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  1. Aarons was naive yes, but Ronaldo went down like Kathryn Mayorga in that hotel bathroom #raypissedpayoff
  2. Peter Crouch. His goodbye/send off at Millwall away was totes emoshe.
  3. Its not his fault he was £9m or we bought loads of other players with very little experience and even less experience in the Prem. Boo'ing him like many did on Sunday was shocking. No wonder his confidence is shot. Again, he's 21. Grow up you grumpy old warriors. I was at Charlton last night and they have a "White Pele" song for Alan Lee who had a decent game then had a embarrasing howler of a shot when on goal. As soon as he picked himself up off the floor after said "fluff", the CAFC fans started singing the song again to lift him. He went back to playing a blinder and set up their 2nd. *Hint*
  4. It seems most on here have forgotten what Iwans first few games were like. he couldnt trap a bag of sand with no idea where the net was. Take a look at yourselves, the lad is 21, his first time in the Prem, and has started 9/10(?) games for us in the most unforgiving league in the world. Sad.
  5. I'd add athat as good as Famewo is at Charlton, he's got a few nerver moments in him and has been over-taken and then some by AO (lets go!), and we obviously rate Jonathan Tomkinson. I reckon we should let him go, after mid Jan.
  6. Wow, they are absolute toilet. Barring a few set piece flashes across goal I don’t think they mustered a shot on target. The amount of time the passed the ball off the pitch for a Charlton throw was embarrassing. I don’t know what the rest of the 3rd tier are like but on this performance, I think they should be more concerned with the bottom rather that the top 6. Charlton bossed them for 90% of the game. I missed the fan/player altercation as left at the 2nd goal. I caught the earlier train back to Greenwich and of course, it was packed full of Binners (80% of Charlton fans live in Kent I reckon). They weren’t happy and seemed a tad more realistic to their plight than the loons on TWTD. Frank Lampard? Pffft! they're worried about the lack of players they can attract come Jan with all their money as if too far off the pace it will limit them. As for Charlton, Jaiyesimi did a couple of neat tricks/crosses but one of their lesser talented players as a few errors, he’d have never made it at ours. Their best two CAFC players are on loan (mmm?) Elliott Lee (Luton?) and our very own Famewo who won’t be able to play against us in the cup unless they buy him right? We could put out a 2nd team with one or two regulars I reckon. I’ll be there. OTBC (I really wanted to sing it on the packed train but the numbers didn’t stack up).
  7. Easy now Boomers. Tbf they've sold out the away end. Hopeful of a bounce?
  8. Damn, sorry. I don't really do merch. I'll start a one man chant about kicking a puppet on a string or alike.
  9. Sorry, I've been down here too long. #damncockerneys
  10. I wouldn't wear one supporting us, so unlikely. I've got the Adidas one from '83 but it wouldn't fit over my head. If I smell them on the train I'll just grin (with my mask on)
  11. My pal is a Charlton fan and Season ticket holder. For tonight’s game he has been given +3 extra tickets for freemans. As its only 3 stops on the train, I, like most people, rubbernecks at car-crashes, so I'm going to join him as a neutral. I say neutral, but that’s a lie as they are playing the 3 star wizards of Suffolk. I can’t wait to see this free-flowing football and the new manager bounce with Paul John Paul McGrePaul. I might try and start an OTBC chant. Anything else you fine lot would like me to say or do or spy out for at this feast of soccer? Especially as our U21 side could meet them in a cup next season. I'm going to have a look at Famewo and see if we missed anything with Jaiyesimi.
  12. Lets hope it hasnt affected our players. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59560114 I think Gibson and Billy G will be ok as both get anywhere near Son or Moura all game.
  13. I was in the same year as Mark Fiore (Plymouth), who made it as a pro', alongside Andy Lloyd (Charlton Youth captain/RiP 1987/8), and Justin Delo (Arsenal Youth) which was pretty impressive that they were all in the same school team. We won the London Cup and got to the Final of the Schools cup. Sadly, the best of the bunch Andy died in a car crash at 17/18, not due to the crash but because he had an asthma attack from the shock, horrible and tragic but amazing that an Asthmatic could go that far in footy. He also swam for London. RiP. At my primary school both Justin and Andy played for the 4th year team as 2nd years. So talented. Lord knows what happened to Delo? Fair play to Fiore for “making it”…being any level of Pro is a big deal.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59549048 A big appointment with lots of pedigree, chum. Odd he's not called Paul.
  15. ...and the NATIONAL LEAGUE, NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH, and NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH. That's crazy. Barrow are a force though, it has to be said...or is that a Furnace?
  16. Att: 4,065 (244 Arsenal fans) ...so less than 4000 binners. Ouch. I looked at the Arsenal team to see if any fringe players and dropped down for the experience; NOPE! Not a sniff of knowing any of them, much like the 1p5wich side.
  17. ...assistant manager at his beloved Hartlepool. Good luck to the fine chap. I can almost see him at the training ground now, teaching his defender how to head the ball off the opposition players foot whilst laying on the ground. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59489309
  18. from all this talk so soon after the game I'm guessing some of you have seen the match? Can I ask if there's one of those nawty channels doing the rounds that actually works. Thanks in advance.
  19. Do you not remember Rupp v Forest away last season when Emi was out see his newborn? I kinda got why Farke liked him after that.
  20. Yep, the Athletic is £1 a month for a year on a Black Friday deal today. If find it pretty insightful as one of the better footy outlets around. I'm not on commision BTW Too cheap to pass up. https://theathletic.com/checkout2/intro12monthly/?source=googleuksearchads&ad_id=562985803821&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIKNBhAIEiwAu_ZLDphKcGVoN3lS0qNxEbRjutx__79qGn3AsnK4lU_bJ0HPWF7UiCb_uhoCzAMQAvD_BwE
  21. After he started slagging off the Binners, after his sacking, in a "I told you so" style dig, I started openly liking Mick Mccarthy...even if it's true, I always quite liked his brash honesty before said jibe...sorry. I bet they wish they'd not run him out of, er? Town. Much like my local side Charlton and that Alan Curbs chap that kept them mid table Prem for all those years. That's Charlton/mid table Prem side. Yeah. Ouch. I'll be going to Cafc v binners in 2 weeks. Report incoming.
  22. Oh it's via TalkSponk but if true I wish him all the best. https://talksport.com/football/988179/daniel-farke-werder-bremen-manager-norwich-city/amp/
  23. Ha! I agree, they're down there for a while now. Burton, Cheltenham, MK Dons and Oxford Utd are simply too strong for them to pip that last play-off spot. They better watch Wimbeldon and Accrington Stanley behind them too as both are on the charge.
  24. I actually like the Canary, its the Lion that looks a bit odd. The cartoon-Human handed freak!
  25. Is the angry Canary sitting on a litte Horsey? If so I like it. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/club-reveal-new-crest
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