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  1. Definitely not assuming you to be the c**t boss…not unless you’d put a UK human on £5 an hour and claim a lot of it back from the “system”. Ahhh, leave my warehouse folk alone. Zero school qualifications and £30k a year at 25? Its not too shabby and that probably the top 10% in Norfolk no? Plus, not everyone has the luxury of earning F all as a kid whilst the live at home with mum; son. Anyway, I’m proud to pay it knowing a university graduate now data-entry admin noob at Universal Music who gets to wear nice clobber in a swanky office earns nothing near my warehouse lads and gets treated like shizzle. “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.” ― Hunter S. Thompson
  2. Well done for having a wild stab about my company and although you have some valid point of the training (of which NCFC will claim a lot of back via grants), you have me and my company all wrong Mr Bot. My oldest previous warehouse trainee, at the grand old age of 25 is now the warehouse manager after countless training programs of which he had zero experience of before he started. He’s versed in all the right programs which he can take elsewhere if he chooses…oh?! but he’s respected as an employee like the rest of my staff and the wages match that, so no one seems to ever leave. Its long term thinking and it works for me and mine…you don’t have to be a c**t to be a boss. Plus I can look myself in the mirror whilst brushing my teeth unlike someone advertising that job up there #moderndayslavery
  3. Just think, after the 18 months is up and you inevetably get "let go" you could up your wages by nearly 50% and become a cleaner! More time off to help make our kits in the sweat shop thats under the Holiday Inn (probably) https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/vacancy-cleaner Contract and Hours: Permanent, 30 hours per week, as and when required Salary: £14,820 14,82per annum, plus company benefits
  4. £5.42 per hour. Absolutely disgusting NCFC. My entry level warehouse picker/packers earn double that. Shame on you NCFC. "Norfolk Thrift" right there.
  5. 1p5wich had 1 shot on target, (2 shots in total) as they were beaten by the mighty Accrington Stanley at the amusingly named Wham Stadium on the same day. I wonder what this footballing genius thinks should happen to them?
  6. SB was POTS 2013, the first true overseas player to do so, sure thats something? Disco Dale?
  7. A mistake but I think he's a great keeper. He cost Palace £4.5m and has been great for 3+ seasons now. Much betterthan anything we have.
  8. ...worth noting that was in April and we hadn't won a game since the January. It was pretty dismal at times that season. (that's 3 months of not winning a game in the 2nd flight (cough cough))
  9. Arsenal below us? True, at the time that was a "fact" but are you maybe a little deluded? How did they get on today? I however understand your other points...but may I suggest we wait a little to see where we are in 4-5 games time?
  10. Yep, its pretty grim but very little we can do about it. If some of you are finding it too hard theres always one of the bigger clubs? That way you can get the billionaire owner you so desire. We didnt spend money, you moaned. We spent as much money as we could and after 6 games (less for some of those players we brought in), you still moaned. It's going to take time and barring Watford, we're still not that far off clicking. "Unwanted record"? WGAF?! Its where we are come May that matters.
  11. Arrr, hey ho. Just trying to lighten the mood. Maybe cheer up a bit chaps. Hard I know. I find 5HTP works...that and getting a life. X
  12. As bad as many on here think it is... We're 3 points and a few goals away from 17th. We've played a 4 of the top 6/7 in 5 games. We've had 1 awful game, possibly only 1 awful half. We were taking heart from our perfomance before that. Are we really concerened about a CrabApple Cup? A lot of the goals we've conceeded have come from random deflections, either directly or in the build up. We've played 5 games with a very new team and very little pre-season. ...It's our 6th game today, shall we cheer up a bit, at least for a few hours?! #OTBC
  13. This has got me thinking. I wonder how many people on here are Brexit voting, right leaning types who want "Britain to be back British", yet would love us to be sold off to some random "forrin bilyonare" to we can compete finacially in the Prem?
  14. I think we need a nickname-rename to start off with. "Fortress Carrow Road" may as well now be named "Whorehouse Carrow Road" as everyone who visits scores for fun.
  15. Steve Bruce won it in '85. Deehan is a good shout but how did Chippy Crook not win it? He gets my vote. #unbelievablejeff
  16. Dale Gordon, the Jarvis Bothers, and now Todd...some of you Norfolk residents do seem to give it rotten to "your own", is it a self-loathing thing? Maybe to you need to get out more. I did!
  17. ...indeed...a great cross from that nippy winger too...er? Hanley?! that's him. Wunderfol.
  18. Phew! Well at least we can play the 4 we have and Farke hasn't "done a Roeder" in regard to over-loaning.
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