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  1. The answer is not the transfer window and the need to buy a striker who is aware where the goal is, and its not the fact that we only seem to play well in the second half, it comes down to the issue that we should lobby the FA. We should launch a petition to go back to 2 pts per victory and then watch us fly up the league!   Please sign below!!!
  2.    Hate to say this but I have only been to one game this year (Bristol Rovers at home) and we won it, bit worried the way things are going this might be the case for some time to come!   Come on boys turn it around and remember the game starts from the first whistle not after a bollocking from the legendary Worthington   
  3.    I know its early days yet but what are the chances of us swapping places with Ipswich, would that not just be the worst feeling ever!!!  Not sure it will happen myself but it might happen!!  
  4. Watched the game in Nottingham today and I think after the way the boys reacted today people are outside Norfolk are increasingly being impressed with our we are playing. The results will come we just need to stick with it. Does anybody else think that for their third goal he rode on the back of our player, or am I looking at it through yellow tinted spectacles?
  5. If he does go I think we have to respect his decision and if he ever comes backs and plays aganist us we should raise the roof for him to acknowledge what he has done to our football club, the bloke has been outstanding and always plays with a smile on his face.
  6. Not sure if u have got the best end of the deal, could have gone to cyprus and watched it on telly over there, warmer than riverside
  7. At last somebody who agree''s with me about Sutch. I will never knock his effort but when sutch was in his prime i had my season ticket for four years and to say the bloke was technically limited is an understatement. As for people''s love of Coote, yes he was a norwich fan but if u put the yellow tinted glasses away he was poor.
  8. What do people think to this as Norwich’s worst ever eleven:   Manager: Bryan Hamilton Simon Tracey   Daryl Sutch      Kevin Scott      Steve Walsh     Fernando Deverld  David Smith      Shaun Carey     Raymond De Waard Adrian Coote   Ade Akinbiyi   Keith Scott     All I can say is that I’m glad things have improved, Gary Doherty, maybe not then!!!
  9. I was a season ticket holder from the start of Mike Walker''s second spell for four years so he was possibly past his best. During this time he was just the master of the backwards or sideways pass. I would probably stick with the current.
  10. Looking at that Norwich team on the night I don''t think that a single one of those would get in the current team. Maybe in thier prime Gunn, Fleck and Goss would stand a chance but it would still be touch and go.
  11. Out of contract would be a cracking player for us. Worthy go get!!
  12. This is the bloke who i would like to see operating on our right wing. Get him in for a season loan or even a full time deal perhaps. Any thoughts?
  13. Heard a strong rumour from a good source at the football club that if Norwich go up Robert HUth is on his way - not sure if its a loan or they are buying him. Think some contract has already been signed.
  14. Time for all those people who said they would contribute to buy Huckerby to put their money where there mouth is and buy some share.
  15. Being an exiled canary in Nottingham I don’t fancy our chances of signing him. When on loan at Forest the fuss made about him signing was incredible, it was a similar thing. The added advantage forest had was the extra attachment it had of being his home town club and where a lot of his family still live inc his brother. Then and like now it will all come down to money, and I’m afraid we just don’t have it.
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