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  1. LOL, I agree with your sentiments, but... Are your projected attendance figures modelled on the last couple of seasons? Can you share the formula with us? Could we use it to model the future attendance figures of others clubs too? ;-) Ama
  2. Am I missing something? The EDP say its £325k which rises to ''nearer £700k if we get promotion''. Either they have got it wrong, or you have. As for sacks of hay, are you suggesting that the last player we got from Peterborough turned out to be crap? Tell me what scoring rate a player would need to have in the 2nd division before you''d look at him. No doubt this will arise in the future and he''ll either have got a few or not. But believe me, if he scores the winner on the 21st he will be a hero. End of. Ama
  3. That''s another £1.10 out of their coffers - it all helps. Plus its an interesting read. (It should also burn quite well on the fire this evening.) If they don''t go up this season they''re buggered. I suggest others do likewise - email ownabit@itfc.co.uk and request a prospectus, including your address. Hey, if 20,000 Norwich fans get one a) they''ll think they''ve got more fans than they have. and b) that''s a week''s worth of Andy Marshall''s wages NOT saved. By a lovely contrast, I also sent off my cheque to NCFC for my shares this morning. Ama
  4. Wizard - fod God''s sake, stop. Listen. Think. I can''t imagine a better slagging of of our club, Board and prospects coming from Ipswich fan, or Chris Kamara. (And he knows his stuff.) If the Board are so cowardly and useless, then here is your chance to show how much better it can be done. All you have to do is get in touch with David O''Leary and convince him to loan Crouch out for the rest of the season. Or, get in touch with the Board and give them the benefit of your ideas as to how we can raise the 2.5m or whatever might be required to sign him. If you do either of those things I (and no doubt others) shall applaud you. You''re right about the best chance to get promotion in 9 years. I think everyone connected with the club will agree with you on that one. I just find it difficult to see at this stage, level with second place in the table, how exactly it has all been thrown away. At least, not yet it hasn''t. Jeez, you''re not even complaining about what the club have done. You''re complaining about what you think they are not going to do in the future. That takes some doing even for a football fan!! Imagine if they had ballsed it up? Ama
  5. Franco - which ''stuffed shirts'' would you like to move over? Who are you referring to? You talk about Chelsea - a success story so far. Want to talk about Wigan, Reading, Milwall - all of whom are below us in the league? I''m not saying its not interesting, indeed tempting, just that a pile of cash is not the only thing that you need to get promoted - a bunch of people all pulling in the same direction is far more valuable in the long-term. And, why does this guy want some control/influence? What would he want to change? Why can''t he just buy a load of shares and put money in without (real) influence as a result...? That''s what I''m wondering/suspicious about. Apart from being a but skint, I can''t see anything wrong with the way the club is being run at the moment. Ama
  6. Approach with caution! Right now we are a well-run club and a steady ship. Yes we''re not making a profit, but hardly anyone in the first division is, and many in the Prem aren''t now either. I don''t want to see that upset by someone who is less than completely Norwich at heart. He clearly isn''t a benevolent donor. He wants a seat on the board. And by going through the media he is playing a poor game. Doubtless there is more to this than meets the eye, and while most fans (including me) would bite off the hand that hold such money, we should be very wary of what follows it. Especially from someone who''s stated aim is to own a club, any club. Not entirely a Norwich fan then is he? I can''t see me ever wanting to be part of any other club, no matter how much money I had. Its as simple as that.... Ama
  7. Can''t see anything wrong with your sums. The answer? Simple I think. The wages of the players were hugely inflated when the ITV Digital money came along. Now its gone we''re left with contracts to fulfill based on that money which is no longer there. So, next time the players'' contracts are up for renewal (as several of ours are this summer) they''ll get nothing like they were on last time. Practically no-one in the first division will offer it anyway. So they either move to the Prem (if they''re good enough), to Wigan (yeah, right) or accept the lower offer. Actually I expect the bottom half of the Prem will start to tighten their belts now too, as they can''t all go on racking up the losses like they are. Give it five years and only the players at the top 5 clubs will be on silly wages. The rest will be far more sensible, and those clubs that didn''t rack up the huge debts (and Norwich''s debts are NOT huge by Prem or even most 1st div standards) will come back all the stronger.... Ama
  8. NMTD, to answer two questions, as I recall the 01-02 accounts were truncated at 11 months in order to get the share offer out as the offer can only be made with the latest declared accounts. That also explains why this one wasn''t done a month earlier. There you go: no cock-up, no conspiracy. Just the rules of the game. Ama
  9. Hang on Hayden, you''ve contradicted yourself. How can you say "You get what you pay for. Pay quality money, you get quality players, do it on the cheap and you will get nowhere " and list players who cost money but didn''t make it. However, you also say "some players work out (Francis, Holt) " - players we paid very little for. You can''t have it both ways. Also, you can''t just say "I can''t remember what we paid for Libbra" but use it as an example of a player that cost money and got us nothing. In fact, he came on a free. Ama
  10. Indeed the money does roll in. But £100 x 2,500 is only £250k - or about 12 weeks of Hucks'' wages or one third of his transfer fee. Its great, but it''s way short of buying premiership players. It might mean though that we can afford another 3 month loan deal for a prem reserve striker. And that seems the most likely scenario now doesn''t it.... Ama
  11. Well, hmm, yes. Sort of. I can see where you''re coming from with ''we''d think better of the Board that tried and failed than that didn''t try at all''. That''s easy to say now... but to be fair, I think most Ipswich fans view of their demise wasn''t like that. They just blame the chairman for cocking it up, I don''t hear many of them echoing those sentiments. Which is my way of saying we should stick within limits. Like me personally, I''d gamble a few quid, but not my entire house. But some people would I guess.... Ama
  12. Alot of people have been complaining about his tactics, especially away at West Brom, but on Saturday he got it spot on. To see that Sunderland has a weakness when they pushed forward and tell our midfielders to exploit it was spot-on. Witness the midfield superiority that we showed - especially in the first half - with both Holt and Francis running through and getting into the box, not to mention Francis'' goal. I sense he is trying to keep our feet on the ground - difficult when we''re third in the table with arguably a relatively easy run of games coming up - but long may it continue! Anyone want to criticise his team selection or tactics now? Ama
  13. I can''t listen to this any longer without commenting. Firstly, there is a big difference between taking a player or manager from a team you don''t support, or don''t like, and taking one from your local rivals. Players and managers shouldn''t do it. (Note: Andy Marshall). Secondly, there seem to be two lines of thought in this thread, and both are right. There is one that goes ''have faith in the team/manager/board, support them whatever, etc.etc.'' and one that looks more objectively at their performance. I seem to sway between the two. At 76 minutes on Tuesday night I must admit my faith was low; I couldn''t see us getting anything from the game. I was still shouting, but it felt as if it wasn''t going to be our day. No one should dispute that Worthy, the current board and players (most of them) have achieved more than any others in the past decade. That''s not to say they''re perfect, or that they''re going to win the league, or whatever, but it would be naive to suggest that we can simply replace them all with better ones any more than we can ''just go and buy'' Huckerby. So, its fair to challenge those currently within the club, but it needs to be backed up with realistic and feasible suggestions for moving things forward. Without that its just criticism, and that''s way too easy to do. Ama
  14. According to their local paper, the Owls put in a bid for 250k for Beckett and are awaiting a response. Looking at his profile, I can''t help thinking he could be the proven 20-goal striker we are looking for, and that Gareth Taylor is most definately not. Look at their respective records.... Taylor''s isn''t as good as Iwan''s was 5 years ago, so he''s hardly a replacement. In fact he''s never scored 20 in a season, so hardly proven. And how many teams has he played for...? Beckett on the other hand scored 27 league goals for a poor 2nd division side last season - he even got 7 in 19 at the tail end of Stockport''s stay in the first division. That''s as many goals last season as Hulse got for Crewe, and in his mid-twenties he''s still got plenty to offer. Since we were first linked to him earlier in the summer its all gone quiet with only talk of Taylor left... I think the Pink''Un/Evening News should press Worthington on whether he still has any interest in Beckett - surely we can put together a decent offer with the money that has been tlaked about over the summer and the Russell money too...? Here''s hoping, but please, no, not Gareth Taylor.
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