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  1. Ronbol Ronbol, this is not the first time Worthington has attacked the fans - after one game (at the beginning of his reign) during which the fans sang ''You don''t know what your doing''  He came back fighting saying ''that was the most noise they made all game''.  I think it was a fair comment he made the other day - he is the mananger - so he makes the decisions. You obviosly cannot remember his first ''attack'' on the fans - due to the fact u r making such a big thing about his recent comment - were u actually a fan back then? or have u jumped on the bandwagon recently?? If we sack worthington we can kiss all promotion chances goodbye this year and bye bye Ashton, Safri, Marney and prob Davenport (if we sign him perm) We need worthington 2 go up!!
  2. Forgive me if im wrong but when we won the Championship 2 years ago I remember that we always used to play in halves. Ipswich at home was a classic example.  The people who want Worthington out are just here to get noticed - whats the point of spreading negativity??  We have just got 9 points from 5 games - its not bad - the team are now looking better - lets get behind the team and look at the postives.  Otherwise we will end up like Ipswich - with nothing to look forward to.
  3. These kids were sitting next to me when they started singing '' loyal supporters'' and where were you when we were s**t???.  They were about 15 and I doubt that they were travelling away to the likes of stoke mid week when they were 10.  Hopefully when school starts again, we wont see or hear much from these anymore.  I left early - now that im disloyal i''d better take my season ticket back and buy a Chelsea shirt.  Also the players should be apoligising to me leaving early not the other way round.  Did we ever look like scoring after Huckerby was sent off?? Nope
  4. Obviously Francis hasnt been as influential as he was at the beginning of the season, but he still has done a job for the team.  Today he done what he had to do, we won and as far as i am concerned he done well. People moan about his work rate now but since we have had ashton perhaps worthington has told francis that we do not need his attacking runs as much and that we need him 2 stay back more to help defend.  Just a thought.  I for one would hate to see him leave.  He has been one of our best players and without him we would be relegated by now.
  5. how did u work out that wba wud end up with 37 points if u predict they will only get 4 points out of their nxt 4 games?? 29+4= 33points
  6. ''because of inept management/coaching staff and is why we find ourselves where we are in the table.''   The same magement team that got us promoted last season. Something i would of never believed of 5 years ago. If you feel strong about these opinions, why dont you start a Worthy out chant at the game on Sat. C HOW FAR THAT GETS U
  7. I havent a ''clue'' - well thanks, What u fail to recognise is that we do not have quality in depth. Helveg may be better then edworthy but can u make that assumption after he has only played around 4 hours of football at right back.  Perhaps u can, if so well done - you unfortunately fell through the net of football mangement, so u r left 2 moan on here.  On to Fleming, all the defence has been at fault for some goals this season.  Fleming has been submitted to some abuse recently.  I too think he is not premiership standard. But can you really say that The Doc or Charlton are significantly better then Fleming?? These 2 players have also made mistakes when they have played and perhaps if they played the same games as fleming i would suspect that they would of made just as many of mistakes as him, if not more.  You have got to be real in these situations. To you my ''friend'' - keep the negativity up and one day you could get worthington sacked.  I HOPE YOU WILL FEEL PROUD OF YOURSELF. He has been one ogf the best managers we have ever had - FACT.  check the records  
  8. Like you said, you knew people were going to slate your post and so here I go.  Firstly you state that you and your family have spent a lot of money at Carrow Road.  Well I can safely say that everybody who goes to the Norwich games spend a lot of money to watch the games. You are not the only one!!!. For me this is not an issue. I spent a lot of money this year watching Norwich in the Prem and i was much happier doing this then spending a lot of money 5/6 years ago when we were battling relegation to div 2.  People easily forget this.  Yes Worthington has made mistakes this season but he is still a young manager who is learning his trade.  A LOT OF TEAMS WOULD GIVE THEIR RIGHT ARM TO HAVE HIM. So stop moaning Why people want him to go is beyond me.  Where is the sense in this. Over the past 4 years he has built a team from sub standard team to a good solid team.  Fair play - not good enough for the premeirship but don''t you want to see him build a team that is.  Personally i think that the team we have this seaon is better then the team we had last year. Francis has been better, Mckenzie has improved and we we have Ashton.  Our defence is not any worse then last season, its just that the strikers in the prem are much more clinical.  Also last year we could out score our opponents because their defence was worse then ours. If Worthington goes, who do you want to replace him?? Whatever happens it is going to take a new manager 2 years to build his team - and who says its going to be better then the team we have at the minute.  Look at the teams last season who went down from the prem and sacked their manager - leeds, wolves, leceister.  Are they pushing for promotion?  No they are boring mid table.  Would you rather sack worthington and be like them nxt season or keep him and be in the running for promotiuon again? Because if we keep him thats where i we will be, i dont have to justify this because its the truth. Im fed up with people critcising. Yes we are bottom. I dont like it either but changing the management is not going to help.  In reference about ''why he keeps playing holt, fleming and edworthy''.  Well he keeps playing them because they are the best players we have got 4 them positions.  Holts always plays because we need a player like him 2 defend 2 allow francis to go forward.  Safri has also been injured 4 long periods this season. What worthington said on sat is that he will now play more, so we will see what he is like.  Edworthy is playing 2 because helveg has been injured 4 long periods. Edworthy has not done 2 much wrong i think but we havent really seen what helveg can do because when he has played he hasnt really performed.  In refernce to Fleming - well - he isint up 2 the premiership but is doherty? and charlton was not much better then fleming when he played. Its a simply case that we have not got the quality to stay up this year.  lets look forward to promotion nxt year and then another crack at the prem.  Im sure we will stay up then. All the negatives out there - ''sit down shut up''
  9. Not sure about Mcdonalds but I was in one of the kebab shops down Prince of Wales last Sunday morning at 01:30 and he came in with his girlfriend and ordered one 12" pizza, one 9" pizza and a plate of large chips.  He seemed a regular at this place too, because the kid behind the counter kept talking about whether he wanted the ''usual''.  Glad 2 c he is leaving us.
  10. Ok thanks, i know it will be on in a place in Yarmouth but I wont b able to make it there in time.  Anybody know if its on in a place in narwich???. I cant sit there watchin sky sports and listening 2 waller
  11. Does anybody know if the Norwich game is on scandinavian TV on Saturday? If so is there anywhere in Norwich that will be showing it. Murderers??? etc
  12. I find it strange that the people who actually did not go to the game are having a go at the people who left early.  I stayed till the end but i was close to leaving early.  If i left early would that make me unloyal??  No way. im fed up with people trying to be ''the best norwich supporter there is'' and trying to be the most loyal supporter.  Thats pathetic! who really cares???     If people want to leave let them.  They paid their money and made the effort to go to the game so surely they can go whenever they want.  I have left early at games b4 and i imagine i will do again some time in the future.  But i will still going to the games wk in wk out at great financial cost.  I must b a bit mad spending all that money as i am apparently a ''unloyal supporter''.
  13. Kezman is on the bench tonight for Chelsea so I doubt he will be signing for us 2morrow as some people are saying
  14. First half i cannot remember Holt touching the ball! In fact i thought he was awful, he seemed to be chasing shaddows. Second half he came out of his shell a bit but only after the goals had been scored. just because he hit the bar does not mean he had a good game!. I say bring back either Safri or Mulryne in the middle with Francis. - Although it seems very unlikely!
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