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  1. Was apparently what our owners told David Phillips in a chat pre-match today. Second bottom, 5 points from safety. And they are "delighted." Says it all.
  2. No way he will come to us in January if Newcastle are also interested. Probably could have got him in the summer.
  3. Jim Smith

    Stuart Webber

    Once he's overseen our relegation perhaps he can stop lording it over our fanbase and telling us how his hands are tied by the shambles he inherited. He will have to prove that last season was not a one off and that he can recruit again at a similar level with all the money we will have from the sale of our youngsters. He did a good job last season. This season it appears they have misjudged things.
  4. The term used is also "investment" which does not mean a sale of the club. Investment of significant sums of money in return for no control is unlikely to come forward for a club like ours. Man City have just attracted some but then they are a more "sure bet" to stay at the top level, win things and for the investors to potentially recoup their money. At our level, what we really mean by investor will usually be a buyer because they will want to be able to control the club. I agree its contradictory. I missed that EDP interview in January and it went a little under the radar but they are frequently contradictory on this topic. At AGM's previously they have made statements about being "open to investment" such as that but have also made various other comments in other interviews which contradict it. Even as recently as prior to the Watford game Delia was on tv saying she wanted to carry on forever and then of course there is the famous Times interview. The trend seems to be that in more managed interviews with local journalists the line is "open to investment" but when the guard is down or they are allowed to go off script the message is a little different.
  5. Jim Smith

    Self-sustaining model

    The limit of the model (or our glass ceiling if you like) is us being a yo-yo club or if you want it from the horses mouth "Top 26" as they have confirmed is the objective. They have obviously chosen that objective because they think its indicative of the club performing at its optimum level under the model/constraints that we have. I completely accept that some fans are satisfied with that. They are happy being a yo-yo club. Many prefer the championship (although that wasn't the case when we tended to do a bit better in the top division). many of these fans have bought into the notion that relegation from the premier league is more or less inevitable because we cannot really compete financially at that level but don't mind that. Other fans find the continued failure at the top level and lack of willingness to really do all that we can to stay there (including the possibility of new ownership) more frustrating and think we can strive for a bit more. They are becoming disillusioned with the realisation that at this level we are just never going to be truly competitive under this model. Some probably fall into the second category but also accept the line that there is nobody out there wanting to buy a club like Norwich so it is what it is. As others have said it really depends what you aspire to for the club and what you are looking for from supporting the club. Its fairly easy to see which of the two camps most of us fall into on this message board but as ever there will be people all across the spectrum between two extremes.
  6. Jim Smith

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    I agree, Farke is not to blame. It flows from the top. That said there are areas where I think he could have do/could do a bit better this season. I think he was outdone by Wilder yesterday and on Wednesday by the Saints manager, both of whom appeared to have their players more fired up for the key spells which determined the games. I am really unsure as to why the hunger appears to be lacking in the side at present, its strange. That Shef U side is man for man no better than us and I would argue probably worse in terms of technical ability (and there was little in it for most of that match) but they look like they may stay up comfortably because they have a steel, determination and a belief about them that we currently seem to lack.
  7. Jim Smith

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    If I may level one criticism of him (aside from the done to death set piece marking) it’s that I don’t feel he has the players coming out after half time fired up/focussed enough. It happens every week and in the last two home games has cost us. I also don’t feel we were up for it as we should have been at Southampton. Calmness is one of his attributes but perhaps from time to time a bit more tub thumping is required.
  8. Jim Smith

    Self-sustaining model

    They are not doing it for themselves for “financial gain” I agree. They may be doing it partly out of an emotional tie to and willingness to part with their club though!
  9. Jim Smith

    Self-sustaining model

    The model is about them retaining ownership of the club. It’s necessary because of that. I agree it’s not about success on the pitch.
  10. Jim Smith

    Self-sustaining model

    I just don’t accept that. There have been times, including this season where I think we would have been extremely attractive to potential purchasers. Really all they need to do infrastructure wise is find a new stand. That is if our owners are not looking to make a big profit out of selling the club!
  11. He said it twice then. He did admittedly say “of course they would like a few more points” but then he said “but they are delighted with how everything is going at Carrow Road.” if he subsequent corrected that then yes fair enough it slightly changes it but I would still argue it shows that premier league survival is not the priority it should be.
  12. It would have the opposite effect for me. I hate the fact that every time I watch us on tv the cameras zoom in on Delia Smith all the time, often having a good laugh as we struggle to a defeat. I hate all the constant cooking puns in the papers. But most of all I hate the fact that it appears that we can never again compete in the premier league.
  13. Only if its to announce she is selling the club.
  14. Jim Smith

    Self-sustaining model

    Set yourself a target that allows relegation and then claim you are still on track. Couldn't make it up. Relegation this season is failure, full stop. Relegation without putting up a decent fight, as looks like could be the case, is obviously more culpable than relegation after a decent effort.
  15. First time a red card been rescinded by VAR of course. Had to be against us!
  16. Delia told David Phillips (co comms on the stream) before the game how they are "delighted" with how everything is going down at Carrow Road at the moment. Says it all.
  17. We are down. Can;t see a way back from here. At half time there was a **** of light and it looked like we could put ourselves back in range of a few teams but that pathetic second half no show has killed us. We don;t deserve to stay up with the way we defend and just gift games to average sides and our owners do not deserve to own a premier league club since they won;t ever attempt to keep us there. Depressing. What makes it even more annoying is that Sheffield United are not particularly good. They don;t have better players than us they are just better drilled, dare I say it better coached and seem to have a hunger that our team has lost this season..
  18. Because we are owned by selfish owners who wish to run us as some kind of social experiment and also because you cannot recover from these spells where you ship goals and are not focussed in the premier league. We did it last season but our firepower masked things.
  19. Farke has to take some blame here. The first half performance on saturday and the second half today both completely unacceptable and he has not had the players fired up enough in either of them. First half they were today and the difference was clear.
  20. We were playing well enough then totally switched off after half time. Its not that we are not capable of playing well enough but they seem to have these lulls and you can;y come back and win games at this level like you can in the champ
  21. This is not a one off after half time. It happens in nearly all of our games and we did it against Arsenal as well before waking up when they scored. Sometimes we get away with it and others we do not.
  22. The way we start the second half in almost every game is a huge problem and this is one I think can be laid at Farke's door. It nearly always takes us 10 minutes to get going after half time and we just come out sitting off and passive.. It really f**ks me off and today has completely turned the game on its head after we had worked so hard.
  23. Jim Smith

    Genuine question

    We won't hold on to "most of the squad" when we go down. All the youngsters will want to move on to stay in the prem and I suspect Pukki will as well. The top 26 target is utterly absurd. We are already higher than that so our board, whilst the club are sitting in 18th/19th place in the country have actually set themselves a "target" which includes the possibility of being in a lower division than we are now. Utterly ludicrous.
  24. Jim Smith

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Home games remaining: Shef U Wolves Spurs Palace Bournemouth Liverpool Leicester Southampton Everton Brighton West Ham Burnley On paper, quite a few games you would give us a decent chance of winning there. if we are to stay up I reckon we will need to win about 7 out of 12 and pick up a couple of away wins as well. A tough ask but not completely out of the question, especially if we can get 3 points on Sunday.
  25. Jim Smith

    Do you think we will stay up?

    It worries me that Farke doesn't regard games against the likes of Watford and Saints as 6 pointers and I do think that may be a small part of the problem. His calmness can be a great attribute but I do think sometimes he needs to be a bit more fired up. The way we come out after half time so passive really riles me and I worry that he is not getting the players fired up enough for these important games. They are 6 pointers as are any games against Brighton, Burnley, Bournemouth, Villa, Newcastle, West Ham and even the likes of Palace who we could have dragged into the scrap had we not gifted them three points at a crucial point in their season when theior season could have gone either way. Take a couple of points off two of those teams totals and add a couple to ours (i.e. assume we just drew a couple of those games rather than even winning them) and the table would look a lot tighter and a bit more encouraging but instead we have absolutely gifted them all 3 points without them having to play very well to earn them. It worries me that he does not have us fired up enough for these games. We seem to have no problem firing ourselves up to play the "bigger" or more glamourous clubs where, apart from Man U, the level of our performances have been much higher.