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  1. I don’t object to your views, I think you sum up how those in the corridors of power saw things. But I think the problem is that when you plan to fail, as we did, sometimes the failure is far, far more abject than you planned for and I think they have underestimated just how damaging a season like we have endured can be. the players look frustrated, the coach has been exposed as inexperienced and lacking in tactical nous at times and it’s going to take a huge effort to turn this around in the space of a couple of months. the most damning think for me though is that Webber says the reviewed everything and took stock during the lockdown. That makes the performances in the 9 games since doubly unforgivable in my book because we have got worse in almost every single department.
  2. There is a disconnect there it appears to me. Whether it can be resolved remains to be seen
  3. I want Farke to turn this around but something changed during that lockdown. We’ve never been able to defend well under him but hes been all over the place with his selections and tactics and frankly doesn’t look motivated at all. The team selection v Saints was wrong and he’s not really hot anything right since. it’s a real worry.
  4. He’s done quite well when played alongside Tettey and I would agree he’s our best “all round” midfielder. I don’t think he’s let us down this season and I think he’s a good option to have in the championship. but perhaps one of the best illustrations of a part of the team we will need to have upgraded if we manage to get ourselves back up again. hoping this Danish midfielder is also a good all round midfielder.
  5. I don’t think anyone believes a change of ownership would guarantee us anything. But I think a fair few of us think it may offer us a better chance of staying up for a few seasons and maybe having a crack at winning something next time we get there.
  6. Put it this way, a serious offer is more likely to be forthcoming if the club is up for sale/available than it is if “we will never sell, we don’t even listen to enquiries.” if someone enquiring can’t even get through the door then it’s unlikely things will ever proceed to the “serious offer” stage. The price it would/could be made available for is obviously another key factor.
  7. Or alternatively, they should just acknowledge that they cannot fund a successful premier league football club and publically announce that they will listen to serious offers. If nothing/nobody came forward then it would knock the debate on the head.
  8. It isn’t or wasn’t a rule but it’s certainly hypocritical to have acquired a majority shareholding in the way they have and taken “control” of the club after what they said post Chase.
  9. They don’t lie Nutty, I’m sure they are open to investment, just the type of investment that won’t be forthcoming as it does not involve relinquishing control. as for the Chase quote they definitely said that nobody should have the sort of control over the club he did again, before going on to take a controlling interest. Dress it up in semantics if you like but they have done what they said shouldn’t happen so now they can do pretty much as they like.
  10. They also said no one person should ever own a controlling stake again. I suppose technically they are two people but......
  11. The Times interview was 100% a window into their thinking. As was Wynne Jones banging on about foreign ownership etc. They may have softened their language at fan events subsequently to drop in lines such as “open to investment” but they only ever say that not open to selling abd it’s only because they know their true thinking was exposed by the Times interview.
  12. Yes because their owners have resources and ambition.
  13. All for democracy and I don’t actually think you are right that there is a 12-1 sort of ratio of the type you suggest. There are though a lot of fans who have been ground down or who simply unquestionably lap up and accept some of the spin that comes out from the club and don’t see that the reality is their stance/model is less to do with what they think is most likely to bring success and more to do with enabling them to retain ownership and control without putting any money more in.
  14. Thrilled to hear we can’t hope to hold on to players if a “top club” like Leicester come calling. A club that is more or less the same size as us but owned by people with resources and ambition.
  15. Whilst I agree with you that it’s soul destroying being in the premier under them it’s equally soul destroying reading comments like this. This is what their selfish stance has reduced large sections of our fan base to.
  16. But of those how many will push for the first team? The Dane and Sinani maybe plus Mccullun. i have high hopes for Gilmour but not sure what I am basing them on!
  17. I've criticised him on here for some of the shambolic stuff around the appointment of Moxey and the tidy sum he pocketed for a couple of months work (some of which cost us quite a lot in compensation payments) but to give credit where its due I think the move to the sporting director model was Ed Balls idea in the wake of Neil's departure. Other than that i'm not quite sure that the "project" or "5 year plan" that people refer to actually officially exists. We have implemented a model of working and it may take some time to be fully established but I am not sure that there is a "project" as such.
  18. It worked out well yes and wasn't a bad idea in the circumstances but lets not pretend it was anything other than the owners finding a way for supporters to fund something needed (and which I would add has probably added significant value to their asset again) that they themselves could not afford or were not prepared to fund. Its a complete red herring in terms of the wider debate around whether the ownership model enables the club to compete in the premier league.
  19. Its surely relevant though that Brighton were playing in an athletics stadium in front of about 7,000 fans and were pretty sh*t. As stated elsewhere, we are kind of "oven ready" or indeed are currently "in the oven."
  20. Why? Man is a winger not a striker. Surely more likely a replacement for Buendia if there is anything in it.
  21. Yes, that's the flipside. Although we would cost less to but the amount of work/transformation needed to turn us into a club able to compete at premier league level is far less. Better squad, better support, academy already invested into. More valuable playing assets already on the books. So yes whilst it may cost more to buy us the level of capital investment needed to get us into the premier league would obviously be a lot less than a Wigan or a Barnsley or a Coventry.
  22. Perhaps its both. I have no objection to our owners making money out of the club if they leave it in a good place and hand over the reigns to someone they see as better equipped to help the club compete at the higher level. If Leeds owners get them up and then sell to the owners of PSG for a profit and those owners then put serious cash into Leeds and make them competitors then I don't think Leeds fans will be complaining.
  23. Well that obviously likely to be the case because clubs that are on their a**e will be cheap, particularly those in admin where the new owners can often pick them up for the price of taking on their debt or in some cases just a portion thereof. Ironically the fact we are reasonably "well run" and in decent financial shape makes us less attractive to a large number of potential new owners simply due to the price they would have to pay, if the owners insist on selling for "market value" which would see them make a very substantial profit on their shareholding. to be fair, they've always said they do not expect to make any profit out of NCFC (as well as saying of course that they will never sell.) Pick up Norwich for £100m or Wigan basically for free? Long term we are the better asset but in terms of making a quick buck Wigan is the opportunity. But that should also give people confidence that if someone did buy us whilst in good shape they are unlikely to be solely in it for a quick buck because they ain't going to make one unless they can take us to and keep us at the "next level."
  24. Yes but one of the reasons we've been awful has been the team selections in my opinion.
  25. Its too late and no doubt when we lose we will be told that's why Farke picks the team but with the exception of Cantwell (who was then fit) I would very much have liked to have seen this side for our last 3 home league games and feel we might still be more in the hunt if we had.
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