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  1. U mean Steve Morison* Oh dear, how careless of me! Yes indeed, I don''t suppose anyone noticed James Morrison lurking at the far post.....
  2. Absolutely, can''t really argue with two chances and two goals, and like I say I''ll take an average overall performance and a win ahead of a valiant defeat any day. I just thought that were poor in a few basic areas today, although I thought Hoolihan was excellent throughout and obviously Ruddy had a good game.
  3. .....I think any one of the many Norwich fans at the game today would say that we were decidedly fortunate to get them against a v average side. Don''t get me wrong, I really don''t care how we get them, but for much of the game i thought we were well below par in a number of aspects, and I din''t really think that playing Pilkington on halfway between right and centre worked at all. That said, it is interesting that amongst all the talk about how we have less quality than many other PL sides, it was two outstanding pieces of skill which won it for us - great volley and then although we could all see Morrison free at the far post, who would have imagined that Holty could have picked him out so perfectly with his (much weaker) left foot. Legend!
  4. Agreed, absolutely woeful even given their recent poor form.
  5. I would still be very worried with giving Hunt and Jarvis the freedom to run at our full backs, both of whom have understandably been found wanting at times already this season. If you play three narrow no matter how hard they work, they are not going to be able to cover the wide areas if the ball is moved quickly, as was very evident yesterday. I think sadly that if we have to play 2 strikers because of the form of Holt and Morrison, Wesley will need to sit it out.
  6. Like many on this thread I was there yesterday, and I have to say I worried about the 4-3-1-2 before we even got started. Sadly nothing that happened before we took off Hoolihan convinced me that I was wrong to worry! I can see that Lambert doesn''t really trust him as one of a four man midfield, and with both strikers on form and Everton struggling it was a positive formation to go with, but it just didn''t work, and I agree with the poster who would''ve changed it earlier than he did. That said, and although I was really annoyed that Drenthe got inside onto his left foot with such ease (surely that is the NUMBER ONE thing you need to worry about with a very good left footed player on the right, stuff the overlapping Hibbert!), it was a point earned from one shot on target in the entire game, and obviously had Holty''s header been a fraction to the left we would have won the game. I don''t rate Whitbread but he did well yesterday, and Ruddy obviously had an excellent game. I too would like to see 4-5-1 on Tuesday, if he wants to include Hoolihan then great, drop one of Fox, Johnson or Crofts, although the problem remains as to which one out of Holty and Morrison he laves on the bench, maybe Holty''s age or Morrison''s illness will help in that regard. The wide players give us options when our full backs have the ball, without them yesterday we hit a lot of long balls with limited success.
  7. Can''t help feeling that this is just another classic case of the FA waiting to see how many points QPR are ahead, then taking off just enough points to ensure that it does not have any bearing on anything. To do that they would of course have to wait until right near the end of the season! So in that way they can say ''yes, we did punish them'' but given that there are no official guidelines as to how many points to deduct in these situations, no one can take them to task for being too lenient/severe.
  8. Many thanks to the person who has come to my aid on this one, I will now be there, can''t wait!!
  9. I know, long shot and all that, but if you hear of anyone with one then please text me on 07792703273. Given that I am not too hopeful, I know this is a silly question cos no one can give a definite answer with regard to tomorrow, but have there been any games when the buy back window hasn''t been open? I now live over 200 miles away and am quite happy to get there whenever tomorrow morning if all else fails, but would be more than a little gutted if it turned out that it was never even an option!
  10. I am pretty sure it is genuine, I checked it out earlier in the week and he tweeted back a Spanish fan (in Spanish) who was wondering why his loan move to Malaga never materialised earlier in the season (he was born there) - seems a bit of a stretch to imagine someone English doing that!
  11. The other thing no one has mentioned on here which to me was a tactical error was taking off Lansbury and bringing on Wilbrahim. Unless Lansbury was injured I really couldn''t understand it at all - it meant Holt effectively had to play left midfield, and it was from here that he gave away the free kick which led to Burnley''s winner. I know he does do a lot of work inside his won half, but was there really any need to put him in a position where the full back could run at him? I can understand that Lambert wanted to go for the three points, but we were well on top, Martin and Holt were causing all sorts of problems, Lappin looked good on the left (the change meant he had to go and play CM), why????? Of course it may be as I say that he had no choice if Lansbury was injured, but if not it seemed like a very poor tactical decision at the time, and it still does now!
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