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  1. ok...so not about norwich but i was just playing with the man city squad and came up with 2 totally different starting 11s, both of which would finish in top half premiership:HartRichardsLescottKompanyKolarovA. JohnsonYaya ToureBarrySilvaBalotelli TevezTHENGivenZabaletaKolo ToureBoatengBridgeWright-PhillipsMilnerDeJongRobinhoAdebayorJoAnd outside of that, there still isn''t a place for Vieira,. Santa Cruz and Caicedo among others.That is just crazy.
  2. yah i do agree that we cant keep out martin.  this is really a dilemma coz i''m not sure how much defensive cover he would provide in a 4-3-2-1.but this is what we pay lambert the big money for!  to sort this out!i just feel like what we may end up seeing is the same failure of the diamond experiment that we had a few years ago with worthy i think it was.....it just didn''t work.  its also impt we look at this critically....drury is excellent defensively but not going forward.  martin is not great going forward either.  without that, plus strong support from the midfield to interchange passes with, the diamond is chock full of holes you can just pass your way thru with ease.  anyway, it is only the first match but hey, we all want promotion and that starts from game 1!  (except last season of course. :))
  3. Hey allCurious what everyone thinks.  I''m just thinking the diamond isn''t right for us and I also think that most teams out there just don''t use it anymore.  Reasons:a.  It leaves the midfield exposed.  There''s not enough muscle in there.b.  It needs quality attacking fullbacks to give the team width.  Martin and Drury are defensively sound but going forward they are not quite strong enough.c.  Most teams that attempt a diamond-like formation have taken to two players in front of the back four and just one upfront.  4-2-3-1.  That beefs up the midfield and leaves a creative role for a Wes like player.  I dont see teams out there playing the diamond anymore.  But the 4-5-1/4-2-3-1 is all the rage at the mo.Against Watford, we were simply outmatched in midfield.  Imagine what the likes of the better Championship teams will do to us.  On top of that, Fox isn''t a tough player.  He''s a finesse player -- and a good one at that -- but it leaves our back four exposed more often than not.  Also, the midfield two of Crofts and Surman have to cover too much area to be effective.  The number of times we had great distribution out wide to Martin or Drury who were in wide open spaces but there wasn''t enough motion toward them to give them the support they needed.  More often than not, they were left on their own to create space and cross the ball.  Too much to ask and it became predictable.  I dont blame our players for that...its just too much ground to cover all the time.  This is why 4-2-3-1 works.  The ''2'' provide more cover to allow the three in front of them to have less defensive responsibility and they are more free to support the attacks.I would LOVE to see Wes in that creative position but I feel like we have to go to 4-4-2 or lose a striker in order to stay defensively sound enough to win games in the Championship.So...we''re looking at either:RuddyMartinWardNelsonDrurySurmanFoxCroftsHoolahanHoltMartinORRuddyMartinWardNelsonDruryFoxCroftsSurmanLappin/SmithHoolahanHoltDunno...what does everyone think?  The diamond worked wonders in League 1.  But in the Championship.....it might not work.  Even Malky said they took advantage of the diamond formation.....
  4. same here.  am in new york and always hard to find a reliable stream...dont want to miss them in action since its so rare to be able to watch a game!thanks in advance!  
  5. i had to acquire the license but it is working.  just takes a while for the "play" button on the license to become clickable.  i use firefox with windows media player.  used to be that firefox didn''t work and it would only work on IE so maybe try whichever one you''re not using.
  6. [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="nycanary"]HiI get to watch my 2nd ever Norwich match tomorrow.  I''ve supported the club for 28 years and since I''ve never lived in the UK, it just hasn''t happened often enough.  My first ever match was a 2-0 defeat at, yes, Palace.  But I get to go again tomorrow but don''t have a ticket.  Can I just pick up one at Selhurst before kickoff?  Anyone know?I am dead excited.[/quote]lets hear your match?day report NYCanary???[/quote]far far better than the first time i was there.  we looked solid and deserved to win.  excellent in first half.  and fairly even in the 2nd half.  when you''re there, you get to see how dion communicates with the team and rallies them.  see rusty''s energy combined with fozzy''s positional play and distribution.  see semmy''s runs and his potential down the right.  see that camara is a bit slow.  pattison is great to have -- tough lad.  thought off the ball movement was so much better than in some of the matches i''ve seen on TV.  makes a big difference.  i thought doc and shacks were at fault for the goal -- morrison had two yards space either side of him in the box from a setpiece.  thats just not acceptable.  and we do really lack quality up front.  jamie is ok.  he''s not very quick; he''s not likely to dribble past defenders.  he''s not big.  he''s a good finisher but even then, he''s not clinical.  and we have no one who is any better.  i think if we can hang on to ched, that would be a great start -- he held the ball up well, pushed on and almost got a goal.  enjoyed sitting wtih all of you who were there!  great to be around so many norwich fans.  i normally am the only one if at a pub watching the match.  and for those away-day ladies in the crowd, i must admit that some of you are quite fit!  :)  you know who you are in row 11.enjoyed myself a LOT.  i really wish i could be at more matches.
  7. thanks all.  hopefully will sort it out and get to watch us finally beat palace at theirs.  how long has it been?  i can''t remember the last time we won there.
  8. [quote user="Attack Barclay 2nd Half FFS"]prob cos they''re support isn''t all that .... why not call them..... would you ask on here what time Ikea opens?Amazing you''ve picked on of THE worst grounds in the entire world to see us play...... twice[/quote]thanks.  very helpful.  maybe coz its late in the evening and i cant ring them up.  maybe coz they might be closed on jan 1.  maybe coz this is a norwich forum and this would be a place to ask (shocking thought, that).  and yes, selhurst park is a horrible place to go but i dont live in england and this is what the fixture list has delivered while i''m here.i''m sorry if i offended your everso practical sensibilities.  and i sincerely hope my 2008 isn''t as miserable as you seem to be.  cheer up, silly person!
  9. HiI get to watch my 2nd ever Norwich match tomorrow.  I''ve supported the club for 28 years and since I''ve never lived in the UK, it just hasn''t happened often enough.  My first ever match was a 2-0 defeat at, yes, Palace.  But I get to go again tomorrow but don''t have a ticket.  Can I just pick up one at Selhurst before kickoff?  Anyone know?I am dead excited.
  10. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]10 corners in the first half sounds very promising[/quote]but sadly 1-0 down doesnt.
  11. what john was really trying to say in that interview:"i''m fat.  i''m lazy.  i''m slow.  and i haven''t played since man discovered the wheel.  but i''m still better than you lot."
  12. it is pretty unbelievably awful.  seriously...its like if we got 11 players off this board we''d do better.cant pass to each othercant run well off the ballhux cant beat the offside trap when he''s clearly faster and doesn''t need to play so close to the linemartin cant stay on his feetits a negative formation coz hux keeps going wideif grant doesn''t bring on strihavka, take off lappin, put hux out left and go for proper 4-4-2, he''s just not got the bottle to go for it.this is just awful.  it''s worse than the last time we were on sky.so embarrassing.  in the 28 years i''ve supported norwich, it has never, ever been this bad.
  13. coz am in the US, i very rarely get to watch city.  today is a thrill!but i wish the performance was better.  think the formation is all wrong.  to play this 4-5-1/4-3-3, think you need to have really lively, energetic wingers like villa have with agbonlahor and young.  when one is on the ball, the other is sprinting into the box to join carew and have 2 attackers.  if you dont have that, you''re left with solo man upfront and no support and basically, we''re wasting one position on the pitch.  plus brown should either be played front and center or not at all.  he can''t play in this wide-ish slot.lappin looks lost in the midfield three.  spillane and jarvis are doing alrite.  and with very rare exceptions, both fullbacks have not pushed on.i''ve always loved to find a workable formation outside of 4-4-2  but with our squad, i think 4-4-2 is our best option.halftime...would sub lappin for croft, push brown up front.  go 4-4-2.  then make decisions on strihavka/martin later in the match along with russell for spillane coz of the yello card.must admit its GREAT to watch us on the telly....even if we''re not playing well.what do others think?
  14. listening to matches on the radio, i must say the music sounds really awful.a loud cheer is all we need and then otbc.  seriously, the rest sounds like a pathetic attempt to cover up the lack of crowd noise....which is silly coz the crowd is plenty loud.
  15. hey, quick thing.  for those of us abroad, what''s the diff between pinkun.com and the digital version of pinkun being sold...looked at the promo on the homepage and dont really understand whta the diff is.thanks!
  16. the 2nd video link shows he has a wee bit of pace for a bigman.all the others show that he can head the ball in when no one is marking him.ahh...wait and see!
  17. marshallotsebomorshackelldoherty (or new)drurychadwick/croftfotheringhambrellierhuckerbycuretonmartin/dublin/newalternatively, hux up front with cureton and put chadwick/croft on the other wing too.  but reality is everyone says jamie needs bigman up front to do well so that''s that.
  18. eastwood has agreed terms with wolves.we are going to regret not signing him.  he will prolly score 20+ for wolves next season.
  19. Everyone should stop being so emotional about this.Football contracts and transfers are just like anything else in business negotiations -- it''s driven by leverage.  Who has it and who doesn''t.  Historically, Norwich has not garnered the leverage needed to protect our assets.  Earnshaw and Ashton both, LOGICALLY, made conditions of their continued employment with a Championship team to be contingent upon promotion chances and escape clauses.  It''s only natural for players who should be in Prem to make that part of an agreement with us.  What are you hoping for?  Some blind loyalty akin to what we feel as lifelong fans?  Please.  Wake up.It''s not a failure of the Board.  It''s the reality that we are a Championship team who is not considered to be a top promotion chance this season.   Frankly, when you think about it, how much clubs in the Championship have got our budget this off-season?  The relegated teams plus money-spinning Wolves.  Anyone else?  For a team that finished bottom half last season, it''s not half bad.What''s more to the point is that IF we get promoted, that we THEN re-do our contracts to protect our key assets.  We simply can''t do that while being relegated or staying in the Championship.
  20. God there''s a lot of vitriol on this board about the transfers recently...just a few thoughts:Good News:  PG is signing players.  And on the surface, it looks like he and his crew are doing more scouting work than NW ever did.  So, with Otsemobor, Marshall, Gilks, Cureton and this Czech lad, its to see new talent coming in.  Also, we still have loads of money left to spend -- and that''s very good news.  He''s also getting rid of talent that doesn''t hold long-term potential for us -- Henderson and Thorne both gone among others.  These are just good footballing decisions.Bad News:  We lost Earnie and none of the new signings are proven.  Cureton has one good year.  Marshall is solid.  Who knows on Gilks, Otse and the Czech boy.  So, to me, we''ve picked up some solid squad players but no one that really points to us being a true promotion threat this season.At this stage, if we pick up a few more well-known quality signings then we are in great shape.  If we don''t, then it''s mid-table unless this squad over-achieves and pulls off a Reading.We need to buy Eastwood.  And if we can, a central defender and midfielder. So....all things considered, I''m cautiously optimistic.
  21. Can anyone shed some light on why the highlights for our matches on Canaries World are so awful?  Take the Wolves match for example -- we see their goal, the sending offs and not ONE single norwich chance in a match where we had them by the bucketful.  Is there some legal restriction here coz if not, whoever edits this thing needs to get a new job.For those of us living abroad its our only way to watch any Norwich action.  It would be nice if we could actually get some value for our money.
  22. oops!  you are quite right.  i missed all those players.clearly the site where i got all this stuff from hasn''t been updated in years!thanks for clearing that up....
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