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  1. "personality and circumstances" written up to mock the ballswchang that is zodiac signs/astrological reading. I use said DB clip on anyone that believes such hogwash and even executed the same exercise on my staff, giving them the same "reading" and asking them to read it and reply back the %age of accuracy in the WhattApp group that night. Most fell for it. Some them didn't leave. #coldreading "I'm getting the name, John"
  2. If we get our Knutsen (matron!) do we also get Gregg Broughton back as he's part of the Bodo/Glimt backroom staff? He did help bring in Jamal and Max as well as a few others (Famewo too I think) when he was with us. This is from last week. https://traininggroundguru.podbean.com/e/episode-32-gregg-broughton-youth-development-lessons-from-bodøglimt/
  3. Well it looks like it a done deal and most are happy with it...I hope we all get our Knutsen by the weekend!
  4. Sounds familiar-ish?! "After a 0–7 defeat against Manchester City in the Champions League round of 16 and seven winless games in a row, Tedesco was sacked on 14 March 2019". I'm pretty such I saw Luis Boa Morte linked, I cant find it now.
  5. A bitter-sweet end to a cracking away day, I can't remember us being that loud for a ages, mebbe only Palace away 2005(?) when we took 6/7000ish. Regardless of whether he should have gone or the fact he had a poor set of stats in the PL, you had the feeling he was a lovely fella who you'd definitely want to chat to, not like some, more sucessful PL managers we've had that you always had the feeling were not the most PLeasent. The captial PL was not a typo. Auf wiedersehen Mr Farke, thanks for the memories.
  6. Pete Wiley? - Story of the Blues? I've got a great edit of that. Quite fitting for now but remember... #neverblue
  7. Pullis?! Never! Looks like Newcastle are getting Unai Emery but if given the option of Pullis, i'd rather have **** Emery. Ooh you are awful.
  8. Brighton wasn't such bad result after todays result. Yes, last week was dismal and not acceptable, but are we generally being too hard on ourselves? How many points off are we from where we should realistically be? 3 or 4? Surely no more than 5 cosidering who we've played so far...right?
  9. I'd say this is because he's one of those left leaning types and I claim my £5. He's certainly too edumacated for you big fella.
  10. Afraid to say its going to be very difficult for Norwich to get into the realm of those clubs. Shirt sales, global fans base and above all, our catchment area is tiny compared to any London club, so we could never attract any big league events to out stadium. It is what it is, I'm over it.
  11. TVB I reckon you're one of the fans of yesteryear with a battery Radio up against your ear walking out of the ground, complete with rope belt, string vest and clothes you found in a hedge...so I claim my £5.
  12. Anyone wants me to take their tickets off their hands I'd gratefully oblige as presently looking to be forced to sit on my hands with my Chelski lot in the Matthew Harding...chewing on 5 gobstoppers.
  13. some serious binner alerts needed onthis thread?!
  14. I bet he got a decent pay off though...I just hope he's still got his hands to spend the money with.
  15. I've got a mate called Dave Gilmore and I can assure you he probably can't even spell Geetar let alone perform. I've never seen him linked to the colour pink either. He too has a different name to the other chap.
  16. It seems not. "Not spoken to Jamal once" says the manager. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58771035
  17. Should have been a warning, as in if he does it again its a yellow, so he's off. Ridonkulous decision, it would have never happened the other way, ie against the Swiss. Q - Where are the FIFA headquarters again? Q - Where is Gianni Infantino from again?
  18. Definitely not assuming you to be the c**t boss…not unless you’d put a UK human on £5 an hour and claim a lot of it back from the “system”. Ahhh, leave my warehouse folk alone. Zero school qualifications and £30k a year at 25? Its not too shabby and that probably the top 10% in Norfolk no? Plus, not everyone has the luxury of earning F all as a kid whilst the live at home with mum; son. Anyway, I’m proud to pay it knowing a university graduate now data-entry admin noob at Universal Music who gets to wear nice clobber in a swanky office earns nothing near my warehouse lads and gets treated like shizzle. “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.” ― Hunter S. Thompson
  19. Well done for having a wild stab about my company and although you have some valid point of the training (of which NCFC will claim a lot of back via grants), you have me and my company all wrong Mr Bot. My oldest previous warehouse trainee, at the grand old age of 25 is now the warehouse manager after countless training programs of which he had zero experience of before he started. He’s versed in all the right programs which he can take elsewhere if he chooses…oh?! but he’s respected as an employee like the rest of my staff and the wages match that, so no one seems to ever leave. Its long term thinking and it works for me and mine…you don’t have to be a c**t to be a boss. Plus I can look myself in the mirror whilst brushing my teeth unlike someone advertising that job up there #moderndayslavery
  20. Just think, after the 18 months is up and you inevetably get "let go" you could up your wages by nearly 50% and become a cleaner! More time off to help make our kits in the sweat shop thats under the Holiday Inn (probably) https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/vacancy-cleaner Contract and Hours: Permanent, 30 hours per week, as and when required Salary: £14,820 14,82per annum, plus company benefits
  21. £5.42 per hour. Absolutely disgusting NCFC. My entry level warehouse picker/packers earn double that. Shame on you NCFC. "Norfolk Thrift" right there.
  22. 1p5wich had 1 shot on target, (2 shots in total) as they were beaten by the mighty Accrington Stanley at the amusingly named Wham Stadium on the same day. I wonder what this footballing genius thinks should happen to them?
  23. SB was POTS 2013, the first true overseas player to do so, sure thats something? Disco Dale?
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