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  1. Its a Yes from me. We need a bit of life in us a times...were not as loud as we think we are. Plus the core, loud fans should always centre around the younger lot, not the old codgers who frequent these pages.

    The ones complaining around the noise only listen to Aker Bilk and James Last and I claim my 4 shillings and sixpence.

    CAFC was loud because of the drummer at times, they they and Palar.se having benefitted from having one.

    Subnote - Drummer = Yes, Full band = No, leave them to the Coal Pits and Engerland games.


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  2. On 08/12/2021 at 16:34, spencer 1970 said:

    It seems most on here have forgotten what Iwans first few games were like. he couldnt trap a bag of sand with no idea where the net was.

    Take a look at yourselves, the lad is 21, his first time in the Prem, and has started 9/10(?) games for us in the most unforgiving league in the world.


    I'll say again... 

    ...this OP hasn't aged well has it?

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  3. 1 hour ago, Danke bitte said:

    I never understood the grief O’Neil got. Was a streetwise player. Could do with him now back in his pomp. 

    Looking at this has depressed me! So many of our starting 11 are dreadful compared to even the subs bench of that 2015 team.

    Thinking back to 2015/16 season poor Alex Neil, far too inexperienced to manage in the Prem, plus we badly needed a better striker than Jerome. I’d take Mbokani then as back up to Pukki now though!

    Dispriting. I rated O'Neil too, the allrounder/Foil that Kenny is at times, but simply not enough. 

  4. 37 minutes ago, tricky974 said:

    Krul, Max and Pukki and that's probably it. This is sad.

    Indeed, I was quite shocked. you'd maybe squeeze Rashica in there but for who? or maybe Turner'round out for Hanley...the rest, no chance. Plus to think 

     John Ruddy - Krul (I'm 50/50 on this one)

    Michael Turner - Hanley?

    Steven Whittaker - Max 👍

    Gary Hooper (1) - Pukki 👍

    To add to the woe - this was our bench that night...

    Declan Rudd
    Ryan Bennett 
    Wes Hoolahan

    Gary O'Neil
    Lewis Grabban
    Kyle Lafferty
    Josh Murphy

    Some would walk into our currect team IMO.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Danke bitte said:

    That wasn’t 10 years today. That was the 2015 line up. Alex Neil’s first game in charge where Howson got sent off and we managed to win it. 

    Sorry, 7 years ago today. 10.01.2015...so, how many would you swap out? Pukki and Max?

  6. Not our best 11 by any stretch, but in terms of "how far we've come" This was our first XI for Bornemouth away 10 years today, a championship game which we won 1-2. How many would you swap out with the current 11? We do seem to have "core" issues. I'd like to see the average age of each...i do feel we have too many kids.

     John Ruddy

    Michael Turner

    Russell Martin

    Martin Olsson

    Alex Tettey

    Steven Whittaker

    Jonny Howson

    Bradley Johnson

    Nathan Redmond

    Gary Hooper (1)

    Cameron Jerome (1)


  7. I thought he was poor too. I actually thought Kenny was the better of a bad bunch in the first half until the game-savers came on. 

    We seem to be very quick to find potential saviours as much as we are to find scapegoats. Gilmour being the latest example of both ends of the realm. The whole stadium roaring him on in applause against Southampton in November, then singing "Fck off" to him 5 weeks later in December.

    …or maybe most moany ol’ fickle b’stards. 👀


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  8. From my calcapootuns I believe that the following *55 clubs have owners far richer than yows, I mean us.

    Newcastle United
    Manchester City
    Queens Park Rangers
    Aston Villa
    Stoke City
    Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Leicester City
    Crystal Palace
    West Ham United
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Manchester United
    Leeds United
    West Bromwich Albion
    Bristol City
    Preston North End
    Brighton & Hove Albion
    Blackburn Rovers
    Cardiff City
    Derby County
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Bristol Rovers
    Colchester United
    Huddersfield Town
    Birmingham City
    S****horpe United
    Hull City
    Milton Keynes Dons
    Swindon Town
    Sheffield United
    Rotherham United
    Bradford City
    Fleetwood Town
    Forest Green Rovers
    Bolton Wanderers
    Coventry City
    Swansea City
    Peterborough United

    Norwich City

    However, We've (potentially) more money than these paupers though. Ner!

    Carlisle United
    Shrewsbury Town
    Leyton Orient
    Mansfield Town
    Luton Town

    ...makes it seem we're over achieving a bit now ey?

    *some of the data not avalible, but we know that a lot of the League one teams have more owner wealth than us, especially the 3 star wizards down the road.. Hey, I'd still prefer to be in ours shoes but it does make you wonder why we've not been bought yet.



  9. I went out with the sister of Keith O'Neills girlfriend for a bit after we all met in Cyprus in '98. They were Essex based (of course they were?!) and I'd collect them both for Norwich jaunts with 'Keet and a few other players like Darren Kenton, Sutchy, Mike Millighan and loanee Ged Grannan who was a lovely chap. 'Keet was good fun. He split with his, I later f\/king married mine...cost me *** thousands to shift her. 'Keet was obviously brighter then he made out, not only on that move, but he ended up marrying a Dame(?), or Lady(?) or summut all regal. Good on him, lovely chap.

  10. We have to be realistic and say it's likely we're going down, and IF(?) one team is going to get out of the bottom 3 it's bound to be Newcastle who can by their way out of trouble. SO, should we not sell him at a (hopefully huge) profit to hope NUFC aren't down with us, as would be easier to battle out the Championship without them in it too. 

  11. 11 hours ago, Dean Coneys boots said:

    That is very close- further for me in Tunbridge Wells- into London Bridge and change! But still much quicker and easier than the Norfolk pilgrimage 

    You know that. The amount of points I got driving up in the Noughties I should be our manager. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Dean Coneys boots said:

    I will be there with my boys- living in Kent it’s a much better return journey than the long Carrie road run. Also- we might, just might, actually get a goal to cheer. Forgotten what that feels like! 

    Me too DCB. 3 stops on the train as a Greenician. 

  13. On 03/01/2022 at 18:58, cambridgeshire canary said:

    What are we thinking? Knowing the players that are supposed to be back I would go with..


    Its a decvent team and like you would like to see Rupp, Sorensen, Dowell and Sargent used in their prefered positions. I'd just swap out Williams for Giannoulis and maybe bring Rowe on again. 

    I've been to Charlton twice this season as local...they ain't all that TBF plus, i dont think their best defender can play as he's ours. 

  14. Christian Eriksen: Denmark midfielder targets 2022 World Cup


    Hear me out.

    1.       Ok we leak goals and well know we need the defence sorting out but we’re not creating hardly anything, and we know the man's quality. Best form of defence is attack.

    2.       His wages would have been way out of our league, but maybe not right now. Especially if on a short-term contract/free (as not “bought” from anyone). Maybe for this season, or until next Jan/or the whole of next season if he/we pull it off?

    3.       He’s going to play his socks off to get ready and able for the WC Squad so will give us 100%.

    4.       We’ve got a few doing "ok" on the sides but no one has stamped the hole position (matron!)/AM for years.

    ...its a risk but we've blown more of worse.

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