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  1. Superb player and a superb decision by Farke in 2017 to give him a 4 year contract extension
  2. This is great news for all of us CA that you have managed to get the full backing and green light from David McNally to get your wonderful idea off the ground. You can be very proud of this achievement and the plaudits areno more than you deserve!
  3. I think its a great Idea and CA will do a great job in getting this off the ground provided we all get behind her campaign to convince the club that its a much needed and long overdue facility.
  4. Still desperate for a Villa ticket as i missed out on the one for sale by Jarrold.      
  5. Hi I have sent you an email please give me a call on 07976 749552
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="marvin the martian"]Your son has a ticket .... [:P][/quote]just what i was thinking...and Villa is the last gamne of the season.. no need to give the ticket back....[/quote]Good thinking and its me that needs the ticket not my son!
  7. Still desperate to get a ticket for Villa. It dosn''t matter what part of the ground its in or if its a season ticket I will be happy to pay what it cost for the game and to collect and return anyware in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs. Essex, Beds, or Herts. Please phone or text me. thanks for looking.
  8. Apologies for the bump but I still need a ticket for Villa.
  9. Help! I need a ticket for Villa as I have given my season ticket to my son for this one. Face value paid in cash, and happy to collect and return if it is a season ticket. Tel: Stew. 07976 749552.
  10. Mmmmm........the Snakepit social worker? It could be I change my username
  11. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"]Would you really be prepared to travel to somewhere like Kings Lynn to deliver the ticket? Thats mighty generous of you.[/quote]Not a problem for me because I have to visit every town in Norfolk as part of the job i do!
  12. Due to me having a holiday my Bolton Ticket is for sale at a bargain price of £20 (club price is £22) Its in Bolck E. Row E. Seat 100. I will deliver and collect the £20 anyware in Norfolk for free so you could also save a few quid because there is a on line booking fee of £1.50. Phone 07976 749552
  13. Many thanks to all at NCISA for a fun evening, great to put some faces on the pseudonoms of Nutty, Lappin, Leeds Canary, Smudger and Bro, (who i sit bang in front of in the snakepit!) Beauseant, Tilly, Canary Chris, and of course my old muckers City Angel and Harry.
  14. And I refer you to the monkey who would be happy to shove you where he shoves his nuts
  15. [quote user="Dicky"]Interesting article whereby Gunn puts a lot of our recent success down to the money we had available due to those season ticket holders who didn''t claim their rebate. I remember at the time certain posters branding us that didn''t take up the rebate, idiots, Delia lovers etc. Just wondered if those that were so vocal about taking the rebates have seen the error of their ways and are prepared to say so?[/quote] Fair point Dicky, thank god those of us who decided that it was crucial to help our almost bancrupt club in its hour of need came good. Our donations certainly made the difference when it came to the most important factor of all, the buying of the goal machine that is Grant Holt. Without him we would still be stuck in the bowels of the lower divisions of the football league that is of course if the club remained solvent!
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