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  1. The point I’m making is you are factually incorrect! You made a statement which you can’t back up with the facts! This from the person who always has a go at people for getting facts incorrect or not backing up what they say with facts!

    So once again I ask what do you base this quote on that they are the most experienced owners, because I’m intrigued as to what it is, or is it just your blind loyalty to Smith and Jones?

  2. Not referring to just this thread! It’s the people like you who think that nothing was wrong!

    One win in 9 it is, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the second half yesterday it’s too early to think everything is rosy again, let’s see what the Christmas period brings before we cream our pants again, shall we?

    And that’s called realism, not pessimism as some will no doubt say!

  3. Badger, I will carry on going in the hope of an upturn, sadly on the evidence I have seen this season I think, as do many others, that we are now into a period of struggle due mainly to the owners lack of wealth and their reluctance for outside investment. I hope things will turn but without said investment I fear it won’t!

    Sadly, it isn’t just City, it is a horrid indictment that football is no longer a working mans game, it’s now a rich mans sport and even more alarmingly for me is the actual amount of power players now have.

    Rest assured that at 17.30 on Saturday, I will be in my seat hopefully seeing the start of an upturn in our fortunes

  4. Badger, what shall I do then? Ask the bank for a loan or maybe you have the address for this Father Christmas fella I’m supposed to have mentioned? Maybe I could sit up on the 24th and wait for him to come down the chimney and try and persuade him to buy us? Mind you I’d have to get a chimney installed by then 😂🎅🎅
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