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  1. Funny, my boss is from Gävle. Didn''t know they had a city fest this weekend. We''ve got a few bands on their way up there this autumn. The main thing for me is not having to put up with Martin Dahlin''s ill informed rubbish on TV4 anymore, or Pontus Kåmark pointing our how poor D1 is (still nor will anyone else since D1 is on Viasat Sport 2 this year, which no can get...). And besides it''s easier on the brain listening to english rather than swedish ;-)
  2. The Djurgården story was in Tuesdays Expressen and all over the web on wednesday. The Norwich story was on page 2 of the paper on Wednesday and my guess is that it''ll be on the web today. Don''t think that DIF could afford a fee for him right now. He''ll end up in Stockhlm when he''s 33. Perhaps after a few years in the prem with City? I also think he''d be of more use on the right, though I actually think he''d do a good job, I also reckon that Ällbäck has had a rough time at Villa and is a more than handy player when given decent service.
  3. I just posted this on 606, thought I''d reapeat it here. I''m from Norfolk but live in Sweden by the way... Buffalo fella can correct my translation but it''s pretty accurate (couldn''t be bothered typing the whole thing). The Shabban rumour is also on Footboldirekt dot com if you''re interested. --- It''s not a wind up, it''s on page 2 of Expressen''s (swedish tabloid) sport pull out. Same paper linked us with the keeper Rami Shabban yesterday, who said he has been on trail and that Svensson had suggested him to Worthy. Back to Jonsson, he says: "It sounds really interesting. Prem is a dream, i am 30 and it''s nearly my last chance to play in a top league. I hope that Norwich''s interest is real. It''s Brondby (his Danish club) who have the last word." He has 1 & 1/2 years left on his contract but Brondby have just bought a young Swedish winger who might be lined up as a replacement I guess. He would be a great signing. A hard working kind of player who can play just as well on the wing as up front. Not usually a target man though. Whenever I''ve seen him play for Sweden he''s been good if not exactly spectacular. He and Helvg would make a great right side I think
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