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  1. Wouldn''t imagine this is too far from the truth. Lambert definitely sounded frustrated in one interview regarding transfer issues. He normally likes to bring in the players early in the window (first week of January / end of May) so wouldn''t be surprised to hear deals collapsed.
  2. ''''Rhodes has nothing to his game he''s just a goalhanger" The same could be said about Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Raul, Inzaghi, Hernandez etc. If you score 25 goals in any division half way through the season, you can certainly do it at a higher level. Before tonight we may have had an outside chance (bookies quoted as as 7/1) but not after last night.
  3. As others have said, QPR are just this year''s Leeds and Colchester''s. As some of the QPR fans have stated as well, were a bogey team for them like Palace are for us. It will fade. Ipswich are and will always be are only rivals. Wolves are rivals are for specific incidents rather then a traditional rivalry.
  4. He''ll go to an established mid-tier table. Wouldn''t be surprised to see him go to Newcastle. They need another striker/winger and have money. Great player though, had a mate who played against him at under 14 level near Croydon area and he said he was miles apart from everybody else, scored 4 or 5 each game.
  5. West Ham had a £3million bid rejected. The realistic amount that Huddersfield would sell for is around £4-5million from most quarters.
  6. Do you.... A) Spend £5million on Jordon Rhodes B) Spend £5million on Scott Parker (a player of his nature) C) Spend £2.5million on two players D) Spend £2,5million on one new player, make Naughton permanent and one more loan signing E) Keep the money in the bank
  7. With CDMullins on this. Yes he could have meant "it''s an easy 3 points" but he could have meant "a chance to get 3 points" or "vital we get 3 points next". You can guarantee Harry Redknapp isn''t thinking it''s going to be a stroll in the park and will be quick to remind the players.
  8. People looking at the lack of clean sheets and saying we need defenders is only true to a certain extent. The defence needs a certain amount of protection from the midfield and in most games we are getting over-run in midfield. We currently have 5 centre backs on the books and we can''t sign another before we are able to get rid of one. We need a midfield enforcer as most people have suggested. This costs money however and I would expect this player to come from abroad to lessen the cost.
  9. As footballs fans you all too often find something which is wrong with the club be it the manager, the manager''s tactics, the player''s bought and sold etc. Before the real part of the season begins let''s just stare at the table for a couple of days and give a massive congratulations to anyone connected to the club. 9th at Christmas, what an unbelievable job so far.
  10. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/poll/2011/dec/15/greatest-premier-league-goal-ever-poll?fb=native Safri vs. Newcastle made the list. Dennis Bergkamp vs. Newcastle for me though. Still don''t know how he turns the defender.
  11. With the First Team playing Chelsea on the 21st and the reserves playing Chelsea on the 24th, we now face Chelsea three times in a week across all ages.
  12. The geordies version of Chris Goreham has just ruled out Tiote and Guthrie this weekend. Guthrie is out for 4-6 weeks. Colocinni is rated at 50/50 meaning he probably starts and get''s taken off in the second half.
  13. S Taylor - Out for season Coloccini - Out for next two games atleast Williamson - Out of next game Leaving: Santon Simpson Perch R Taylor or Simpson Kader Perch R Taylor Either way, not one of the back four is a commanding presence and Holt/Morison should cause plenty of problems.
  14. We definitely need a flair player but the trouble is flair players rarely work as part of a team and put in the hard-work at the same time as the flair. Those that do cost too much money for this exact money. If we stay up and Wigan go down this season I would love to see us seriously look at Victor Moses.
  15. Ben (I presume) is a young lad who is essentially just annoyed at fans wanting to turn up when the team is successful and aimed it at these people as such. Unfortunately there are thousands of supporters, myself included, that cannot make it to games week-in, week-out for various reasons. Yes, it is annoying for fans like ourselves who have watched the grimsby aways, the yeovil aways etc. and now can''t get a ticket vs. the big guns but that''s life. The topic is about charging £43 vs. Fulham and from a business point of view, with the current supply and demand I can understand why they have done it but it really is a disgrace. You cannot be kind in business but you cannot lose sight of common sense either.
  16. He''s roughly third favourite with the Sunderland fans after Martin O''Neill and Mark Hughes depending on whether the fan cited experience or up and coming as their main attribute. Looking it at it from Lambert''s point of view and not a Norwich fan''s point of view it''s a tough decision. Do you stay with a currently successful project with your stock continuing to rise or do you leave for more money, a bigger transfer budget/club, nearer your homeland but pressure to succeed. In essence, do you leave Colchester for Norwich? It would be a tough decision for Lambert to make. The board would obviously reject any approaches though and this would force Lambert to resign if he wanted the job and ultimately I don''t think Paul Lambert would want the job enough to push it through.
  17. http://www.sabotagetimes.com/football-sport/manchester-city-the-8-best-tunnel-cam-moments/ Each game Man City run a camera inside the tunnel before, during and after the game. Interesting to watch and gives an idea what it will be like minutes before kick-off for Lambert and co. surrounded by media and world-class football players.
  18. "Holt! Mancini''s Kompany stopped in their tracks" "Mario Tagliatelli"
  19. I agree with the OP for the majority although I though Ruddy looked solid especially near the end when the balls needed to be plucked from the air. The only moment of hesitation (the goal aside) was in the 1st half when SWP put in one of those simply undefendable balls that flashed across the goal and wide. We know it, away fans know it, pundits know it. We probably have the worst side technically in the league and rely on the players hard-work both on and off the ball. For this reason (until we can afford to bring in technical quality) we simply have to play 4-5-1 even against the lesser sides at home. Fox/Crofts Johnson Bennett Hoolahan Pilkington Morrison With Crofts in for the ''tougher'' games to add more steel. We haven''t got enough in midfield to play only four and after today hopefully PL realises that. If we go behind, then we can change it to 4-4-2 with Holt upfront.
  20. Phil Dowd = Penalty to one team Get your bets in now
  21. Lambert would have surely asked Pilkington''s opinion on him whether he was of major interest or not.
  22. Lambert said James Vaughan and Korey Smith were ''long term'' (End of January / February) Ayala was initially diagnosed as a ''few months'',might see him at the end of this calendar year. Ward and Whitbread - Both should have recovered by now but both are injury-prone and seem to have suffered setbacks, maybe another month. In order of possible return I would go: Ward Whitbread Ayala Vaughan Smith
  23. England vs. Spain - Just noticed how ridiculous Spain''s squad is: GK: Casillas, Valdes, Reina (All won the champions league) GK: Hart, Carsson, Stockdale (1 x FA Cup between them) Casillas, Xavi, Puyol, Torres and Alonso = 500 caps Spain first XI: Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Alba, Xavi, Alonso, Busquets, Iniesta, Villa and Llorente Subs: Torres, Mata and David Silva Cesc Fabregas to warm up the keeper pre-game... Luckily England have Gabby Agbonlahor, Gareth Barry and Bobby Zamora
  24. Manchester United and Liverpool - Concede 3 goals Blackburn and Aston Villa - Concede 6 goals With the current group of players we have we must set up as a counter-attacking team and play 4-5-1. We have hard-working and willing players but not real quality so we have to play to our strengths. We score most of our goals from set-pieces and this is how we are going to stay up until we can afford the extra quality. Lambert went for it yesterday and have no problem with that against an average villa side. However I am sure he would have learned a lesson today that we don''t have the players just yet to commit 5 attacking players on the pitch at the same time and with the visit of Van Persie and the other 10 I''m sure we will return to 4-5-1.
  25. A local charity of your choice in the Kent region broadstairs.
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