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  1. Having sat/stood in every stand at Carrow Road - ooh don''t I get around! - I fail to see how being a "river ender" has any bearing on the overall thread of this arguement. I was once threatened with arrest outside the Barclay for "looking as though I was up to something" - OK so the dodgy squint and odd limp made me look a bit strange, but we all have to accept that Norfolk''s finest do have a job to do and by standing up continually and ignoring ground regulations that ultimately could have a major effect on the club and supporters, you are not doing yourselves any favours. You said it yourself - when seated you hardly saw the Wimbledon game - why? Because all the "Barclay Boys" were being really naughty and were standing up - get them to sit down and you''ll see the game! Sorry if this sounds a bit like a rant, but I can''t see what the problem is - it''s been a long while since Hillsborough and the Taylor report - by now we should have been able to get the hang of sitting down! Oh, and I don''t sit anywhere now - the name gives it away, I''m only a part-time plastic Norwich fan living in Liverpool - so don''t be calling me a River Ender - give me the Main Stand any day!!!!
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