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  1. Bournemouth to beat West Brom For the Norwich bet a bore draw 0-0 or 1-1 Good luck
  2. Think you should learn to read what''s actually been written Eddie, where have I attacked youngsters? Where have I said that the academy and coaches haven''t helped him in his progress? Where have I said the academy is stopping us getting players like Jamal? Christ, where have I said any fecking thing bad about the academy at all? Just because a player spends the last 2 years of his 10 plus years of development with a club doesn''t make him "one of our own" and that that was my point, in my opinion (that''s what this message board is for remember) the club look a bit daft and desperate wheeling out players that have spent minimum time with the club as "one of our own". As for being bitter if you want to label me that It''s fine I''d say it says more about you, enjoy!
  3. That''s ironic, it''s almost like the clappers have been waiting all morning for something to jump on and moan about themselves
  4. True though isn''t it, hardly an attack either Eddie get a grip
  5. Is that the same Jamal Lewis the club love wheeling out as "one of our own" even though he''s 20 years old and joined less than 3 years ago meaning he didn''t step foot in the club till he was 17? Hardly one of our own considering before joining us he spent his entire career at Luton.
  6. Hopefully come back and push for a starting spot next season and if he''s any good.......... we can sell him to balance the books at the end of next season
  7. They wouldn''t have even had to tell the fans, there was that much money flying around on sub standard transfers Ignasi Miguel 1 million never played Connor McGrandles 1 million never played Jacob butterfield 2 million never played Becchio 1million plus morison never played Lafferty 2.7 million sub if lucky Jos Hooiveld loan fee and wage over 1 million never played Carlos Cueller loan fee and wage over 1 million never played Joseph yobo loan fee and wage over 1 million Could have quite easily paid for it out of these and who would have noticed?
  8. Add to that Angus Gunn, couldn''t wait to get out of our academy
  9. Why do people call Jamal Lewis "one of our own"? He signed two years ago from Luton, the same time maddison joined yet we don''t call him one of our own
  10. This week I''ll go for Blackburn to beat Blackpool For the Norwich bet Jarrod Bowen first or last goal Good luck everybody
  11. Then you invest Badger, he doesn''t have to so whats your point? Only people that want to invest are allowed to have an opinion on it?
  12. Shareholders should fit the bill, simple as that. Colney is a business asset, any improvements to Colney will affect the value of said business and value of shares, if the shareholders can''t afford/don''t want to risk their own money then don''t, you don''t go to tesco and while leaving have the staff with begging buckets asking for money as the garage forecourt needs a new roof.
  13. Do you really think if this "investment" was so great Delia and co would be offering it up to fans? They''d quite happily find the funds if they thought they could really get a 5% return, but that would mean risking their own money and why do that when someone else can fit the bill for continued bad decisions and cluelessness of running a football club? Come on clappers dip your hands in your pockets
  14. 5 goals in front of the Barclay all season, £100 per person per goal
  15. We look a much worse team without him which is worrying, hope the pressure on Godfrey to replace him doesn''t get too much
  16. No point in saying if we''d turned 5 of those draws into wins because we didn''t Hog, could just as easily turned 5 of those away wins into draws or draws into loses
  17. If it wasn''t his groin it would be something else, blokes made of toffee
  18. In this thread I''ve seen the Webberlution described as many things, except for what it really is. A cost cutting scheme to save Delia Smith and co dipping their hands in their pockets when it''s their mistakes that have cost this club dearly, quite happy to pat themselves on the back about how great a job they were doing balancing the books in the prem while flittering away multi million pound deals for bang average players, but the minute they realised they were out of their depth they clawed back every penny loaned to the club and the wallet closed. Now the club has to be self sufficient they tell us, self sufficient? What a load of shat, it''s the fans that are funding this club not itself, paying premier league prices for the crap served up this season? Absolute disgrace and at no other club other than little old Norwich would the owners get away with it, I can''t wait to hear the clappers back aunty Delia after our only decent players jump ship or are sold at the end of the season, but don''t expect any money for new players as we''re "self sufficient". Funding delias restaurant and yellows losses all these years? Funny how we''re always told about how great delias canary catering were doing yet when desperate times come along it appears that the only day these businesses actually make money is on match days and even that is a pittance compared to what we make on awful pukka pies and flat carling that is included in "canary catering" figures. At least we''ve got the begging letters to look forward to next week, "please help us do the work to Colney we should have done years ago, we were too busy spending over a million on Ignasi Miguel, Connor McGrandles and the loans of Yobo, Hooiveld, Carlos Cueller and Elmander, Colney is a business asset so any work will add value to the business and our share price but we think you should pay because we don''t want to spend any of our own money". Many thanks De Liar Smith Imagine if by some miracle under the current board we made it back to the prem while being "self sufficient", do you think Delia would want a piece of the pie? Or would she want the profit to stay in the club? Think we all know the answer All hail the Webberlution
  19. Hughtons football was more attacking than farke''s, you haven''t a clue about a game of football watching on a bang average stream
  20. Refused to train in the snow, I was done with him after the first game of the season
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