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  1. The diamond (and hence Wes) is extremely effective against the smaller sides. Bottom of the table: 4-1-2-1-2 Mid-table: 4-4-2 Top of the table: 4-5-1
  2. I play with an American who has just moved from the States and he said the quality of the MLS hasn''t progressed that much and has remained stagnant for a few years. He said some teams like Seattle get decent crowds but it''s still a sport everybody plays when there young then as soon as they reach 12/13 and are bigger physically they switch to NFL and NBA
  3. Agree Moses is their most dangerous player, can be a real handful. Stick Naughton on whatever side the former is playing. Rodallega blows hot and cold and other then a few great long-range efforts that''s their goal threat dealt with. The other end relies on Al Habsi making wonder saves although he''s not great on crosses. I''d start with Holt and Morison and once more bombard the box.
  4. Player of Half the season = Zak Whitbread but for Player of the Season has to be John Ruddy. Despite only keeping two clean sheets thus far he has been solid in virtually every game and gives you that reassurance in games. As a Goalkeeper he has upwards of 9 or 10 combinations of the back 4 in front of him which is never easy and won points in the dying minutes against Liverpool, Sunderland and Chelsea. A player that has had to fight off the Imperial ghost of Fraser Forster and it is with great credit to Ruddy that FF''s name has not been talked about virtually all season this year. An ever-present (bar the Chelsea suspension) with solid, consistent performances the whole year round. John Ruddy, my player of the season. Other Nominees who have had great spells during the season: Grant Holt Russell Martin Zak Whitbread Andrew Surman David Fox On a side note Kyle Naughton has also very impressive but is not included due to his current status as a loan player.
  5. 4-4-2 vs. Wigan at home... Ruddy Naughton Ward Whitbread Drury Pilkington Howson Fox Surman Holt Morison Subs: Steer, R Bennett, Martin, Johnson, E Bennett, Hoolahan, Jackson
  6. 4-4-2 vs. Wigan at home... Ruddy Naughton Ward Whitbread Drury Pilkington Howson Fox Surman Holt Morison Subs: Steer, Howson, Johnson, R Bennett, Martin, Jackson, E Bennett
  7. He doesn''t necessarily change the team to keep the squad happy. At the end of the day (barring injuries and suspensions) you normally pick your best 11 players in order to win. What Lambert is so good at is changing the team with respect to the opposition. At home vs. Newcastle being the prime example. Until the team is steady and one of the better teams in the league (top 6/7) you have to play the opposition as well as your own team. Next year I think we''ll see a more settled team as better players arrive and others depart. Let''s not forget the coaching team is getting more out of the current players natural ability then they should and on a consistent basis.
  8. Makelele is seen as the cream of the crop in this position but don''t forget that this position (and just why Makelele was initially underated) requires a competent passer. If Fox was built a big stockier (he''s not the worst tackler) then he would be superb in this position.
  9. After watching the Tyne-Wear derby on Sunday I was impressed by the standard of referring displayed by Mike Dean. A very hard match to handle with lot''s of issues and decisions to be made and every single one was more or less made correctly in my view. Fans are quick to have a go at refs who do a tough job and when they do a good job in difficult circumstances they should receive more praise. Howard Webb''s performances this season haven''t matched his last few year, so who is now the best referee?
  10. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/Reserves/0,,10355~2423307,00.html According to the above fixtures there is a game at home today with Wolves. Ryan Bennett definitely won''t play, he''s away on International duty with England U 21''s. Johnny Howson ''could play some part''. Expect to see Vaughan given another 60mins
  11. If someone is willing to double/quadruple your salary you''re at least going to hear them out. A player like Van Persie at the age of 28 potentially has one big move in him and with it a very lucrative signing on-fee (along with his agent who will be pushing all the way). However this is where the size of our club for once plays into our favour. Realistically we''re a medium sized club ala Wolves/West Brom/Southampton etc. Only other mid-sized teams who are either massively wealthy or above us in the league will want to big for our players. The top-tier clubs will only spend on smaller clubs in English Football if they see exceptional young talent (Bale / Walcott / Oxlade-Chamberlain / Rooney) generally speaking. As the media are always quick to point out, we have no ''stars'' in the squad. All resulting in the only two realistic clubs that both a) a player might want to move to b) the club has enough money for us to accept a potential bid..being the two clubs in the North-East. Newcastle and Sunderland for me are the only two current teams that would want to /be able to attract one of our players (or manager).
  12. 1. Ward and Whitbread to start with Bennett on the bench 2. Clubs as a rule seem to spend less/have less money in their 2nd season in the Prem compared to their 1st. I expect to see Kyle Naughton made perm, a marquee signing made (£5m+) and then possibly 1/2 more or a loan. 3. West Ham - They seem to somehow be richer in the Championship then the Premiership. Loan bids for Torres/Tevez, £5mill bids for Rhodes/Jelakovic. They couldn''t find a penny, get relegated and now throw those pennies away.
  13. Hall of Fame should be conducted similar to the Player of the Year trophy. Each year only ONE associate with the club should be inducted to preserve the exclusivity and point of it. A shortlist of 5 people should be drawn up (4 chosen by the club and the 5th by the fans). The winner is then voted in and announced at the same time as the player of the year. Hoolahan and Ashton''s inclusions (although I was/am a fan of both) demerits the fame within the hall and the same with Lambert and Holt. Current associates should not be allowed to be inducted but once the associate moves on or retires they become immediately available to make the shortlist.
  14. Yet another example at how well our club is run and managed these days and how badly theirs is run and managed if that is the case then. Leicester City vs. Leeds United - a match worthy of a Champions League final not a Championship Play-Off Final (not that either club is going to even reach those).
  15. Providing they''re no more injuries between now and the end of March, all of these players will be avaliable to pick. When all fit, which two will Lambert pick? No reasons or explanations just simply put two names so it''s clear to see who is preferred. Whitbread and Bennett
  16. Going from what PL said in the press conference: Steer Naughton Martin Ward Drury Fox Johnson Pilkington Hoolahan Holt Morison Subs: Rudd, Barnett, Bennett, Jackson, Vaughan, Crofts, Lappin
  17. "Curbishley has always been found wanted in the Premiership" You might want to research that statement... He achieved mid-table plus finishes on a consistent basis with Charlton for many years (7th, 13th, 11th etc.) before announcing his departure and need for a new challenge. He then had a break before taking over West Ham, winning 7 out of the last 9 to keep them up and then another top-half finish the following year before starting the following seasons with 2/3 wins before resigning due to legitimate claims the board was undermining him. The only thing that goes against him currently is he long break out of the game but if appointed by Wolves he will keep them up.
  18. The team I expect PL to put out.. Steer Martin Ward Barnett Lappin Fox Crofts Johnson Hoolahan Morison Jackson
  19. After reading the excellent guardian article (posted elsewhere on this forum) the journalist made the point that Rodgers philosophy hailed from the Dutch/Spanish total football idea whilst Lambert''s was very much the German pragmatic idea. Two very different styles but both very effective when coached correctly as has been seen this season with Swansea and Norwich. Every major tournament in the last 20 years people looked at the German squad on paper and saw nothing special. The team would then go on to achieve much more success that most thought. We''re not a long-ball team, we''re not a total football team. We''re an efficient, pragmatic, German team. A national side with over-paid players and the so called ''Golden Generation'' failed to deliver after having money chucked from all-angles due to off-the-field antics and individuals picked not a team. Swansea, Norwich...what was that other team promoted?
  20. Kyle Naughton £3-4mill Chris Gunter £1m Quick Striker £4-5m
  21. Ask any football fan what they want to see their football team do and it will be the following: 1) Success 2) Success with Entertainment Swansea are getting a lot of praise but rightly so. They play attractive passing football for the neutral to watch, they have no big-time charlies and having success without an oil-tycoon. What they have lacked in the first half is that bit of steel, the 2 point difference between us. However Sigurdsson was a cracking loan signing for them and gives them that power in midfield they were lacking whilst keeping their passing game. Should be a great game next Saturday, 9th vs. 10th..not many had that down.
  22. Firstly - Until mathematically safe, it''s not time to think about next season. Secondly - Generally agree with what you posted. Sell = Lappin, Crofts, Martin, Wilbraham Buy = Right-back and Striker Loan = Left Back We have a decent squad now and rather then bring in 5 or 6 players that were previously needed to bulk up the squad we could ideally bring in a right-back (Gunter - £1-2m?) and then spend big on a striker. The next step up from our current position is players with genuine pace and skill and this costs money.
  23. Change ''Norwich vs. Bolton'' to ''Charlton vs. Bolton'' 10 years back. As a fan of neither Charlton or Bolton would you want to watch/listen to more then what was given? Ideally every fan wants to see 99% of the program dedicated to them and 1% to the rest. We''re currently a mid-table side that nobody really likes or dislikes and this is shown in the current coverage.
  24. Hit / Miss is based on whether or not the player made a significant contribution during his time at the club. Both Rose and Mcnamee made a contribution but not at the level I would consider ''significant''. I''m not slating the players at all. I liked Rose actually but his ability was limited to that level where as the others have risen above what you may consider to be their respective levels. Every team and manager makes good and bad signings. The point of the post was to demonstrate the success rate of PL''s transfer record compared to most.
  25. League One: Russell Martin = Hit Fraser Forster = Hit Michael Rose = Miss Anthony Mcnamee = Miss Zak Whitbread = Hit Oli Johnson = Miss Championship: John Ruddy = Hit Rob Edwards = Miss Andrew Crofts = Hit Simeon Jackson = Hit Andrew Surman = Hit Henri Lansbury = Hit David Fox = Hit Leon Barnett = Hit Aaron Wilbraham = Miss Elliot Ward = Hit Marc Tierney = Hit Sam Vokes = Miss Dani Pacheco = Hit Premiership: Daniel Ayala = Hit Elliot Bennett = Hit Ryan Bennett = Too Early Ritchie De Laet = Miss Jonny Howson = Too Early Bradley Johnson = Hit Steve Morison = Hit Kyle Naughton = Hit Anthony Pilkington = Hit James Vaughan = Too Early Paul Lambert has made 29 signings thus far, of which only 7 have been ''misses'' in my view. A 75% hit rate in the transfer market is huge and credit must go to the scouting network, the coaches, PL and most importantly the Board who have backed him.
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