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  1. I totally agree with the sentiments in this thread. Worthy has enjoyed the rather privileged position of not being under pressure for too much of this season and needs to be held accountable for the continued poor team selections and iffy tactics that we are seeing week in week out. I think if you asked the 24,000 people within Carrow Road which 2 or 3 payers are currently not up to the job then without fail they would say Holt, Flem and Edworthy. We can all see it and have done for most of the season - why can''t the management team!!

    This season is rather rapidly becoming and depressing embarassment. We all laughed when West Brom brought in Robson but they have improved significantly. So have Southampton and Palace (who finished 21 point below us last season) have been above us for most of the season. We on the other hand are going backwards due to our inability to do the basics at the back and in central midfield.

    Safri must be given a run in the middle. Play the Doc or Charlton alongside Shackell and bring in Helveg at right back and I am certain there would be a major improvement. Unfortunately however i fear we will still see the same names on the teamsheet because nobody seems to be brave enough to question worthy publicly over his team selections.
  2. I have to say that I agree with much of what is said in the original thread here. The number of senior people within the club who seemed to accept that we were likely to go down and that it would all be ok as we will go straight back up again has concerned me from day one. This sort of attitude was evident in our summer transfer activity and has also been evident in the attitude of the manager and the players to defeats all season.


    I do not hwoever accept that the gulf in class is as large as people choose to make out. Yes at the top of the table it is but in terms of the sorts of teams floatsing around the 8th to 16th place mark my own view is that we were quite capable of taking points off all of them but due to a combination of shambolic defending and simply not turning up for periods of matches we have not done ourselves justice.

  3. Jim Smith

    Team for next year...

    I think that Green, Francis, Helveg, Mulryne and Mcveigh will all probably be shown the door although Grreon and Francis could easily end up staying if nobody comes in with a good enough offer. Based on the players we have at the club at the moment less the 5 mentioned above I could see a starting 11 of:


    Eddy Doc Shackell Drury

    Jonson Stuart Safri Hucks

    Ashton Leon


    Going forward we have more than enough to do well in the Championship. The key to our season next year will therefore be whether Worthy can add the stability to the midfield and and defence that we have so obviously been lacking. The squad (plus the youngsters) are good enough to provide back up at that level so I think that next summers transfer activity need to be focused on two or three quality players with a quality centre half and central midfielder being top of my list followed by a right winger.





  4. Jim Smith

    Delia on Saturday.

    Or alternatively how about on saturday we all turn up at Carrow Road and concentrate on supporting and worrying about how the players on the pitch are doing rather than where our majority shareholder is sitting. Is it not enough that we haven''t had a headline written about us without cookery puns all season or appeared on match of the day without the cameras zooming in on Delia after every incident without turning saturdays game into yet another circus. Because that is what will happen now that its been announced she is "sitting with the fans." You can bet your life that the cameras will all be trained on the Barclay all game now. Personally i think Delia is great, I am eternally grateful to her for all that she has done for the club and although it was embarassing I don''t really care about her little outburst on Monday. However its Norwich City Football Club that I turn up to watch week in week out and just at the moment I think there is a real danger that the hype over Delia at times overshadows what is really important.
  5. Jim Smith


    YF I would be interested in one of those. Is there somewhere they will be on sale/available from where I could go and get one from on Friday/saturday. I don''t really like doing business over the internet
  6. Jim Smith


    The thing I don''t get about all this is that (although I have admittedly had a couple of shandies) I thought the atmosphere was quite good on Monday which makes the whole thing all the more bizarre
  7. Jim Smith

    worthington and keegan on the news

    Sorry but all season Worthy has been coming out after games and saying the obvious but then nothing changes in the next game. The same flaws have been abundantly obvious all season in the defence and the midfield but he has failed to sort them out. The only solution he seems to have to whatever problem that crops up is to buy a striker!

    Last night was tactical naivity beyond belief. Two nil up we should have killed the game. He should have been out there telling them to calm down and to knock the ball around and take the sting out of the game but they didn''t. Worthy has and does do a lot of things right but he is a very slow learner. The fans always seem to be well aware of our problems a few weeks before Worthy and this season that has cost us big time. That worries me imensely.

    On the plus side however i would just like to say that Ashtons display last night was the best i have seen from a Norwich striker for many years.


  8. Jim Smith

    Have your expectations been reached this season?

    I don''t buy this "we''ve done as well as could be expected" business. Personally I am disappointed with the situation that we find ourselves in as although i think it would not be realistic to expect us to be home and dry by now and a relegation battle was inevitable I also think that we should quite comfortably have at least half a dozen more points on the board than we do at present.

    There have been certain games where we just didn''t turn up and a number of others where we threw away points from decent positions or through going missing for ten minute spells. Since November I think we have defended very poorly. I remain firmly of the view that we should have got the extra striker in before the first transfer window and I have been disappointed at the way Worthy has retreated back to some of his nagative (or naive) ways from the first division at times, particularly away from home.

    I look at certain other sides in the division such as Pompey, Blackburn and certainly Palace and think it is not at all unrealistic for us to finish above them. Personally however I think that too many people within the club have accepted right from the start of the season that we would probably go down anyway and that it doesn''t really matter as we will go straight back up.

    God that sounded negative! I''m not really that downbeat about things and do continue to think our board and manager are on the whole excellent - just feel a really good opportunity to stay in the division and consolidate ourselves as a top flight club may be missed this season.

  9. Jim Smith

    Bentley back in two weeks.

    My mate wwas told the same story by a taxi driver on saturday night. he said that he had spoken to Bentley at the game and he had said he would be back in two weeks.
  10. Jim Smith

    Academy players released – mistake?

    Its a shame. i''ve seen a fair bit of them play and have always been impressed by Willis. Smith looks talented too. The problem with our youth players these days seems to be that they are all so small and lightweight. I can''t remember the last time we produced a big strong midfielder from our academy. They all seem to be small and skillful!
  11. I do not think that this will happen however if it did that would be good business in my opinion. Sorenson is a top keeper and the money would enable us to buy the extra players that could keep us in the top flight. After seeing yesterday I think another midfielder is required and Worthy still seems to want harewood. Having seen him play yesterday I can see why as although raw he clearly has the strength and pace to be quite a handful.
  12. Jim Smith

    Who has seen Ashton play?

    From what i have seen of him in the past he''s not very quick. Is a big lad but not really a target man in the iwan type of mould. Crewe fans have said he''s not great in the air. Is technically very good on the floor though and basically he is a damn good finisher who will put the ball in the net if given a chance.
  13. Jim Smith


    [quote]Dear Knowetc. I think you know in your heart of hearts what the outcome of this season is going to be, to believe otherwise makes you the greatest eternal optimist. Surely nothing that has happened so...[/quote]


    Why don''t you just not buy a season ticket and let one of the many fans who would treasure the opportunity of going to watch their team have a seat for the season then? Frankly you are clearly the type of fan we can do without if thats your attitude.

    Yes I am a little frustrated at the slightly over cautious approach that has been taken this season but I will still go every week to support the team. At the end of the day we were lucky last season that all our signings worked out. That has not happened yet this season but still could.
  14. It is becoming increasingly frustrating to me that the potential solution has been there staring Worthy in the face yet for some as yet unknown reason he is still relectant to play Safri. In my mind Safri and Francis are the perfect combination. Hopefully with his hand forced due to injuries we might see them get a chance to play together on saturday but i''m not counting on it.

    Frankly I am baffled at why Safri has only managed to start 4 games this season when in 3 of them that he has started he was arguably the best player in our team.


  15. Jim Smith

    Once a Canary...

    Whilst I admire the handiwork the fact that this ungracious, deluded baffoon once played for us is not something that I think we should be shouting from the fooftops. In fact i am embarassed unlike the Ippos who clearly cherish the thought that a goddess such as delia could once have offered some support to their club
  16. Jim Smith

    holt over safri...again

    Yellowarmy its exactly that kind of attitude and acceptance that we are planning to go down that worries me and that will see us get relegated when from what i am seeing on the pitch week in week out we are far from certainties. I would not get on Holts back during the game - he is a legend and his efforst over the last few years will not be forgotten - indeed he still has a vital role to play for our club whether in the prem or the first division. However it is Worthingtons absolute refusal to ever withdraw him or play any other midfielders despite on occasions it being fairly obvious that he is a bit out of his depth that is annoying some people - we cannot never complain about anything again simply because "we were champions last year."
  17. Jim Smith

    holt over safri...again

    Once again I cannot see how someone can watch that game and conclude that Holt was excellent and Francis did not have a good game. Francis (perhaps finishing aside) has stood out a mile in all but a couple of our games this season. The only other midfielder that has looked remotely in the same class is Safri on a couple of occasions.

    As for Holt he only ever seems to play in the second half and it seems to me no coincidence that we as a team do the same as its only once he starts to get a grip in midfield (and start tackling instead of backing off people and running around like a headless chicken) that we start to impose ourselves on teams. If he plays like he does in the second half of games then he perhaps merits his place but his first half performances have been abysmal. Also if one single incident from a game ever summed why some fans have reservations about Holts ability in the prem then its the moment towards the end of the first half when their defence made a mistake leaving Holt, Leon and Hucks 3 on 2 bearing down on goal. With a simple pass available in either direction Holt didn''t have a clue what to do, delayed the pass and then played a shocking ball to Leon which enabled James to save at his feet. Safri would not have made the same mistake!

  18. Jim Smith

    Hucks on the left at last !

    I''m sorry but I think that Francis was outstanding on saturday again (as he has been in every game where we''ve played 4-4-2) and I don''t understand how anyone can say Holt was better. Holt had a very good second half but was missing completely in the first half and in my opinion its no coincidence that our second half performance improved so dramatically because it was only in the second half that we had a midfield. If he can produce the second half display on a regular basis then Holt merits his place in the team but if he goes missing like in the first half then he is a liability. Personally i thought he was totally at fault for their first goal when having tracked Bents run adn forced him out to the touchline he inexplicably then stepped back from him and stood off him allowing him to slip that pass inside to Cahill. Last season he would have simply muscled the other player off the ball.


    I do agree about Hicks on the left. Although defensively it can be exploited it gives us so much more going forward.

  19. Jim Smith

    Visiting the Hawthorns?

    Yep we''ll be there and have sold our allocation which i beleive was 2,800 so should be a good atmosphere I believe. After the events of the weekend this game has assumed massive proportions for us so i''d expect a battle although we won''t try and outmuscle you. Defeat would be a real blow though with us still needing a win. Then again we haven''t yet come up against a team playing as ineptly as both Fulham and Bolton did last weekend!
  20. Jim Smith

    Time For Change ?

    I disagree regarding Safri - i think he looks class and has been very unlucky to get booked in 2 of his 3 games. on saturday his foul was not worthy of a booking and I don''t really think he deserved one at Spurs.

    I also think Bentley is starting to come good although I agree his shooting needs to improve. In the last couple of games he has got on the ball a lot more and is starting to have a real influence. Just needs to improve his pass selection and use his team mates a bit more!

  21. Jim Smith

    Team i'd like to see tomorrow





    Would like to see Henderson geta  runout as well but think Jonson needs another game under his belt and Bentley needs to get his confidence up and a game against lower league players could be the perfect opportunity for him to play a bit.


  22. Jim Smith

    Another Huckerby song

    Have posted before but I rather like this one to the tune of "Let it be"

    Huckerby, Huckerby,Huckerby,Huckerby

    Scoring goals for City

    Huckerby, Huckerby


  23. We already have a song for Huckerby that occasionally gets aired in the pub to the tune of Let it Be.


    Words are (fairly obvious really):


    Huckerby, Huckerby, Huckerby, Huckerby...

    Scoring goals for City

    Huckerby, huckerby.....




  24. It really annoys me that the Scots have managed to gain this image when they in my opinion just as bad as us. The problem is that when some scotsman in a kilt gets tanked up, sings and shouts and then vomits on the pavement (which they frequently do) everyone just shrugs their shoulders and says its those loveable rogues the Scots. Witness the Celtic fans when they came down to Carrow Road - if England fans behaved like they did they they would all be batton cherged, rounded up and shipped out of the city.

    So far as Germany 2006 is concerned however I agree that it could well be a nightmare, mainly because there is such a large Turkish population living there. This is a recipe for disaster because not only are they always keen to have a pop at the English but also it does bring out the worst in the English support. Personally next time I travel to see England play abroad in a major tournament it will be to somewhere like Japan where there was never going to be any trouble. Last time I went was to brussels for Euro 2000 and that was an absolute nightmare.


  25. Jim Smith

    Line up for Sunday?

    The team will be:


    Edworthy, Fleming, Charlton, Drury

    Mcveigh, Safri, Francis, Bentley

    Doherty, Huckerby