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  1. But who is perpetuating the bad feeling? And who was your ambitious signing then? Give me a young and hungry up and coming already promoted brazillian-style football manager who was champing at the bit to come to Norwich. Please do, you obviously know of one after personally sifting through the 100 applications and conducting the interviews, and personally talking to Curbishley and McLeish etc. THIS APPOINTMENT IS RIGHT!
  2. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"] Yellow fever/Yellow Fever/Yllow Fever - May I be the first to congratulate you. Others sneer at you but to me you are a visionary, a clear thinker and a leader of men (and women). You are indeed a prophet and like Cassandra your phrophecies have gone unheeded, we are not Worthy (pardon the pun). Any chance you can use your undoubted powers to give me the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow, after all it is a triple rollover. [/quote] If you were ambitious SoB, you''d pick the winning numbers and admit you got the wrong ones last week. And you''d put your house on them. We the fans deserve nothing less! If you get the numbers wrong, you are clearly inept. It''s abvious to everyone else what the numbers are, so come on, do the right thing!
  3. Cluckin - what ARE you on? Why do you get off on trying to spread such negativity? There''s no reasoned argument, just endless abuse. If you really are ''sick and tired'', just go away and give it a rest.  Do you enjoy football? Do you enjoy anything? It''s a good appointment, hardly the cheap option because compenstion is involved. Please tell us all who would have been your ideal ''ambitious'' appointment? And don''t say Tilson, because good as he is, he hasn''t got any experience above the level he''s working at. In fact, there are downsides to every manager you can think of.... This IS ambitious. Hunter might have been a cheaper less ambitious option. The likes of McLeish might have been ideal. Tilson might have been interesting. But you know what, I wasn''t in the interviews, so I don''t know. And I haven''t seen a PG Norwich team play yet so, I don''t know.
  4. I''m so pleased we haven''t ended up with a failed manager like Robson or Hoddle, that would have been a backward step. Now we have someone who has passion, and has learned his trade by getting promotion with other clubs, not to mention his own successes north of the border as a player. I''m just looking forward to some better football now, hopefully!
  5. The more you look at it, the more you realise that great players don''t necessarily make great managers. So whether or not Grant stood out for Norwich is pretty much irrelevant. And what does Grant have that neither Tilson or Newell have? Experience of taking a team out of this division, even if it was alongside Pardew.
  6. Yawn. Well, Wiz, you can start the GO campaign. I see that grantout.co.uk hasn''t been registered yet. Frankly, if Sunderland can appoint Keane, Midds Southgate, Ipswich Magilton etc., and it works, then why not us with Grant? Surely he ticks alot of the boxes: he knows what it takes to get promoted, can motivate and inspire others, knows something about Norwich as a club... he may even know some good players we can get when the revolution starts down there. Apparently they have quite a good keeper and striker who are English, so won''t get many chances.... It''s good to know that the fans will now unite and the cliub can move forward without the constant sniping of some fans. Well, it would have been.
  7. Agreed. I haven''t yet done my boss'' job, so does that mean I can''t? Who would be a better bet, me who is keen, or a guy who got fired from somewhere else for failing, but at least has experience at that level? I don''t think it''s any different. We get someone who has done the same thing at a smaller club (Tilson) or someone who has assisted at a higher level (Grant). Either way it''s a ''promotion'' for them, a step up, and when you hire staff there''s always an element of gamble in it.... I''d take (the right) attitude over experience nearly every time.
  8. [quote user="The Judge"] Good too see West Brom have shown ambition by going after the manager they wanted and have agreed a compensation package with Hibs to get him. Regardless of what anybody thinks of him at least West Brom have targetted their man and gone for him. Seems as though (I really hope i''m wrong) that our board have given up at the first attempt of securing Steve Tilson - and we haven''t even approached Blackburn about Mark Bowen. Now i''m not saying that either one of these would want to be manager of NCFC but how do you know unless you talk to them ?? Too me either of these would be preferable to the 4 that "appear" to be left on the list. Again NCFC want to be seen as "nice" and doing things in an honourable way. I appreciate there would be money to part with for either of the above 2 to become the next manager of NCFC but as many have already pointed out in previous posts - this is the most important appointment for NCFC for along time and if we get it wrong - make no mistake we will be in this division (or potentially lower) for the next 5 years at least (unless we magic up a serious amount of investment from somewhere). So what if these candidates are at other clubs - if NCFC believe they are the right men - they could go out and get them and must NOT be prepared to take the best of whats left - its too important. Just like when good old Nige said we enquired about Freddy Eastwood and they said no -we just packed our bags with our tails between our legs and accepted it. We might aswell have enquired about Rooney, Gerrard etc - it doesn''t mean anything until you show the colour of your money... I said awhile ago that I''d heard a rumour that it was going to be Peter Grant (with Malky as number 2 to appease the fans at the uninspiring manager choice) this is looking more and more likely... I hope i''m wrong and they make a last ditch approach for Tilson or Bowen - but i''m not holding my breath... [/quote] Ah, is that the real reason McLeish isn''t coming?
  9. [quote user="koimatsuba"]oh god!!! Looks like we had 20 people to start with and now we are down to this 4!!! I''d rather have Glen hoddle or Bryan Robson tahn any of these!!! Yes I know what you are thinking, but who in the hell are these people? (I only really know who crooky is! But hes too inexperinced) I fear we are selling ourselves very short! Don''t want to pay the wages to the managers like hoddle etc. Rather pay peanuts for league 1 & 2 candidates! Oh well theres nowt I can do! God help us! Cheers All[/quote] If by big names you mean the likes of Crubishley or McLeish, where have either of them indicated that wages would be a stumbling block? The problem with all of this is that lots of people are going to be disapponted, no matter what. We cannot, by definition, have a ''young and hungry'' manager who is also experienced, ex-Prem etc. If you dismiss anyone from a team ''below'' us, by definition you are dismissing ''young and hungry'' managers, surely? And so here it comes, whoever is appointed, some fans will not approve, for various reasons (too old, too young, only coached, never won promotion, whatever) and will accuse the Board of a lack of ambition. From ''if we keep Worthy we''re going down'' to ''if we appoint any of those founr managers we''re going down'' just reinforces the general impression of the WO types - ''we''re all domed'' whatever the question. Anyone who thought the end of Worthy would mean the end of hostilities between fans, and to the Board... I suspect this is just the beginning of the next round. Grim.
  10. I listened to an interesting program on Radio 4 last night (Yes, I know, but I was in the car) about managerial changes, pitfalls, qualifications etc. I think it''s an old stat - but the 92 clubs have had something like 495 managers between them in the last 5 years! Anyway, they interviewed Aidy Boothroyd and Kevin Blackwell (a few weeks ago, just before he was sacked by Leeds), primarily because they had both been on the same courses together and were presented as being from the same young, up-and-coming, new-school type of manager. It was interesting hearing Blackwell''s take on things: that having arrived at Leeds with 120m of debt, he sold off all the players, re-built the squad and got them to the play-offs, where they met (and were beaten by).... Watford, of course. It does look as though Leeds were rash to sack him (compared to our board, who rightly waited a year to see if the slide could be reversed). I wonder, if Watford get relegated, how long will they keep going with Boothroyd? Anyway, having previously been against the idea of Blackwell, I warmed to him, and his record with Leeds, and wouldn''t be disappointed if he ended up here. Rather him than someone more famous who is on their way down from the Prem....
  11. I''ve seen us linked with Dave Penney and I''m thinking this could be an interesting shout: he''s young, up-and-coming and with an interesting track record: successive promotions (albeit in the divisions below us), and managed to get a League 1 team to beat 2 prem teams in the cup (the kind of attitude within the players that we have been lacking, perhaps?). And he''s currently not working... so perhaps an interesting prospect?
  12. [quote user="Salopian"]You may be right, - were both the last trwo appointments internal? Not necessarily an ideal arrangement! I would be concerned, even if it saved some money initially, becuase a good coach does not necessarily make a good manager. There is more to management than the mere playing side.He seems to havea good reputation as a coach, but would he be able to motivate and get the most out of players who "don''t turn up" or lose confidence too easily? [/quote] To be fair: I would argue that the last appointment from within did work... for 3 years. If the board had acted when we got relegated, or a bit before, Worthy would just be remembered as a huge success. When we were failing under Hamilton, Worthy turned things around pretty dramatically (play-off final 17 months later...) so he didn''t represent continuation of the Hamilton style. So I don''t think it''s entirely fair to suggest that Hunter would continue the style we had under Worthy. He may well have his own ideas about players, tactics, etc. that make all the difference. Just a thought.  
  13. Being realistic: Alan Curbishley is not coming, he will have the next ''big job'' in the Premiership, so we can forget that one. The likes of Tilson and Newell maybe, but then it would cost us their severance as well as Worthy''s. Ouch, less transfer budget. Hunter has thrown his hat in, so he says. Watch us promote from within... and save some transfer budget! It''s a difficult decision. Which is okay, if he gets us to play like we did in the first 5 games more often. In which case, we should let Livermore go and get one of the popular ex-players like Bowen, Crook, Iwan, etc., come in as number 2 perhaps...
  14. True, he doesn''t have allegiances, he has a job. And which one of us would quit our jobs if we weren''t doing very well "for the good of the company"? I don''t think there''s anything to be gained by slinging insults at him though - I may agree that he''s not performing and not getting results and should go, and that some decisions have been wrong, but I don''t think we should sink to the level of just throwing insults at him. I still think he''s a decent guy and deserves respect, which is really why it would be better if he quit and kept his dignity intact. Because I think his dignity is going to be put to the sword on Sunday, and that''s not nice to see.  
  15. It does remind me of national politics. Whenever we have a change of prime minister, of course not everyone supports them, but think of the feel-good factor there was in 1997, and now look at how Blair is viewed. Does every public figure eventually fall from grace? Most of them do it seems, as the bad decisions mount up and overshadow the good ones. You can confidently predict that the next manager will have a honeymoon period at the start and burn out in the end. The question is, how long will that middle bit be? 20-odd years like Fergie and Gradi, or 20-odd minutes like Niall Quinn? 10 years of Curbishley would do....
  16. Whatever else we may think of him, you have to admit that Worthy is pretty thick-skinned. From today''s press conference, he knows full well where public opion is at, yet he''s prepared to face it full on. Does he really believe inside that he can turn things around? Even if he could on the pitch, does he really think he can turn the fans around? And if he can''t, who''d want to continue in those circumstances? Why would you want to stick around where you''re so clearly not wanted by the fans? Is it really just so he gets his contract paid up (by waiting until he eventually gets pushed, rather than jumping?). Incredible.
  17. I think the Board genuinely want Worthy to turn things around and lead us to a successful season. What they have done, is to publicly apply the pressure Worthy wrongly claimed was not on him. If our performances and results are more August than September, they can then say... "now main that improvement or else", thus sustaining the pressure to succeed. If things don''t improve, they have laid the ground for him to go/be sacked/leave by mutual consent (whatever that is). The only flaw in this plan, and it''s a pretty big one, is exactly what consitutes an improvement. If we''re crap, then he''s gone. If we''re great, then he gets a stay of execution, irrespective of how the fans feel about him. But if we''re okay-ish...
  18. Ah well, if I had a contract that basically said "you get a million quid a year salary, but if we sack you you get a million quid pay-off" I wouldn''t feel under too much pressure either. It''s win-win isn''t it. When will managers and players have PRP? Profit share? If the players and manager had contracts that were 10k per year basic plus huge win bonuses, perhaps they''d be a bit more interested...? And if they''re any good, just as rich. I have real trouble with millionaire players who don''t give a damn, grrrrr.
  19. That''s all fair enough I reckon. I tend to agree with the assertion that sacking a manager after a decline could be unwise, as it may have righted itself anyway. But that assumes the decline is a blip. Our board have rightly waited long enough to establish that this is no blip, things haven''t really worked since we got promoted - that was the high water mark. So having estalished that this is a trend rather than a blip, it''s now time to act to change things. The odds are that they will improve if we change, whereas they probably wont if we stay the same. Some credit though - Worthy has improved the team - I do believe we have a better team now than when Worthy arrived. But I also believe it is underperfoming and could deliver better results under a new manager. At the moment, the team is less than the sum of its parts, which indicates poor management. Good management produces a team that is better than the sum of its parts (i.e. results are better than the team looks on paper... such as perhaps Cardiff?)
  20. It looks as though their ''infinite patience'' has run out, and not before time. This sends a signal that the Board are not happy to sit by, which is what many fans on here have been demanding. As someone else has suggested, this looks like the start of the end game, whatever happens on Sunday. I can see it now, if Burnley score the first goal there is going to be one hell of an atmosphere of ''Worthy Out''. Interesting times....
  21. Someone from the club (Delia?) please, please come out and tell us at what point you will act, just so we know how long you are prepared to let things go on for. This is nnot a blip any more, this is a continuation of last season (and, arguably, the Prem season). The first few games of this season were the blip, as it turns out. Please, tell us now, what you consider to be unacceptable.
  22. Sadly, OUT. Should have been sometime in the Spring - it was right to give him a chance to turn it round last season, but I think there''s no way back now. Even if we got promotion he would still be disliked, and what sort of a way to carry on is that?
  23. [quote user="Saint Canary"] The point is Paul that despite all the "backing" Worthington has received from the board, they didn''t do it when it mattered - buying Steve Howard.  Will they back another man with money?  I don''t know. [/quote] I disagree. Suppose Worthy said "I would like Howard. I think he is worth 250k, Mr Doncaster, please see what you can do." When the bidding goes past that, and Derby eventually agree 1m, we rightly are not interested. While the failure to sign someone is a big mistake and will cost us, I wouldn''t advocate spending such big chunks of money on a player like that, so on that score I do back the club. Don''t be so quick to blame the board. There is a decent transfer kitty available. But if Worthy failes to identify players he wants, or have a backup plan when things go Cotterill-shaped, it''s not the Board''s fault. They go and get the players he identifies, at a price he thinks they''re worth, in footballing terms.
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