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  1. Had a look to mate, can''t find anything either, so its Radio Norfolk for me......OTBC
  2. F**king loving it, we aint got nothing to worry about on Saturday, we will take Leeds to the cleaners, 3 - 0 city......
  3. Do what everyone else does, go to the vets and buy some tablets,  NOW GET OFF THIS SITE...
  4. If u don''t fancy County Hall, then you can always try the Indust estate opp it, today it was free of snow and ice..But you might have to get there a bit earlier..
  5. Have heard they are in Hospital at mo, so hopefully fingers cross everything will be ok...
  6. Being Honest i''m not to bothered if we lose tonight, more important is the league, but a cup run would have been nice...
  7. Just a thought guys, maybe a stupid question on my part, but are you watching it in 1MB or 512K, i''m watching it on 512 and it''s fine...
  8. Sry to hear mate your finding it hard to watch, the only problem i have is the floodlights on the stand which opp the camera it''s too bright, because of the mist falling..
  9. Have you updated ur player, i had to before it started, still fine with me
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