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  1. I''m a fan of Newcastle''s and Man City''s. Not a fan of Wolves, Wigan and Stoke. In fact their is a minor correlation with the current league positions of the clubs and my taste for their badge. Top to bottom, good to bad. Going with 6 clubs with birds on their crest: Man City, Norwich, West Brom, Tottenham, Liverpool and Swansea.
  2. Suarez is a great shout. Probably be able to pick him up for around £40million.
  3. Bradley Johnson''s replacement at Leeds United? Adam Clayton (ex man city trainee) in centre mid is having a superb season for Leeds, picking up MOM''S and contributing three goals. Aged 22 and leaving Man City to go on loan at Peterborough and MK Dons would fit the young and hungry mould. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Clayton_(footballer)
  4. Name a league club in English football who''s fans cheer for 90+ minutes for every game. If your team is two or more goals down, playing a vastly inferior team at home on paper or playing well below par on a Monday night then the majority of fans will not be singing. The atmosphere at Carrow Road in general is alot better then most, helped by sell-out crowds and the general layout of the stadium with away fans close to the home fans.
  5. It''s really not that much if you put it into perspective. The average league two player (based on the OP''s figures) earns around £36k a year pre-tax. Compared to those that ''practice'' football, to be a league two standard player you have to be in the top 1% in the country to make it at that level and your career at the absolute maximum runs from 16-40. Compare this to any other profession (accounting, solicitors, engineers, teachers, doctors etc.) and the top 1% in their field will earn alot more then 36k gross and for a longer time period, e.g. 25-65 years of age.
  6. Always a fan of the striker taking penalties. His job for a living is to hit the ball into the back of the net. If he doesn''t want to take it / can''t score on a decent basis (80%) from 12 yards out with no defender around and just the keeper to beat he should reevaluate his career.
  7. zaha is a quality player but is being scouted by the top 4 clubs so you can forget that one. As is a lad at Derby who made his debut yesterday at the age of 15 (he only turned 15 in july), incredible. Presuming were in a fairly safe position in January (9th-15th) I''d like us to just bring in one more really decent player with pace. If we stay up and wigan go down, moses would be the first player on my wishlist.
  8. This player could be excellent competition for Hoolahan, worth an inquiry? http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/transfer-news/Transfer-gossip-Chelsea-starlet-Josh-McEachran-wanted-by-Swansea-on-loan-article817658.html
  9. For most people, jet-lag will be 2 or 3 days maximum. For a fully-fit professional football, 7 days rest to play a part in a reserve match played at less then full tempo shouldn''t be an issue.
  10. To clarify, I am 100% against the crest actually being changed but there are several posters on here that are creative with design software as we have seen from the numerous kit design threads and it would be interesting to see what they would come up with. As previous posters have stated, a return to the simple bird on a branch with ''on the ball city'' beneath or ''Norwich City 1902''. I''m sure someone could knock something up.
  11. The current crest is great and I''m not a fan of clubs that regularly change theirs but seeing as a number of clubs have recently deviated from their old crest, just for fun how would you change ours?
  12. A great write-up LMS. I actually stumbled upon your preview of the match on the PlanetSwans forum a few days before the match and was impressed by the non-biased point of view as well as the research into how both teams are playing and adapting. Keep up the good work.
  13. Kyle Walker is having a similar season for Spurs as Tierney is having for us and should be seriously looked at for the RB spot in the England squad by Capello. Naughton is far from the finished article but we should be able to get a good deal (quality to price ratio) for him in January if Lambert wanted him and Naughton himself wanted to make it permanent.
  14. It will be a tough match for sure but I think that Swansea''s passing football style may just play into our hands this year compared to last. (Yes, we won last 2-0 at carrow road but that did not reflect the performance). This year, we are set-up in a 4-5-1 counter-attacking style compared with the 4-1-2-1-2 attacking diamond. Swansea have received many plaudits for their style of play but haven''t got the cutting edge relative to their possession stats. Their man threat will obviously come from the wings (Dyer and Sinclair) but ironically it''s perhaps the two fullbacks where we are the strongest at the moment. Graham vs. Morison will decide who wins. Changes won''t be flowing and both are hard-workers but need to stick the change away when it comes. Norwich 1-0 Swansea.
  15. Interesting point by the OP but there''s no way it''s a plausible reason. You don''t change your centre-back for 2 winnable games (Bolton & Sunderland) to give the new centre-back experience going into a one-off game that you are likely to lose anyway. The one main advantage De Laet has over R Martin is his pace but Martin isn''t the slowest defender around either so I think it''s purely tactical and so far once again it has proved a wise decision.
  16. When asked about Whitebread, Ward and Ayala last friday Paul Lambert roughly said the following: ''Zak is back in training next week, Ward is doing just fine and is coming along nicely but is still a few weeks away yet and the lad Ayala is doing just fine too but is someway off at the moment, Zak is the closest'' Read into that what you want but a rough timeline: Zak Whitbread = 1-2 weeks Elliot Ward = 3-4 weeks Daniel Ayala = 2-3 months
  17. The worst result possible for us. The wake up call we didn''t want them to receive. Ferguson also quoted ''hopefully'' when asked if Rooney and Hernandez would be back for the weekend although he definitely ruled Smalling and Vidic out.
  18. Excellent performance, let the game flow and this was evident with the first yellow card being shown very late on. No particularly big decisions or nasty situations to deal with but let the players take centre stage.
  19. I can see your point but it''s very much different playing at fullback to CB. Yes it''s not like asking a striker or winger to play CB but it''s not an automatic switch for most fullbacks.
  20. We''ve had our fair share relative to the size of the club, with each of the three promoted clubs having their own topic the media love to focus on. QPR = Financial situation Norwich = Paul Lambert Swansea = Passing football
  21. Cheating has nothing to do with it, cheating happens every level from Sunday league to the Premiership. It''s just people notice it more when you''re at the bottom and don''t get the luck of the green. As you''ve said Grant Holt certaintly knows how to play this side of the game in a tactical manner. The main difference is simple. Pace. Pace with the brain = players have a quicker football brain, knowing what to do and how to execute it much faster and with more precision. Pace with the legs = players can cover the ground faster, especially the defenders. Defenders are much more athletic then 10, 20 years ago. Pace in transition = Again, previously pointed out. Teams go from defence to attack a lot quicker and this was demonstrated by West Brom. Didn''t have a great deal of experience or quality but one ball up to Shane Long / Peter Odemwingie and they were off.
  22. Rudd did exactly what you would expect from a raw, talented unexperienced keeper. The first half he looked extremely nervous as did the 25,000 fans any time the ball came near the box. Several times he came charging out of his box when it was the defenders job to clear it, probably due to the manner of the early goal. However he pulled off a decent save towards the end and grew and grew in confidence no doubt aided by the great penalty save. I would not feel comfortable having Rudd in goal for a sustained period at the moment but you cannot expect a player at his age/level to compete at the highest level straight away. My guess would be that when Steer comes back in January the two will swap with Rudd going out on loan, maybe to a championship side.
  23. Tierney had an excellent end to the season last year and as such hasn''t impressed me as I suspected he was capable of making the grade before the season started and thus far he has more then proved this. Johnson is the surprise for me at the moment. Having watched him a few times before in the Leeds shirt I shared the Leeds fans opinions but he''s been superb at getting to the opposition and has a half decent shot on him too.
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