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  1. After a couple of years away from this board travelling up a vietnam river in a boat looking for Marlon Brando I''m back.Have I missed anything?
  2. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]CA - Stop being a kill joy, it is quite entertaining. Why dont you take your personal vendetta against Cluck and Smudge off the forum.......[/quote]Cant we just boot cluck and smudger off, it would be a lot easier for everyoneBesides, anything city angel says is alright with me
  3. [quote user="jimmy500"]I really cant get the RB & RM, I am totally stumped.  Watch manufacturer hasn''t helped me at all........HELP   [/quote]okay RM: douglas ..., pre mrs beckham, RB: Victor from spain (i think)
  4. [quote user="NCFC_Chris"]i''ve got everybody but for the RB and LCB[/quote]RB sounds a biy like a watch manufacturer and if memory serves me right wasnt very good, LCB was a player who could just about play any  position and was lets say not the most athletic player ever to grace carrow road.
  5. Hi web teamAny truth in this or just another pointless rumour?Cheers
  6. too easy, reminds me of spending many wasted hours playing champ manager 97-98
  7. Good luck hughsie, I for one thought the abuse you got here was unwarranted but they were difficult times for the club so apologies and best of luck in the future.I know you read this board so hopefully will take encouragement from these messages.
  8. [quote user="Smudger"]Reality check??? Yes you and many others on here clearly still need one don''t you KEELAN??? Lets see a healthy dose of reality this Saturday at Preston and the following Saturday at home to Southampton.... two defeats at the start of the season should get us off to a real flyer shouldn''t it???? [/quote]please just go away
  9. BBQ scandal doesnt quite have a ring to it, this should now be termed ''sausagegate''
  10. And if you look to the right of Einstein you will see Louis Jean preparing for his stint at Norwich.
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