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  1. dont get me wrong, once again he played well, but how many times would he miss the chance he blew over the top in the first half? he then had another chance from 4 yards with only the keeper to beat in the second half and blasted it across the box instead! he also had other chances and was constnalty screaming for it to be laid back, but was he 100% sure he wanted to score?
  2. i cant believe it! the post i started off , originally i  was called ''The Lord'' im also on 606 under this name, its still going strong! its cracked the 200 posts, i was proud to see the return of the cheesehead and it was good to see the chant get going. but the big question......is he going to the fulham game?
  3. hI, i would be happy to help! i visited liverpool, aston villa and charlton away this year as well as the home games and would be happy to write about any. i also have the program from the match at anfield if you need any information about the teams that played that day
  4. does anyone have any information regarding the further development of carrow road in the future. i have heard reports that the city stand could be two-tiered and a hotel could be built between jarrold and barclay stands. is there any fixed time scale or any other likely plans anyone has heard of ???
  5. after much fact collecting and looking at the wrong guesses so far i think i have finally cracked it, tho im still going to give you a choice of 3 to choose from 1) The amount of times we have got some points out of a game when we were behind originally 2) The amount of goals we hav concedded directly from a set piece 3) if its not the two above then ill go for a random one.....the % that nigel worthington never brings on a substutue till the last 85 mins? surelu one of them is right or at least quite close?
  6. how long have we now been looking for a decent right winger, before we had the winger and not the strikers, then the strikers but not the midfield but next year...(assuming we go down, lets be realistic) we have the team to go straight back up but we DO need a right winger to purely put some balls in the box to try and give mckenzie and ahston saving to aim for! where we have gone wrong this year other then set pieces is the sheer space between the two upfront and the two at the back, everyone is quick to jump into the midfield but they cant be expected to run up and down and cover 50-60 yards for 90 minutes cause the defence sits too deep. maybe they sit deep cause of fleming''s lack of pace but with shackell now there, sumthing has to be done.
  7. sorry didnt mean to start it again but couldnt find other one. did anyone in the barclay / snake pit areas here the chants of cheeseboard at any time during the match? p.s we have established up to 8 people now that are willing to sing! in increase of 50% to last season and whats all the talk about the away teams singing louder of course they will, 9 out of 10 times away fans do sing more then the home fans purely because these are the fans willing to spend a whole day and quite a lot of cash to see the football and not just to look good for there corporate sponsers!
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