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  1. Bluddy Lundun! Blast mi Bor/yew/troshin/etc. Like when we sang "Lundun Slums/etc" songs to Chelsea whilst walking up The Fulham Rd where a Town House is the price of a Road in Norfolk. So "Village", speed up to slow lads.
  2. From my calcapootuns I believe that the following *55 clubs have owners far richer than yows, I mean us. Newcastle United Manchester City Queens Park Rangers Chelsea Arsenal Aston Villa Stoke City Wolverhampton Wanderers Barnsley Fulham Leicester City Crystal Palace West Ham United Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United Leeds United Everton Liverpool West Bromwich Albion Bristol City Sunderland Preston North End Southampton Brighton & Hove Albion Portsmouth Reading Stevenage Burnley Blackburn Rovers Cardiff City Derby County Sheffield Wednesday Bristol Rovers Colchester United Huddersfield Town Birmingham City S****horpe United Hull City Middlesbrough Milton Keynes Dons Swindon Town Sheffield United Rotherham United Millwall Bradford City Watford Fleetwood Town Forest Green Rovers Bournemouth Bolton Wanderers Blackpool Brentford Coventry City Swansea City Peterborough United then... Norwich City However, We've (potentially) more money than these paupers though. Ner! Carlisle United Shrewsbury Town Leyton Orient Mansfield Town Luton Town ...makes it seem we're over achieving a bit now ey? *some of the data not avalible, but we know that a lot of the League one teams have more owner wealth than us, especially the 3 star wizards down the road.. Hey, I'd still prefer to be in ours shoes but it does make you wonder why we've not been bought yet.
  3. I went out with the sister of Keith O'Neills girlfriend for a bit after we all met in Cyprus in '98. They were Essex based (of course they were?!) and I'd collect them both for Norwich jaunts with 'Keet and a few other players like Darren Kenton, Sutchy, Mike Millighan and loanee Ged Grannan who was a lovely chap. 'Keet was good fun. He split with his, I later f\/king married mine...cost me *** thousands to shift her. 'Keet was obviously brighter then he made out, not only on that move, but he ended up marrying a Dame(?), or Lady(?) or summut all regal. Good on him, lovely chap.
  4. We have to be realistic and say it's likely we're going down, and IF(?) one team is going to get out of the bottom 3 it's bound to be Newcastle who can by their way out of trouble. SO, should we not sell him at a (hopefully huge) profit to hope NUFC aren't down with us, as would be easier to battle out the Championship without them in it too.
  5. The isn't a "scares the life out of the opposition" part.
  6. Our old Midfielder we sold to Leicester? Nah, not me guv.
  7. You know that. The amount of points I got driving up in the Noughties I should be our manager.
  8. He is 31 BTW. It's still pretty decent but he wasn't a regular starter this season and is now off Athleticos wage bill. A win/win I reckon.
  9. Me too DCB. 3 stops on the train as a Greenician.
  10. Its a decvent team and like you would like to see Rupp, Sorensen, Dowell and Sargent used in their prefered positions. I'd just swap out Williams for Giannoulis and maybe bring Rowe on again. I've been to Charlton twice this season as local...they ain't all that TBF plus, i dont think their best defender can play as he's ours.
  11. Christian Eriksen: Denmark midfielder targets 2022 World Cup https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59873198 Hear me out. 1. Ok we leak goals and well know we need the defence sorting out but we’re not creating hardly anything, and we know the man's quality. Best form of defence is attack. 2. His wages would have been way out of our league, but maybe not right now. Especially if on a short-term contract/free (as not “bought” from anyone). Maybe for this season, or until next Jan/or the whole of next season if he/we pull it off? 3. He’s going to play his socks off to get ready and able for the WC Squad so will give us 100%. 4. We’ve got a few doing "ok" on the sides but no one has stamped the hole position (matron!)/AM for years. ...its a risk but we've blown more of worse.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59855179 Nathan Patterson: Everton close to £10m deal for Rangers & Scotland full-back. Newcastle look like getting Trippier so what other Prem clubs need a RB?
  13. Was the best tackler/"turn-over'er" in our side for 2 seasons...we miss that as much as his attcking ability.
  14. So we're playing like dross in a seemingly rudderless ship and you're blaming it on a 20 year old kid? He's obviously talented but playing out of position and doesn't have Normann next to him. You really are quite simple. I believe most people on here to live in a cave and eat coal...you'd probably like Tony Pullis to have replaced Farke.
  15. This sums up for me that you havent a clue fella. Totally different players in every way. Another persons threads to ignore. Clueless. I bet you never played the game, or definitely not past pub hoofball standard.
  16. Wow! We're really showing how "small club, small ciy" we are of late. Embarrassing.
  17. I partly agree with you. I also agree that maybe we think he's better than he actually is...possibly something he suffers from too. I like him too BTW, but the truth hurts sometimes.
  18. Who do we have who's close to Premier League standard then?
  19. The last 3 years of spending. Not sure of the exact figures on some but it gives you an idea.
  20. I'm all for this European Super League. Go on? Off you F@(K!
  21. As stated on another thread, I think Farke sadly had to go but I feel we should have waited for Knutsen who could have potentially been Farke II.
  22. I think we should have waited for Knutsen. We know what Dean Smith can do and he failed with a much better side in Villa so Knutsen would have been a Wildcard/Moneyball style manager. We were pretty much down anyway as not 3 worse teams, but he could have potentially been Farke II. He's just won the league for the 2nd time with Bodo/Glimt BTW, the ONLY 2 times in their 105 year history.
  23. Pukki's Goalscoring form with Brondby 2015–2018 Brøndby 103 (46) Uhre's Goalscoring form with Brondby 2018– Brøndby 101 (42) Very similar. Can lightning strike twice?
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