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  1. Also, has Lambert actually confirmed he wants him.  With most signings Lambert has made there has been nothing ''leaked'' to the press beforehand.  I for one believe that SJ is a smokescreen for someone else. 
  2. Holty would love to work at norwich, he has taken his coaching badges and is waiting for a chance.  He still holds city close to his heart.
  3. Have also heard the same thing.  A deal is as good as done and he will be signing for Brentford.  Would have thought that Lambert has a replacement already lined up.
  4. Gary is back living in Norfolk and commuting to Wycombe, he has been all season.
  5. Holty is apparently moving back to Norfolk this month, when he moved to Forest he kept his place here and is now moving back. Never know might be another freebe...
  6. Wasn''t Robert Green playing for England when he tore his groin? I am sure that was his first cap.
  7. Paul Sturrock has been sacked.. Opens the door for Worthy..  
  8. Heard that this happened last week during training, as well as the Shackell / Worthy bust up.  Not sure if it is true though.  
  9. Shardy, IMO - Gary Holt is NOT the reason that we were relegated last season.  It is the fact that over 38 league games we were simply not good enough as a team.  There was not enough strength in depth to the squad, etc. etc. To blame one player is totally wrong. 
  10. Saw Hughes for the first time on Tuesday and was quite impressed.  He''s never going to be the most creative player in the world but he certainly is a 110%''er. Looks like he is really trying to emphasise the ''team ethic'' factor, when celebrating a goal getting the whole team together etc...... Anyone else notice who the only player not joining in with this was...... Thats right Mr Fleming......
  11. Agree that now is time for hime be dropped.  But lets not forget that during those 102 consecutive games he was named player of the year. So some credit is due, however you cannot keep playing players based on what has happened in the past.  It has to be on current form.
  12. Peter Taylor Would at least give younger players a chance to prove themselves.  
  13. Jim, you are right it is all about opinions and everyone is different but I should not have started with a "new signing". Although we will have to wait to see if I am right on the new signing.  If I am not then I will hold my hands up, and admit I was wrong.  
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