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  1. My views on the owners are well documented. Good people but holding us back when we get to this level with their intransigence over stepping aside and lack of genuine desire to retain our place at the top table. So far as this season is concerned, I think its a mixture of both Farke and the ownership position. The latter has meant we have been handicapped from the start. We are not competing on a vaguely level playing field and Farke has been handed an almost impossible task. That said, I don't feel its entirely down to the lack of funds that we have had so many injuries, left ourselves short in key positions (although partially linked that one as if we had more money....) and particularly that we have not been able to organise the defence or respond tactically (or with timely subs) during games all season. Yes, Farke's ability to influence games tactically is obviously dependent on the options he has at his disposal which are limited but I don't feel that he has had a great season either or got the best out of what he has had at his disposal.
  2. Done decent spells but undone but two horrific individual errors. Goals change games (as do these ridiculous drinks breaks) and we were doing ok but then Krul makes that inexplicable error and it changes things. Same in the second half where we were playing quite well then Drmic inexplicably does that. Ultimately we should be playing the percentages in those situations so it’s massively frustrating but I saw more encouragement tonight and on Saturday than in those pathetic home displays and ridiculous selections. we have left ourselves too much to do but we still have a lot of decent players, albeit too many who are prone to spectacular blunders. ps. We are markedly better with Cantwell or Buendia behind the striker.
  3. We've been through this before Nutty. I didn't say we couldn't compete at the time with the sc*m I said that if we stay down for any prolonged period of time without parachute payments then without our owners making up any budget shortfall like Evans does for them we might not even have a budget on a par with clubs like that like that. In fairness, as you and others pointed out, I will acknowledge that our higher ticketing, commercial and matchday income does actually make up for that £7m deficit Evans was plugging so actually the situation was not quite as bad as I said but it could get that way if, for example, we had 10 years of tedium in the champ like they did and ticket sales and revenues dropped off. I would say the last period of real hardship we as fans had was the relegation to league 1 and the preceding couple of seasons. They were pretty grim with little or no hope on the horizon and few good players either at the club or coming through. League 1 itself was a laugh but primarily only because we were down there for a single season and scoring for fun.
  4. But when they get there how many have given it away as easily as we do (unless a miracle starts happening tonight and I hope it does). That's the point. We know we can get promoted but none of these clubs have succumbed to relegation so tamely and repeatedly as we have once they have been presented with the opportunity. Even Wigan (being discussed on the other thread) had 8 years up in the prem, reached the league cup final, won the FA Cup and played in the UEFA Cup during that spell. Whilst obviously we don't envy them their position now I would actually take a couple of years of hardship in return for seeing Norwich win the FA Cup.
  5. I agree with this. As I've said before, top 26 should be the bar, not the ultimate ambition/target.
  6. Truth is that Wigan is fundamentally not a club with a fanbase able to sustain premier league or championship status long term. They are naturally a league 1 or league 2 level club in terms of support. Clubs with bigger fanbases can equally run into problems but financial issues and a small fanbase is a recipe for problems.
  7. You joke but Wolves owners took them over 3 years ago, declared they would be playing in Europe within a few years and here they are 6th in the premier league and still in the latter stages of the Europa League. And to be honest whilst they have spent quite big and no doubt pay decent wages they've not done it in a completely irresponsible way. I get our model. I get its how we have to do it under Delia and Michael. I will even acknowledge the club is being run well and is (aside from this season where I think we've made errors) being run well. I'm not completely ungrateful for that and of course I'd rather than than be run as a basket case club. But I still think that even if they are not going to step aside and find new owners with greater resources we could do more to try and stay in the prem when we get there because ultimately relying on continually getting promoted back to the top level is equally a risky strategy.
  8. "Top 26" is not "ambition" - "Top 26" is a convenient target that just happens to fit with the glass ceiling imposed upon us by constraints of their ownership. The ambition extends to us being as good as we can be whilst working within those constraints. Its an ambition of sorts but is not the same as, for example, the ambitions of the owners of Wolves who took over that club with it in a similar state to us at the time.
  9. Nutty i'm not saying they don't want the club to do well, more that any ambition they have is constrained by their determination to retain ownership of the club and perhaps slightly risk adverse approach which overrides everything. I may be proven wrong on this but in the event that Leeds get promoted I would be amazed if they are not more aggressive in pursuit of retaining their place in the premier league. I would also not be at all surprised if their owner brings in fresh investment or possibly even actively looks to sell the club to megabucks owners who have greater resources to enable Leeds to compete at that level. Now some might say that would have nothing to do with his ambition and more to do with him making a profit on his investment and that may be the case to a degree but the two do not need to be mutually exclusive if balanced properly. Whatever happens though others are right that their fans would almost certainly not tolerate the kind of tame acceptance of relegation being likely/inevitable that we show whenever we get to the top division.
  10. Think you are being harsh on Stiepermann there. Yes the prem has perhaps proven a step too far for him but no coincidence that we played pretty well in the cup v the likes of Preston and indeed Burnley with him in the side. Still think he links our midfield and attack pretty effectively.
  11. Sorry have missed Rupp off there as well.
  12. Even if you took the pessimistic view that we will sell Lewis, Aarons, Buendia, Cantwell and Godfrey then before we've added anything (and me not including some of the young full backs I know we have but don't know enough about) the squad would be something like as follows: GK: Krul, Mcgovern LB: McCullum RB: Byram CB: Zimmerman, Hanley, Klose, CM: Tettey, Trybull, Mclean, Leitner, Vrancic, Thompson, Sitti, Gilmour AM: Hernandez, Martin, Sinani, Stiepermann CF: Pukki, Drmic, Idah Full backs plus a CB the obvious area that would need attention but as I've said I know we do have some youngsters in the U23s who look quite promising there.
  13. Really don't feel we need a great deal, especially if we keep Pukki. Idah, Martin and Gilmour should be featuring regularly next season. We have Sitti, Sinani and McCallum already in. If we sell a couple of our more treasured assets for big money then if we are going to spend some cash then a key target should be a youngish centre back who we feel has the potential to play in the prem if we get back up again and perhaps a pacey striker and if we sell Lewis then another left back but other than that I don't think we need a great deal and can hopefully be very targeted in terms of bringing in 2 or 3 quality players rather than a scattergun approach.
  14. You would think that if we do sell those then we will need to try and pick up one or two home grown players as part of our summer transfer business. That said does Idah qualify as home grown now as obviously he will be in the squad every week next season and i'd expect Martin and Gilmour to feature regularly too.
  15. Cantwell is the one currently attracting the most hype/attention helped by his penchant for turning up and delivering stellar displays against the bigger teams and in the showpiece tv games. I think we will sell/cash in on him this summer and to be honest he's not a player who is irreplaceable for us so if we got a big fee for him to take the pressure off elsewhere that might not be a bad outcome. I think the chances of Pukki attracting a large bid are receding. In my mind I think we will possibly lose all 4 that Talksport have identified plus also Godfrey but that is very much a worst case scenario, would mean we have a lot of money and to be honest we probably have enough in next years squad to cover those losses and still be competitive without any further signings.
  16. I don’t judge by money spent. I judge by the effort genuinely made to retain our place in the top division which is consistently very little. im sure if you ask them they will say they want to stay in the premier league but actions speak louder than words.
  17. Well personally I’m happy that Farke is our coach but unhappy with some of the tactics and decisions this season, especially in the league since the re-start. i do, however live in hope that we will finally learn from it and I remain of the view Farke is the best man to take us forward and back up to the prem if (when) we are relegated.
  18. Anyone who is “happy” with how we and Farke performed in the games v Southampton and Everton is a bit strange in my book.
  19. I don’t see Farke being sacked and not should he be. I wouldn’t be upset to see a specialist set piece coach added the coaching staff though
  20. I don’t think there is a Farke our brigade is there? more like a sort your team selections and tactics in the league out brigade.
  21. Leeds have only had their current owners for a couple of years and I guarantee they are significantly more ambitious than ours.
  22. No we haven’t tried it and nearly gone bust. The January signings of Naismith and Klose have somehow been rebranded in recent years as us “spending big in the past.” What they were was one reasonable signing made 6 months too late in the case of Klose and one disastrous signing of a player we didn’t really need on a stupid contract. We have never spent recent money at the time we needed to on the right players.
  23. And once again we of course ignore the middle ground. Of course, in the absence of much wealthier owners (if only) we cannot spend stupid amounts of cash but we could at least take a calculated risk to try and give ourselves a realistic chance of staying up when we have 5 or 6 players each worth £15m plus we can (and no doubt will) sell if we get relegated.
  24. Why do a section of our fans have this pathetic, fabricated rivalry with leeds. they are not rivals of ours and never have been. Yes we enjoyed pinching a few of their players and winding them up as they couldn't take that but other than that there is no reason for our fans to make fools of themselves with post such the original one here gloating when its patently obvious that Leeds are going to get promoted and we are going to get relegated and we will end up with egg on our face for threads like this one. They will probably buy one of our players this summer too. Our fans don't seem to get that they will be the ones with the last laugh when they show some actual ambition to stay in the top division and take advantage of being up there rather than the pathetic attitude that our club/owners have to the top flight.
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