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  1. Im looking to swap my showground travel to the county hall of you still havent sorted o It
  2. Do you not think someone will come in for Wickham though?, i would have thought they will as he is with out a doubt a Talent.
  3. Well being a Steward at the Ground and having the Information from the Head Safety officer, it was the Police putting up objections and stopping the drinks in the ground area, this has apparently been resolved so, as far as i have been informed they will allow drinks there.
  4. Last i heard you will be able to drink whilst watching. To start with the Police didnt want to allow it but i was told on Friday it has been now agreed.
  5. Everytime we play at home there is always a post started on the Stewards and Being told to sit down. Now i dont mind sitting or standing at a game makes no difference to me and the stewards telling ppl to sit is only because the law says ppl have to sit, so why doesnt one of these anti sitting fans start a petition and lobby the Government and FA who are the ones that can actually make a change to the Law. Im sure there would be enough suppoprt from around the country to get standing areas implemented into modern grounds should the Clubs choose to, it would give more revenue as you could get more ppl into those area to a certain extent and would also stop ppl whinging about having to sit at the game,
  6. can i have the score for saturday please!!! lol
  7. well i tried to come up with something with the words grunt grunt la la la grunt shout la la but just couldnt get to work!!! lmao
  8. How about this song (tune by coldplay) Look at our stars Look how they play for you We love everyting that they do ''Cos they all Yellow Holt came along And scored a Goal or two He knows what to do ''Cos he''s all Yellow
  9. I hear the club are going to clamp down harder. Appartently them and police are gathering video evidence and will start to evict people who continue to stand along with issueing bans. Still you cant blame the stewards as they only do what is ask of them from above, and most of them are a good laugh, esp. the ones in E block.  
  10. Here is something for everyone to wear at the Ipswich Away game!!!!! http://www.shocktees.com/product/tshirts/film_logo/tshirt-fl0190/index.html  
  11. If you want a busy pub before and after the games you should try Coach & Horses on Yarmouth Road. Always good atmosphere in there.  
  12. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]We are not after Bishop or Ameobi , if we wanted Bishop all we would have to do is put in an offer and it would be accepted , and we cannot afford Ameobi , we should be very worried that JFH was at the game today because i could see the Board thinking he would be ideal to replace our recently departed OAP . If i had to bet i would go for another loanee coming in from the Prem . Oh and talking of betting well done City if Villa beat Man City tomorrow you will have cost me £942 for a £20 stake by failing to beat a crap Blackpool side today . [/quote] Why does everyone think we going to sign him, we play cardiff next week he probably just watching us to see what he up against.  
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