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  1. We could do a lot worse. i know we have not liked him traditionally but thats more to do with the fact he''s been managing "rival" clubs at the same sort of level as us. Would rather have someone like him or Pardew than many of the other candidates.
  2. http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/80205
  3. Technically I suspect they are both telling the truth but as with a lot of statements that eminate from our club these days they are very carefully crafted. As has been pointed out above Doncaster states no "formal approach" has been made. He does not, as far as I can see, deny that someone might have spoken to someone at the IFA. Indeed in his last sentence he states they have been sounding out various clubs and managers as to availability (in truth that is precisely what I would expect him to say). What I really don''t understand though is given Delia and Worthy are mates why, if they wanted him, did they just not sound him out off the record before speaking to the IFA. They surely could have got an indication as to whether he would consider any offer without breaching any rules and all this would have been avoided.
  4. Yes I suppose we should be thankful for that but its not really the point!
  5. at tonights news. I know i''m a couple of hours late but I simply cannot believe what is going on. Its not just that our "Plan A" appears to be to get in a manager who showed himself to be tactically inept previously and who we had to pay off at great cost. For me though whats most depressing is that whilst we have all been assuming there was a plan for once and had someone lined up buts its now clear we don''t have a bl**dy clue what to do. Its hard to think of an act more out of touch with the fans. I can only assume it may have been a cheap, temporary option for us which is what appealed but for gods sake can things get any worse! All of the optimism I felt in the wake of the Roeder departure is beginning to ebb away! 
  6. Hell of a rumour that one then. Roger Munby is at Dunston Hall. Would perhaps be more useful to know who he''s there with!
  7. Is a link on WOTB. I thought he was on a season long loan? Surely they can''t just flog him to someone else behind our back? Lets hope its rubbish as he''s one of our few attacking threats.
  8. [quote user="we8wba"] lincoln - so you not heard the fact that our last away game this season is barnsley away and we''re hoping to get the same capacity as sunderland did 2years ago in being 7-8k. and lincoln its easy for supporters to go to game like barnsley (chance to go up hopefully) playoff semi, you find out your real supporters in the lesser games i reckon and norwich are taking either the fewest or second fewest amount supporters we''ve seen all season [/quote]   NO WE ARE NOT - MY GOD YOU ARE THICK. I bet you we will still have more there than half the sides who have taken the side stand allocation. I also bet that in comparison with the other teams you have played in evening matches it will stack up favourably. It also has to be acknowledged that there are quite a few teams in the midlands in this league and therefore they will always take decent support to games which are 20 minutes up the road. I bet you we will take as many fans there than you brought to us.
  9. [quote user="BRAVEHEART"] Former manager Nigel Worthington believes the Norwich City board should have stood by Glenn Roeder, rather than sacking him yesterday. The current Northern Ireland manager was given the chop by the City directors in 2006, after six years in charge at Carrow Road and one promotion. But following Peter Grant''s failed stint at management, Roeder''s tenure lasted just 14 months and Worthington believes the powers that be have been too hasty as they embark on the search for the Canaries'' fourth manager in three seasons. “They have brought a young manager in, then they don''t show the faith in him that they should do,” said Worthington. “Pressure goes on board and boards have got to be strong, and I know the financial circumstances and situations within football clubs, that revenue has got to be brought in. “But if you''re going to employ somebody, then you''ve got to stand by them.” Unity is what brings success according the Northern Ireland chief, rather than chopping and changing at the top - especially when the going gets tough. “Spectators nowadays, and everybody, managers and coaches, they can all win games,” added Worthington. “But sometimes it happens for you and sometimes it doesn''t, and I think you should stand behind your manager and give as much support as you can. “I think there''s been a lot of frustration. We all know what a good club it is and it is very sad and disappointing to see where it is at this moment in time, so let''s hope they can move forward.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________   I totally agree with Nigel Worthington Norwich should have stood by Roeder, but all the Roeder outers wanted him to go, I hope you are all proud of yourselves. You did the same thing to Worthington, and no doubt in 1 or 2 years time you will be doing the same thing to the next manager. We need to show faith in our managers like Worthington stated, and we never show faith in them, we also need patience. The board of directors are careless, they don''t think they just sacked Roeder without thinking. They were careless also when they turned down Peter Cullum''s offer. All the board should get out, you should go, you are no good to this club. I can''t wait until an investor comes in. Yes Roeder got rid of Huckerby, and we now have to move on without him but Roeder brought some good players in like Lita, Evans, Pattison, Bell, Stefanovic, Kennedy, Bertrand etc. Unfortunately he wasn''t given the money to bring in quality players. But having said that he wasn''t a great coach, and I don''t think he could motivate his players, get the best out of the set of players that he had. At first I thought this was stupid when people were saying he couldn''t motivate his players but when we lost against Nottingham Forest, Charlton then I really did ask questions of him. Also when he didn''t play Lupoli. Why doesn''t he play Russell in his proper position? Also why didn''t Bell play on the right in one game I think it was when Croft wasn''t playing? Decisions like these are what cost him and had he have got his team selection right then maybe he would have done a little bit better. The qualities I will be looking for in the next manager is can he get the best out of the set of players he is working with, whinging on about money is no good it is whether he can get the best out of the players, whether he can get results with them. [/quote] Managers always come out with this sort of cr*p as they look after each other. Firstly you completely contradict yourself in the second part of your paragraph by setting out what cost Roeder his job. Secondly in my eyes Roeder would still be there if it wasn''t for the fact he is such an unpleasant man who managed to alienate everyone. He only has himself to blame!
  10. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="Jim Smith"] To the Wolves idiot: 1. Its a Tuesday night in teh first week of February; 2. We will almost certainly lose; 3. How many di you bring to us on a Tuesday night? I will bet good money we will bring about the same to you. 4. Molineux is one of (if not the) worst away trips of the season and we''ve all been their countlesss times before. If we have a new manager in it may well add a few to the away following anyway.   [/quote]   1. i know, i dont expect a sell out from you guys, but this means you taking the least or 2nd least amount of fans all season 2. anyone can beat anyone in this league, you said that last time we played and you battered us, saints beat reading at reading last month who would predicted that? 3. think our allocation was 1.5k and we took 1.1k if i remember right, 4. why is it so bad? not saying stadium deluxe far from it, but better than large majority for standards and size [/quote]   1. No it doesn''t. I bet loads have taken the side and then only half filled it! Still holds at least 1,000 behind the goal doesn''t it? 2. Maybe but the fact is we have lost 8 of our last 11 away games or something like that! 3. I am dubious you had that many but it will be in our programme on saturday so will check. You were also top of the league. We may well be in the bottom 3. We will still bring 800 plus I would say. 4. Its bad because your fans are a bunch of a**eholes, there are no decent pubs to drink in and its a generally less than pleasant experience in a dump of a city.
  11. To the Wolves idiot: 1. Its a Tuesday night in teh first week of February; 2. We will almost certainly lose; 3. How many di you bring to us on a Tuesday night? I will bet good money we will bring about the same to you. 4. Molineux is one of (if not the) worst away trips of the season and we''ve all been their countlesss times before. If we have a new manager in it may well add a few to the away following anyway.  
  12. or else the board will already lose the few brownie points they picked up with me for acting swiftly over Roeder! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1116559/Norwich-ready-turn-clock-Worthington-replacement-Roeder.html  
  13. If he comes back I suspect it will be for 2 months on loan until the end of their winter break so that San Jose shirt should still be good after all
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Blainsey"] [quote user="paul moy"]There''s only one man who would never re-sign Hucks and he has now gone.  It''s a no-brainer with season-ticket renewals on the horizon !!!  [/quote]   Just think of the popularity the new guy would get!! O''Neill''s first capture was Fleck...fans loved him for it.   [/quote] remind me again how that ended up? Hucks will not keep us up.. the rest of the squad is poor.. we dont wscore enough goals and Darren is just 1 man... he has gone, accept it, last season proved he could no longer do it at this level, why would he do it now? jas :) [/quote]   Hucks alone will not keep us up I agree. But Hucks back would give everyone a huge boost, get the new manager onside with the fans immediately and possibly help kick-start our season!
  15. I reckon they may have a replacement already lined up but whatevere we will all be right behind the boys on saturday. Get a manager in who the fans can relate to and get Hucks back, at least for the winter break. The atmosphere at the game on saturday will be unrecognisable!  
  16. I agree that roeder out will not solve our problems and there are bigger issues but it is the one thing that can hapopen quickly and possibly see us make a short term recovery sufficient to stay in this division. In short it is much more achievable and likely then a new buyer for the club being found any time soon. This being the case it is bound to be the focal point for many fans.
  17. Going though the motions according to my mate who has gone. Passing in midfield without going anywhere but he says we are waiting for them to get a second. I can only assume those who were pleased Cort has started have not seen hom play because I can tell you now he is NOT a footballer. I don''t know what he is but its not a footballer. He may scramble the odd one in from a couple of feet but he can''t run and more bizarrely he can''t bl**y jump. Yet we''ve shipped out our top scorer and replaced him with this clown whose not scored for 3 years!Dropping Hoolahan again another shocking decision. The defence is pathetic and shows how poor our squad is now. If it wasn''t for the fact I want to see us play at Orient I would want us to lose this by 2 or 3. Anything that helps hasten the departure of this utter, utter imbecile in charge of our team.
  18. I think a lot of people''s views have changed/hardened since November. If someone from NCISA reads this is it possible for us to email in views ahead of the jan committee meeting?
  19. [quote user="glove1"] city have confirmed there has only been 13500 tickets bought for tonight and that includes 1500 allocated to charlton who will prob bring about 500. so not the 18000 people expected!!! oh well, hopefully it will be the die-hard fans going to get behind the team.   CTID OTBS [/quote]   Or maybe its the happy clappy post Cardiff brigade who blindly support everyone no matter what and are part of the reason we are in the mess we are in now who are going. Virtually everyone I know who i would consider to be a hardcore fan is staying away. Personally I just could not be bothered to travel up from london to watch two such appalling teams for the 3rd time in a month. There will be 10,000 under 18s there.
  20. Good points. I assume too that Norwich City''s decision to sign up to the FL Interactive deal was a formality...
  21. Like many posting on this thread I am currently seriously undecided about whether to renew my season ticket next season. I am a home and away season ticket holder and have had a season ticket every season bar 1 since 1986. I will probably do it in the end but only because going to football with my mates on a saturday is what I do and not going would leave a big gap in my life.I fully expect season ticket sales to plummet next season and crowds to be down by 5,000 -7,000. Someone posted above that it may be a good thing to go back to smaller crowds as it would be the loyal supporters left but in my experience is is the people I would regard as the "loyal" old school fans who have been going to Carrow Road who are most disillusioned and who are likely to stay away and for me that is the most worrying thing.I don''t really see how they can expect people to renew early this year anyway when its highly likely that we will not even know what division we are going to be in. I can''t see many people shelling out early for a season ticket at championship prices when its entirely possible we may be in league 1.
  22. I expect there are free tickets being dished out left, right and centre in an effort to swell the numbers. i don''t like seeing us get a poor crowd but at the end of the day if its gets the message accross then maybe a humiliating crowd for what is ultimately a fairly meaningless game would get a few people''s attention.
  23. Someone told me yesterday that it was in the paper that we have only sold 5,000 tickets for Tuesday night''s replay. If that is the case it is sending a very loud and clear message. IMHO the board can expect more of the same next season if they don''t get us out of this mess!
  24. I went to Bramall Lane expecting to lose and we duly did. I am becoming more and more convinced by the week that we are going down unless something dramatic happens. Once again we did not really play badly and could have got a point but we say that EVERY week and the fact is that virtually every week we play ok but still end up losing due to missing the chances we create and gifting the opposition easy goals that they don''t really have to work for as happened again yesterday. A few comments:1. We need to replace both fullbacks now. Bertrand was abysmal yesterday and Drury should be brought back in asap (never thought I would say that). As for Semi well I can only describe his first half performance as an utter digrace. He ambled about shadowing his man whilst not making any takles and constantly allowing their winger to cross the ball into the box under no pressure whatsover. That is what happened for their goal and the truth is the winger should never have been allowed to get that ball into the area. Semi is immensely frustrating as on his day he can be fantastic but he is a "homer," has mental lapses and costs us goals. A right back must be a priority in this transfer window as Omasuzi is a liability in that position as well!2. Thought Grounds did quite well.3. The game confirmed to me once and for all that Fotheringham is s**t. Every time he gets the ball it slows things down and we end up going backwards.4. Hopefully that is the last we will see of Sibierski. Good riddance.5. Lupoli was very lively and looked a real threat.6. What the hell is the point of having Cort on the bench if Roeder does not even have faith to bring him on when he has no other fit strikers. Why has he not brought Cureton back from loan or why doesn''t he put Renton on the bench?7. Decent enough away turnout but impossible to create any atmosphere in that lower tier.8. The Doc plyed well and we looked much more dangerous when he went up front at the end.That is all!
  25. We are heading towards sacking our third manager in three years... Under this pathetic board, we''ll be doing the same thing again next season. We have to let them know they are a failure, in no uncertain terms. Sack The Board.  
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