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  1. IF we go down?!?!... IMHO I really dont feel there is much call to change the team around too much with the players that worthy has at his disposal. Pending of course on whether or not Green, Ashton and/or Francis go in the summer, there is more than enough quality, especially in an attacking sense for us to come straight back up again! We have some good youngsters that will be stronger and more experienced next season, which im sure will continue to progress at a steady rate. However, we do need added strength at the back where Flemming has been found wanting on one or two occasions this season! I agree with some of the posters on here, the inclusion of someone with pace of Gabbidon from Cardiff would be of great benefit. There''s certainly no need to panic and add players all over the pitch with money that we haven''t got. Besides, we already have a squad far better than the one we finished with last season. And lets be honest we virtually walked it   Cohesion is the key.      
  2.                    Green Helveg  Flemming Doherty Charlton         Francis            Safri                   Bentley   Johnson                      Huckerby                   Ashton   Subs. Ward, Edworthy, Drury, Mcviegh, Svensson
  3. Breaking news and I hope its true.... NW has supposedly just been on Radio Norfolk stating he''s spoken to DH today! Apparently the statement made was of his agent and without Darrens consent! Darren is now to speak to KK and try and sort out a deal with Man City.... Oh the drama! Merry Xmas(I Hope) The Mole ps. If this is yet another case of DH''s agent speaking out of line.. Let me at em! pps. Appologies to all Norwich City fans if my information proves to be yet another false dawn but it does sound quiete viable.
  4. Apart from.. Getting rid of Chase, Stabilising club debts, Improving supporter relations(Tenfold), Employing Nigel"know what i mean"Worthington, The training ground, The youth team, The South stand, Delia''s kitchen, Making transfer funds available and Leon MckenZie.... What have the board of Norwich City ever done for us! I hope all you moaners/doubters choke on yer Turkey... OTBC
  5. Me to mate... Could inveriably give NW even more room for manueverability in the transfer market. Even after DH Signs! With the momentum well and truely in full swing adding to the squad/defence for the run in would i''m sure, reap real divedents. I know its a BIG ASK of our allready streched resources! But investing in our wonderfull club now could well prove money well spent. ps.Looks like World-War 3, and 4 are on there way!!!
  6. Dont know about Shackle!!! though it is true he had an encouraging game against Cardiff, he was partly responsible for there goal! Maybe, just maybe a tad too soon to throw him against u know who in the face of a fully commited derby game. I hope NW give''s Malky''s experience a go alongside Flem at the back and allow young Shackell to soak up the atmosphere of a derby. In preperation for what should be a very bright future for the lad. You never know he may be needed for the return leg!! Bring on The Binmen!
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