make me look like Michelin Woman throughout the winter!!!  Does this make me a fair weather supporter?!!!
  2. I''m on a roll - three posts in one day!  Anyway, POTS for me has to be Hucks because, if you analyse most of our goals then he is involved in some way shape or form, and he is often the direct provider.  Ok, he hasn''t set the league alight with too many strikes of his own, but without his assists we would have been down long ago.  Also he has usually shown the effort levels and commitment we have become used to him showing but which it would have been easy for him to allow to drop if his desire for the team to do well had lessened.  (Ask yourself how many lazy prima donnas there are at other Prem teams and you''ll see what I mean).
  3. StevenageFan - sorry I forgot to mention that the gentleman who sits next to me is not renewing his season ticket as he feels he is now too frail to come to games, which is a great shame as he is lovely and I will miss his mints!  Still, if someone on the waiting list only wants a single ticket then I know where there will be one available.  I suppose most people will be wanting at least two together though, which is where it begins to get more difficult.
  4. I''m still about YC, although I post far less than I did for several reasons: working peculiar and longer hours than before, lots more time spent keeping fit as I am injured (arm) and can''t play tennis at the moment, and quite a bit of time spent researching things, writing and sending things to Peter (Mod.) for this website.  Oh go on - in truth it''s because I''m spending every hour of every day in a room of natural daylight bulbs trying to improve my mood and shake off the Premiership blues!!!  (Aren''t we all?!) 
  5. ZLF, can you please say how you know for certain that there IS such a clause in Dean Ashton''s contract.  Have you seen it?  Did you draw it up on behalf of the club?  Or are you going by what somebody else has told you? IMO, as I said on here yesterday, the club would be absolutely crazy to have a) had such a clause inserted in his contract, or b) to even consider letting him go for any -yes ANY- price when he will undoubtedly play a major role in helping us back into the Premiership should we be relegated. He knew when he signed that there was a pretty good chance of us going down and he could have waited until the summer for a ''bigger'' Prem club to come in for him, but yet he still decided to join us.  That is why I am confident that the club won''t shoot itself in the foot over this one, especially having invested so much money in an undoubted talent, and I also don''t believe Worthy would have said, most deliberately, when he signed that he was here "for the long term future of the football club". 
  6. Ha! Ha! DDiM.  Off the boil...funny how you resurface on here every time you think you have something to crow about.  I''m sure we''d all have a lot more time for you and your posts if you came on here when you were bottom and engaged in some debate.  I go on your Rivals site and chat to many really decent Baggies fans about things...regardless of where we are in the league and who has just beaten or lost to whom.  Why don''t you do the same?
  7. It is going to be harder to take for those who had what are, IMO, unrealistic expectations.  I dreamed of mid-table obscurity and a bit more champagne in May, but I also knew that, having spent the least of the three coming up because of having fewer resources in the first place, being anywhere above 20th would be an achievement.  I haven''t given up on us being 19th, 18th, or even 17th yet either, as the numbers don''t yet say otherwise, but wherever we are next season I will still smile at the thought of being thrashed by the likes of Port Vale a few seasons ago and realise where we are at now...and it''s a far better place!  If anyone doesn''t think so then they need more help than our goal difference does!!!
  8. Green - 6  Better in his six-yard box today but still a bit indecisive at times. Eddy -  4  Not one of his better performances for reasons already mentioned by others. Flem -  5  Ok but rather slow at times.  Poor marking for their third goal. Shacks - 7  Very accomplished performance considering opposition and relative inexperience. Drury - 7  Seems to be almost back to his best.  Coincidence?  I don''t think so. Stuart - 6  Worked pretty hard for as long as he could.  One dodgy pass nearly cost us dear. Damo - 5  Conspicuous by his absence at times.  I cannot explain it.  (Can anyone?) Holt - 4  Too far off his man too often, before their second and for their third (along with Flem). Hucks - 7  Considering lack of training this week he gave his all.  Great cross for Leon''s goal. Deano - 7  Working with scraps a lot of the time but always looked dangerous when fed. Leon - 8  Star man today.  Worked hard and to good effect.  Took his goal really well. Was anyone else dismayed at WLY for the time he was on the pitch?  He appeared to be slow, lazy, unaware and a bit disinterested, and a tad heavier than last time we saw him...or am I being a bit harsh?  Perhaps the cold was doing strange things to my eyesight!!!  
  9. Some people on here have also been critical about his first touch over the past year or so.  IMO his first touch yesterday was the best I''ve ever seen from him, and I too think it''s no coincidence that since Ashton''s arrival Leon appears to have a new lease of life, which has to be promising for next season...and don''t anybody start up the ''Deano''s leaving'' rubbish.  He''s going nowhere.  The club would not be daft enough to let their best and most expensive asset go at this very moment in time.  That would be like commiting footballing suicide and would be the last thing that the club would do under the circumstances we''re potentially facing.
  10. David Moyes said yesterday that the vast majority of Everton fans behaved impeccably - like he had heard that quote from somewhere else before...or perhaps he is used to using it himself on behalf their followers.  (It''s not so nice, David, is it when you''re on the receiving end?  At least in your case you know the accusations have some basis in fact!!!)
  11. Chelsea have more than enough decent players to come in no matter who is out or rested.  Best we think about painting a mural of the Barclay on the side of the team coach and just park it in front of the goal.  (Must remember to have people with open mouths on one side for one end, and closed mouths for the other though - only kidding!!!) 
  12. We might have taken just a bit of notice for a nanosecond if you had said Malaga instead of Mallaga!!!
  13. Good assessment BlyBlyBabes.  As they say, ''it takes one to know one''.  There''s nothing like a sweeping generalisation is there?  (Perhaps he should have had a selection of footballers to recruit an executive from in this new programme of his - he could have really torn into some of them!)
  14. One of the questions I usually ask myself about players we are supposedly interested in or have just bought is ''would I rather he was playing for us or go/had gone to one of our rivals?''  In Dean''s case I am 100% sure of my answer, regardless of what division we are in next season, and that is that I would much rather have him on our side than playing for someone else against us. He may need more time to produce the goals and consistent performances we believe are there but that is part of what many have spoken about already, i.e. settling in, getting up to pace, gaining confidence, etc., all of which are difficult against the backdrop of a misfiring team and an increasingly sticky situation in the league.   From what I''ve seen and heard so far, though, we have an extreme football enthusiast and serious student of the game on our hands, and his past experiences of much worse times should help him deal with any of the mountains he has to climb. I''m not usually one for predictions but I wouldn''t mind betting that a year on from now we will all be singing his praises on a regular basis.  Anyway, I sure hope so!
  15. With West Brom opting for 4-4-2 I think our 4-3-3 left us at the mercy of a more than decent opposition midfield.  If I had been Worthy I would have changed our formation part way through the first half...and even Neil Adams said he would have too...but, hey, we''re not the manager and obviously Worthy thought that his personnel and formation would suit a ''you score 2 and we''ll score one more'' mentality - and he was proved right...JUST!
  16. I was watching the players very closely all the way through the warm up and there were a few out there that seemed to be pent up with nerves and trying to get into their own personal zone to try and focus on the game, rather than getting involved in the usual light-hearted banter we usually see/hear between them at that time.  It was serious stuff for sure...but I''m convinced their nerves had something to do with the panic we saw at times (especially in defence) during the match.
  17. I reckon you lot must have been reading a certain column this week as that''s one of the main points being made, i.e. that ''doing an Ipswich'', for example, won''t happen again, and that aiming for mid-table obscurity is all we can realistically aspire to over time.  Sad really.  I''ve said it before and I''ll say it again - the excess of money in the hands of the few has changed everything forever...until someone shifts the goalposts!!!
  18. One thing that occurs to me is that he''s potentially playing for a contract here for next season and, if he likes it here, what better incentive is there for him to bust a gut for the cause right from the off?  I''ve listened to his interviews on Canariesworld and Sky and he sounds a pretty intelligent guy too, with just the sort of experience that could well be crucial in the tricky three-and-a-bit months ahead.  Seems on the surface to have been a shrewd move by Worthy.  Let''s hope this turns out to be the case.
  19. That''s exactly what some of the nationals claimed we had nicknamed Deano as he was going to be the cure for our goalscoring headache!!!  At least you''d think they would have a bit of originality...but NOOOOOO!!!  Long live the local journalists who do a much better job reporting on our club, I think.
  20. I thought everyone might like to have a read of this, from the Mirror.  A bit patronising perhaps, but it made me laugh anyway!   DELIA''S HOT DISH OF THE DAY The secret of Norwich''s amazing comeback at Carrow Road on Saturday was revealed last night - it was all down to shareholder Delia Smith''s special recipe. Known as Canary Delight in East Anglia, and Prune Crumble further north, Delia''s dish of the day is at its best when roasted for 80 minutes and then brought to the boil for a further 10. Don''t forget first to slice and dice the bird early on, rip out its innards - seasoning might be required, but only one - and then sit back. When nearly done, add a dash of Ashton, sprinkle liberally with a souffle of McKenzie and a drizzle of Drury, and mix with the zest of 11 squeezed lemons. Then watch it rise. Salt might be needed if any wounds are visible. Best served on a plate with relish - will feed 24,000. As for liquid refreshment to wash it down, a nice bottle of McClaren whine made from 100 per cent sour grapes will do perfectly. The result: simply Delia-cious...   
  21. Certainly was a great reception for Dean today, and he obliged with a well taken goal, and could have had more.  He certainly gives us added height and strength up front, and can take a cracking free kick too.  I''m really pleased for him that he''s off the mark as just a bit of that pressure and nervousness will have been lifted from him now.
  22. I think the team managed to do that as well as us, especially in the last ten minutes!!!(That''s if the waster managed to even stay after the half time pies!!!)
  23. I''m completely breathless after that one!  And I''ve not got much voice left - good I hear you say!!!
  24. An emphatic NO!  Anyone who does what he has been caught doing deserves to rot IMO.
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